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SBI Saturday Rewind: Neymar airlifted home as Zuñiga apologizes; CONCACAF’s Costa Rica out; and more

Camilo Zuniga Neymar ouch


In case there was any doubt about the seriousness of Neymar’s condition, the pictures released Saturday said it all. Heading home from Brazil’s training camp to continue his recovery, Neymar was airlifted via helicopter — with live television cameras and photographers there to see the superstar wave from a stretcher on board. Meanwhile, Camilo Zuñiga apologized publicly Saturday for his tackle that fractured a vertebra in Neymar’s back, but again insisted it was a routine tackle without malice.

Back on the field, the last team to represent CONCACAF is out of the World Cup. With a dramatic showdown that ended up in penalty kicks — plus a surprise late goalkeeper substitution from Netherlands manager Louis Van Gaal — Costa Rica could not continue their already-historic run. It was substitute goalkeeper Tom Krul, with his somewhat controversial brashness and trash talk, who made the crucial saves to move the Dutch to the semifinals.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi’s run of runs at the World Cup continues. His side now advances to the semifinal for the first time in 24 years with a tidy 1-0 win over Belgium in regulation Saturday.

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  1. Man, they had such wall to wall coverage of Neymar’s ride home in that heli you’d a thought he killed his ex-wife and the food delivery guy.

  2. Now that all three powers of Concacaf have made it to the final 8, its time to get our house in order. Here I’m referring to the CCL. People need to get into it, but I don’t blame people for not wanting to tune into some game from some rinky dink jungle stadium with 1200 people in the stands. Costa Rica needs to up their domestic league game with new stadiums and a higher standard. They need to bring in a ton of Colombians. I think CR’s league should get two automatic spots at the group stage of CCL. Maybe Panama should be like Canada to CR’s league and put two teams in….Panama is essentially a baseball country anyway. Its not like Costa Rica is hurting economically. They make hella dough from all those packaged pricey yoga retreats all our girlfriends go to down there.

    • Sadly, the economc problem may be too big, though I would love to see this happen rather than having MLS and Liga MX teams flee to the Libertadores, and leave the rest of the countries to deteriorate further into third world anonymity. There are many barriers, of course, but I have to believe the preferred solution involves some meaningful integration of the two. Hopefully this conversation can begin if Copa America 2016 goes well.


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