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World Cup Day 5: Your Running Commentary

Germany v Armenia - International Friendly


The highest scoring World Cup of all time gets back under way Monday, with a trio of games on the schedule from Groups F and G.

The day’s action will be kicked off by international powerhouses Germany and Portugal in one of the group stages’ most star-studded clashes. Despite suffering through an injury scare, Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo will be ready to go against the Germans, who the Portuguese have only beaten one time in nine tries in their history.

Up second are Iran and Nigeria, as the Nigerians will start a lineup including Victor Moses, Emmanuel Emenike and Ahmed Musa against the defensively-strong Iranians. Despite not being favorites, both sides could give themselves a chance at moving on to the knockout stages by grabbing all three points in the wake of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s loss to Argentina.

Finally, the U.S. Men’s National Team will finally get their chance to exorcise their Ghanaian demons when they take on the African nation in today’s final matchup. Both sides will view this game as a must-win as, with Portugal and Germany on the horizon, three early points will be necessary in the bid to qualify for the tournament’s later rounds.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


12 p.m. – Germany vs. Portugal – ESPN

3 p.m. – Iran vs. Nigeria – ESPN

6 p.m. – Ghana vs. United States – ESPN


  1. The Deuce is loose “Beast Mode Brazil”.
    He had that stare, in the zone during the anthem.
    Go Bomb Pops!, Go Bomb Pops!, Go bomb Pops!…

  2. LOL. Alexis Lalas just said that in football “you can not invade anyone’s space” referring to Pepe’s soft headbutt on Muller. Btw, that was not red, but Pepe is all to blame. Thnks God he did not play in CL final for Real Madrid.

  3. what are the odds JK actually goes with a straight forward “convenional wisdom” line up? He never, ever does… so forget the Jozy-Deuce-Bedoya/Zusi, Bradley, Jones, Dreads, FJ, DMB, Besler and Cameron… more likely JK will “out-smart” the opposition’s prep with something like:

    Davis Bradley Zusi
    Jones Beckerman
    Chandler Brooks Cameron FJ

    and have the fans going WTF???? I know I’ve felt that way more often than not when seeing the lineups…

  4. last time Portugal lost the first game, they went on to rip a new one to the opposition in the next match…just sayin’

    I hope they don’t though

  5. I thought both calls were correct. On the Germany PK, the defender was blatantly holding the German from getting to a 50/50 ball; On the later one, Portugal had already lost the ball before contact was made, so while it might be called, it shouldn’t because it didn’t prevent a scoring chance.

  6. Looks like we’ll have our first draw of the 2014 World Cup. Yawn…I think this is one game I recorded that I will just delete. What a poor excuse for a World Cup game.

  7. Looks like Nigeria has better and more athletic players, but Iran might actually have a more cohesive team. On the other hand, Nigeria definitely has a better goalie. Pure suspense, as I can’t wait to see which side gives up more goals against Argentina and Bosnia.

  8. So, Iran looks weak in defense. If Nigeria could finish, I imagine it would be 2-0 right about now.

    Which team from Africa is the strongest? Ivory Coast or Ghana?

  9. Yes, it is…because I clearly referred to Portuguese diving and the 70th minute. Any literate person would have known I was talking about the Portuguese penalty not given.

    Look… Back to the subject at hand: Do you not believe that constant diving will cause referees to look more skeptically at potential fouls?

  10. Is it just me or does it seem like all Derek Rae does is say what player has the ball and what club they play for? He seldom offers and insight. It’s a shame b/c I enjoy Efan Ekoku

    • I think that Mama Sinmi’s Chophouse will have the game on, but you might have to choose your colors carefully there.

      • Wearing nothing but red, white, blue today. Anything else is unacceptable. Thanks for responding though

      • Sorry, I was being snarky… that’s the wrong place to go. In SoCal, soccer bars are easy to come by. But good luck.

  11. opening PK changed everything in this game, Germany on the right end of it as usual (probably wins big anyway but we’ll never know). at least it’s in the USA’s favor too but what a soft decision to totally change the game in the 12th minute. how many like that have we already seen with no whistle in Brazil? All of them! But when it’s Germany, tweet

    Roberto Martinez and I agree…not a PK. Much more of a PK later conceded by Germany…and guess what, no tweet! gee, what a surprise

    • Germany deserved the win, but I am starting to see a common theme here. Its sad to see that players like Diego costa get away with these things. If the first Germany goal was a ok, then by all means Portugal had a a reason to get a decision their favor later on.

    • I’m chalking that up to having watched 70+ minutes of Portuguese Pantomime. It shouldn’t happen, but there’s a little bit of a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” factpr/

      • Cell changed pk, to ok. Portuguese attitudes might have been poor, but Germany did just as much flopping and diving.

      • They really didn’t though. They were also far less demonstrative in their dissent (being up 3 goals helps with that).

      • in the first 12 minutes of the game? boy who cried wolf? not buying it. If you’re talking about the PK conceded by Germany and not given by the ref, a PK that was actually a PK, then it’s a matter of the official’s perspective, which was already revealed in the first 12 minutes.

        as I’m sure you know, the first goal for any team in the World Cup relieves the pressure Big Time, especially for the favorites, like that pathetic call did

      • Stop it. You either can’t read or you just want to argue. Look at what I said:
        1) 70+ minute
        2) Portuguese Pantomime (ie simulation)

        To which PK do you *think* I’m referring? FWIW, that probably was a penalty, but constant diving has a cost.

  12. Did you all see how Germany played AFTER the red card? Calm, cool, and collected.

    Every ref who gives out a red card is always looking for an excuse to dismiss someone from the other side to keep things balanced. You have to tread lightly for at least a half hour.

    Just so controlled and professional

  13. I expect Portugal will be hungry and desperate against the US. Would be a good game to score an early goal. Probably more important not give up an early goal.

    Oh, never mind… only need to worry about Ghana for the moment

  14. Seriously Portugal? LOL…. If they play like this in the Amazon we’ll railroad them. If there’s one thing I’m sure of its the fact that we have the advantage in that game. Portugal should at least trying and score one to save face.


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