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World Cup Day 2: Your Running Commentary

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While Thursday’s opener officially kicked off the tournament, Day 2 of the World Cup is when the fun truly begins. With a slate of three games on the docket, Friday’s lineup boasts the first full day of World Cup action.

The day’s action will start off with a Group A clash between Mexico and Cameroon in a matchup that will be key for a pair of teams jockeying for position behind yesterday’s winner, Brazil. Both teams limped through qualifying, but Friday’s contest gives both teams a chance to erase any memories of frustration by providing their supporters with three crucial points.

The second contest is the day’s headliner, as defending champion Spain takes on the Netherlands in a rematch of the 2010 final. Friday’s game is a first in the tournament’s long history, as prior to this contest, there had never been a Group Stage rematch between the last tournament’s finalists. While both sides will be gunning for early points, the 2010 tournament proved that it is possible to succeed after stumbling out of the gate, as Spain became the World Cup’s first team to win it all after losing its opening game.

The day’s action will conclude with the other two teams in Group B, Chile and Australia. The two sides will surely have their backs against the wall in their contests with Spain and the Netherlands, so Friday’s opener will be crucial if either team has hopes of reaching the knockout stages.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


11:30am – Mexico vs. Cameroon – ESPN2

2:30pm – Spain vs. Netherlands – ESPN

5:30pm – Chile vs. Australia – ESPN2


  1. Seriously all the has beens on Spain’s team like Torres and Casillas what was the coach drinking when he pick his roster??

    • yeah, without midfield sharpness their weaknesses at defense are on display. Such a one-dimensional team. We’ll see if they can respond.

    • Well Barca weren’t all that this season and Casillas spent a lot of time on the bench. So some saw this coming but probably not at this scoreline!

  2. I called it!

    I was rooting for Spain but I knew the Orange (or should I say the Blue) were too strong and Spain was too weak.

    What a game!!

  3. Not only is Spain probably going to lose, but it looks like they’re going to be in trouble with goal differential

    • Agree JayAre, Casillas is not a big keeper and he’s lost a step.
      Cat quick reflexes just not there anymore, and being on the smaller side
      his ability is diminished.

  4. Noticing the subtleties of the underhanded officiating?,
    that was obstruction for Jozy, and Olic, but not on RVP.
    & Van Persie was off, but got the shot which would have been a goal if he didn’t rock the post.
    That said Clockwork Orange deserve this victory.

  5. Between the wrongly disallowed goals in the first match today, the non sending off of Costa, the non-call on Casillas compared to the call on Cesar, this has not been a good start to the officiating.

    I think the penalty decision for Costa was soft but think it was a much more valid call then the dive yesterday.

  6. OOOhhhh… Good offiside call. I want to count Spain out of it… but soooooo much time left. Hoping for a classic final 20.

  7. Has anyone noticed the deployment of Schneider to disrupt the pivots of Busquets and Xavi Alonso, combined with the guys behind him have neutralized the possession bread and butter of Spain’s midfield….
    (Channeling my inner Michael Bradley)

  8. Robben seems to be compensating for the fact that everyone knows he’s gonig left, by shooting across his body and across the bodyof the goalie pre-emptively diving- saw him score like that with Bayern and now today

    • If the Dutch can pull this one out, how crazy could the Spain – Chile game be? Chile’s odds of going through that much better?

  9. Question: Thought there were supposed to be World Cup level refs? Spain has made a science out of drawing fouls by dumb refs and this guy hasn’t a clue. Either that or he is betting. Nah! The Italian refs would never do that………..


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