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Dempsey named North American cover star for FIFA 15

Dempsey FIFA 15


With two goals to his name this summer on the sport’s biggest stage, U.S. Men’s National Team star Clint Dempsey will now be displayed on the sport’s biggest videogame.

EA Sports announced Saturday that the Seattle Sounders star will join Barcelona forward Lionel Messi on the U.S. and Canada versions of the upcoming FIFA 15.

EA Sports has produced two different covers of the American forward, with the Xbox versions of the game featuring Dempsey in the Xbox-sponsored Seattle Sounders uniform, while the Playstation editions will see Dempsey don the red, white and blue of the USMNT away kit.

Take a look at each individual cover after the jump:

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1



What do you think of Dempsey’s cover? Excited for this year’s game?

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  1. I hope that PS4 cover isn’t the final draft. I wish the players were doing something more dramatic than just running, looking all cool and serious. Too bad they don’t have the world cup available to play in those yearly fifa games, because there were some great images they could’ve used.

    Suarez holding his teeth would be a sweet cover, as would Chiellini showing his shoulder, with a zoom in circle over the bite.

    Van Persie in mid dive, micro seconds after he heads his wondershot.

    A wet Miguel Herrera… some photo where he’s caught in the middle of blinking.

  2. why’s it always Messi on the cover?

    why not Lewandowski or Robben or Suarez?

    or do they just pick the biggest star and then a star for the particular country/region?

    • The latter. They aren’t trying to impress soccer nerds… mostly the crowd of people of people who recognize Lewandowski are very familiar with the EA FIFA franchise and would buy the product if it had Stephen Hawking holding a hockey stick on the cover. They’re looking to appeal to new fans, so they play it safe and throw Messi on there whenever possible because his image is globally familiar and he offends almost nobody. The regional selection is just a tailored touch that ensures that they are not perceived as a one-size-fits-all brand rooted in the Euro game (a traditional perception of their only real competitor, PES/Winning XI)

      • Have to agree. Vanilla and forgettable. Would’ve preferred to see him with a bloody, busted-up beak or at least showing some activity or emotion that is identifiable to him . This just looks vague, like he and Messi are doing Zumba together

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