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World Cup Day 2: Your Running Commentary

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While Thursday’s opener officially kicked off the tournament, Day 2 of the World Cup is when the fun truly begins. With a slate of three games on the docket, Friday’s lineup boasts the first full day of World Cup action.

The day’s action will start off with a Group A clash between Mexico and Cameroon in a matchup that will be key for a pair of teams jockeying for position behind yesterday’s winner, Brazil. Both teams limped through qualifying, but Friday’s contest gives both teams a chance to erase any memories of frustration by providing their supporters with three crucial points.

The second contest is the day’s headliner, as defending champion Spain takes on the Netherlands in a rematch of the 2010 final. Friday’s game is a first in the tournament’s long history, as prior to this contest, there had never been a Group Stage rematch between the last tournament’s finalists. While both sides will be gunning for early points, the 2010 tournament proved that it is possible to succeed after stumbling out of the gate, as Spain became the World Cup’s first team to win it all after losing its opening game.

The day’s action will conclude with the other two teams in Group B, Chile and Australia. The two sides will surely have their backs against the wall in their contests with Spain and the Netherlands, so Friday’s opener will be crucial if either team has hopes of reaching the knockout stages.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


11:30am – Mexico vs. Cameroon – ESPN2

2:30pm – Spain vs. Netherlands – ESPN

5:30pm – Chile vs. Australia – ESPN2


  1. Man, folks above, Chile definitely outclassed Australia. Not by a huuuuge margin, but by a notable one. Oz was in it mainly by fire and fouling.

  2. Jokes aside, it’s nice to see Cahill repping the MLS well.
    Socceroos have heart and a good fighting spirit in em.

  3. This is not so much a case of Chile dominating as the early goals suggested. However, Australia has just written another chapter in the playbook for “How not to start your WC”. Two early goals and a completely needless yellow card for Cahill were not in the gameplan. But… they weren’t not badly outclassed, and they may still be able to erase much of the damage if they keep the focus they started to show after they woke up. Frankly, Bob Bradley woud love this sh*t

  4. Robben proving that he might be the best player in this Cup.

    Both goals were picture perfect. Pure technical genius. The calm control and timing.

    The reality is though that the writing was on the wall for Spain. Barca was falling hard and they couldn’t get it done this year. No Puyol and that overrated Pique coupled with no true number 9 will not result in a title this year. Plus, where was Spain’s midfield?

  5. I like ESPN’s porch set. The talent should have caipirinha in front of them. Drunk Bob Ley and Alexi Lalas anybody?

  6. This is what the U.S. hopes to do against Ghana, counter attack…and tear it up in the second half as the Ghanaians get tired.

  7. Ok, I gotta give Iker some credit on those last two. He is an incredible shot-stopper that makes poor decisions and is weak on crosses. With the Spain of old, most teams resorted to long shots and played to his strength. No such protection with this current team.


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