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SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Rafa Márquez

Rafa Marquez


It did not seem like there was much doubt about Mexico going through to the Round of 16. Croatia held El Tri off the score sheet for a long time, but they never looked likely to get the breakthrough goal that would turn the game.

That honor was left for Rafa Márquez.

At times, he looked his usual, angry self — going in hard to challenges and pressing too high up the pitch, giving Ivan Perišić the space to get in on the counter attack if Croatia could get him the ball. However, Márquez settled down enough to put in the go-ahead goal for Mexico, earning him the SBI Man of the Match award as Mexico cruised into the knockout stage with a 3-1 win.

The Mexico captain fired in an extraordinary header on a corner kick in the 72nd minute to give Mexico a 1-0 lead. Ten minutes later, he got his head to another corner kick, flicking it on to Javier Hernandez, who headed in the third goal for Mexico.

Márquez claims the SBI Man of the Match award over Andrés Guardado and Héctor Herrera.


What did you think of Márquez’s performance? Did he deserve the Man of the Match award, or should it have gone to someone else?

Share your thoughts below.


    • You never admit or point out your weaknesses and their strengths to your enemies. Mexico is enemy number 1 for USMNT, or at least USMNT is and will always be enemy number 1 for Mexico. I don’t get it when USMNT fans praise them for anything they do. Your support for Mexico in any way of them reeks of cowardice.

      • You my friend have no idea what you’re talking about. Sure there’s a rivalry with the US but Mexican fans actually think the US is a good team. Get your facts straight before you talk out your a.s.s.

      • I have stopped worrying about Mexico. If Mexico doesn’t respect us now, they never, ever will. For me, CR is more troublesome. What cheating Joel Campbell did to Besler in qualifier was despicable. I now want to own CR like we own Mexico.

  1. Congrats to him for a good game…but he still is a lousy bum who stole $15 million from the Red Bulls and insulted the team and the league as the door hit him on his way out.

      • Even with the favor USMNT did for them and your support for their cause, Mexico and Mexicans will always see people like you and USMNT as “pinches pendejos and putos.” They actually hate us and will forever hate the fact that we had anything to do with their qualification. They see your sympathy as a sign of weakness and will pounce on you whenever you are vulnerable. This, from experience.

      • Paul:

        I think you give yourself and the USMNT too much importance in regards to our opinion of you.

        Apart from the fact that Donovan went and relieved himself in a gross manner at Estadio Jalisco’s pitch we don’t think much about you.

        As a Mexican fan I understand that you are always looking up to us to measure your acomplishments, which are many, but it seems to me–for what I read in these type of blogs–that you are far more concerned about us than we are of you.

        We certainly thanked the US for your win in Panama, and it became the matter of many jokes, but thats where it ended.

        Mexico always had the talent, but our former coach– Chepo de la Torre–got jealous of Tena and his olympic gold medal, and did not want to use that team, and it was down hill from there on.

        Hate is a heavy feeling, get rid of it, it is only a game!


      • “Mexico and Mexicans will always see people like you and USMNT as “pinches pendejos and putos.” …bro, you need to take a vacation down to Mexico…suggest Puerto Escondido.

      • have you ever been in Mexico?, they don’t care about americans down there and only care about the USMNT when we play against them.

  2. PUKE at the mere mention of this man. On the field a thief, butcher, diver, & cheap shot specialist. Hope he ends the World Cup career with a fitting red card.

  3. If by some fluke of a miracle we made it to the semi finals, it would be awesome if it was them waiting for us. 🙂

    • Mexican strategy would be invite Graham Zusi and Co. for a night out to say thanks…”No really the sixth bottle of Champagne is on us! Oh, look we brought a couple of bottles of high quality Tequila and Mezcal too, you drink the most of it, we owe ya!”

  4. Henry was giving him credit (on the BBC broadcast) for his running after the Brazil game. I believe its true that Marquez did more running in that game then an entire season for the Red Bulls. Henry was Marquez’s only friend on the Red Bulls so I’m not surprised he complemented him. However, Marquez has had a very good World Cup. He can play well when he wants too.


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