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Green makes most of World Cup debut

Julian Green

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SALVADOR, Brazil — Julian Green should not have been there. He was not ready and there were more deserving and capable players ahead of him.

That was the argument many observers made in late May when Green was named to the U.S. Men’s National Team roster headed to Brazil for the World Cup. They thought he would not be able to deliver on soccer’s biggest stage and was essentially wasting a roster spot because he was 19 years old, still growing physically, and finding his feet as a professional.

They were wrong.

Green silenced his growing contingent of critics and showed why U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann and Bayern Munich are so high on him, coming off the bench to deliver a clutch goal that gave the Americans newfound life in their Round of 16 match against Belgium on Tuesday. Green entered the game at the start of the second half of extra time with the U.S. down, 2-0. Two minutes later he delivered an impressive goal with his first touch of the match to become the youngest player to score in a World Cup since an 18-year-old Leo Messi did so in 2006.

It was a cool and composed finish from a teenage winger making his World Cup debut – even if he didn’t catch all of the ball – and a sign that demonstrated that the U.S.’s future might indeed be bright.

“We knew that he was ready,” said Klinsmann after the 2-1 loss at Arena Fonte Nova that eliminated the Americans from the World Cup. “I told him before the game watch (right back Toby Alderweireld), read him, have a specific eye on him and he knew that he might get this chance today. It was just phenomenal how he came in and scored that goal and gets us back now and then we just need a little bit more luck to get the second one and that was not the case. It’s fun to watch that kid grow.”

Aside from the 107th-minute strike that came following a gorgeous pass from Michael Bradley, Green showed other facets of his game and was not overwhelmed by the pressure, emotions and nerves that were present in his first World Cup game. He went at Alderweireld and tried some crafty stepovers to keep the Belgian defender guessing.

Not all of Green’s moves and decisions came off successfully, but more often than not he took good touches on the ball and looked like he belonged. That was not the case in his first couple of appearances for the U.S., but it was on Tuesday when the stakes were higher and the Americans needed a spark.

“It was a very good pass,” said Green. “I thought that if I hit it, I can score it. I hit it, I score and then it was an open game. I didn’t (catch it full). I hit it not perfect, but I think that was the point why it goes in.”

Green’s tally – the first of his brief international career – gave the Americans a much-needed jolt of energy. They pushed forward with confidence from there and would have found an equalizer if not for a handful of key plays from Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

The U.S. was left disappointed, drained and eliminated from the tournament when the final whistle blew after 120 minutes, but the experience that Klinsmann provided Green by including the teenage prodigy in his World Cup plans was something that could now be looked at more positively – even by their sternest critics.

“I’m 19-years-old and all the experience from the World Cup is very important for me,” said Green. “I have it now in my head and now it’s important. It’s just the experience to be in a World Cup team and play in a World Cup.”

That experience should come in handy when Green returns to Bayern Munich to prepare for the upcoming season, and also when he suits up for the U.S. again. There is no shortage of competitions for Green to partake in before the next World Cup – the 2015 Gold Cup, the 2016 Olympics and Copa America Centennial, and more – and he is excited about what lies ahead.

“I’m really looking forward to playing with this team, but I have to give my best on the field to show everybody how good I am,” said Green.

That process started on Tuesday night.


  1. First group stage game at Russia 2018:





    • id say Chandler would play LB in that situation (FJ at RM) and cameron would either take Besler’s spot or be a defensive-mined sub in the midfield.

    • Cameron will be our washed up Rio Ferdinand, and Bradley our seen-better-days Lampard in 2018? They will be done by then, unfortunately. Bradley may be assistant coach.

  2. Aren’t the Copa and the Olympics in the same year (2016) only a few months apart? Do you think there will be players who play in both?

    If not, then I think Copa is much more important.

    • Interesting question. How the senior team and Olympic team work together within the development framework is something Klinsmann has spoken about improving (some quotes in the link below), with Ramos providing the conduit between the two.

      I would say likely yes, somewhere on the order of 3-6 may feature in both, but problably nobody will be a starter or primary option in both I would think that Klinsmann plans on bringing something very close to the current “A” group for the Copa America in June. It is too important of a benchmark to let slip past. A few among this group may be U-23 eligible,but I would say probably only 2-4, depending on how large a camp it is, and hard to know that any would push for starting roles (though it could happen) I would expect that all of these individuals would then continue on to the Olympics, unless they had really played a ton of minutes in the Copa America or were urgently needed back with their clubs (MLS players primarily, one would assume). Experience is critical and I don’t they’ll want any to miss the opportunity to compete as a unit (assuming of course that we qualify this time).

      I’d also think that the 3 overage Olympics players will be plucked from the fringes of the Senior team, with players who did not start or play significant minutes in the Copa America being looked at, along with any idividuals who may have recently returned from injuries that limited their participation in June. Or in extreme and highly unlikely circumstances, Stu Holden.–team-left-playing-catchup-due-to–lost-generation-205243565-soccer.html

    • Haji Wright, Benju Joya and Flores are 3 guys im super excited to see how they pan out. not because of their accolades, but because of how they play. also if we can get Zalalem it would be even bigger than Green.

  3. happy to have reserved judgment until after actually seeing him play. who doesn’t think he’s good? depending on things who knows where he ends up

  4. Would like to see him take on the old Charlie Davies spot up top with Jozy. Was hoping he would come on the field and do it this Wc but Klinsman deemed him not worthy. Would have done more against Portugal. Wouldn’t mind moving him to LW and turning Yedlin Into a RW

  5. I thought green did alright despite all the haters out there. too bad USA got knocked out again in round of 16. I wonder who will win the cup first. USA national team or an african nation team?


    • USA national team, African teams are head at this point talent wise but there isn’t a federation that is run professionally enough to ensure success at major tournaments. I predict the us will close the talent gap (next 20 years or so) before the African federations get their s*** together.

      • There’s also the problem of Africa being divided into 50+ nations – the largest of which is about 60% the size of the US.

      • Cameroon. That is all you have to say.

        Then again how about Ghana and their cash advances?

        The only African teams that impressed me as well managed and organized were Algeria and Nigeria. Keshi is a very good manager and if Nigeria can get it together long enough to help him out they will do damage soon.

  6. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, maybe, what if: can begin to be sorted out with the Gold Cup next year, and get a core of WC players to be the core of the Olympic Team. Some of our favorites will be phased out of the WC 2018 plans. I think Cops America will see a serious potential WC Qualifying team and WC 2018 preview. At least 80% of the roster put together.

  7. i doubted him, and Yedlin who both looked good in their moments.

    our attack was seriously lacking the last two games.. maybe we could have used him, or Mix (read btw the lines LD?) more.

    looking forward to seeing them develop over the next cycle

  8. Pretty sure Green is right footed. He dribbles with his right he shoots with his right and he passes with his right.

  9. That was cool to read Yedlins comments about bonding with Green and Brooks and talking about being the future of this team

    • I liked Yedlin’s comments too Bac, and he said they bonded in 3 days. btw, I would not be surprised to see DeAndre playing in 1.Bundesliga soon.

      • i wouldnt mind him starting off in ligue 1 or even a mid BBVA team. 1.Bund would be nice too. Im more curious if he’ll play RM some perhaps at a new club. he’s got the speed and knows how to play a good ball. itll just be interesting to see how he progresses to either RB or RM …. or perhaps a “dani alves” RWB…..who knows

  10. Franco Panizo, are you sure about this “weaker right foot”. He is two footed but I’m pretty sure like Fabian Johnson, he is actually right footed.

    • Does it matter? I’ve known right footed players who worked so hard to get their left foot going that they were actually better with it.

      • +1. that seems to be the case with fabian. id bet money that FJ shoots a bball with his right, writes with his right, flog’s the dolphin with his right, haha but yea i bet through years of getting his left better he has grown to favor it, but make no mistake, he still is plenty comfortable with his right

      • It just does a bit of disservice to the reader to read something that is inaccurate. BTW, in the FIFA World Cup game, he is right footed. They don’t get that stuff wrong very often.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree, but you can’t take away that he actually worked out in the situation he saw action in.

      • Sure but it was such a corner case of involvement, we didnt have the depth we needed at the critical positions we needed it in. Being effective in only 15 minutes out of 4 games played is a hard point to argue for

      • Brooks subs in and scores the winner. Green subs in and scores the only US goal.

        Once again, never let a fact interfere with an opinion.

      • Vlad,

        If Brooks alone is not effective in his short stint, the US probably does not get out of the Group.

    • He made a play (the run + the finish) that most of the players on our team (shoot, most of the guys in our entire player pool) can only dream of. That alone justifies his inclusion.

    • You can make the same argument about Lukaku. Scoring on a World Cup debut is not easy, I wouldn’t think, not with that pressure. Just ask Wondo. The kid did good.

  11. Green was not ready to be a 90-minute contributor to this team. That cannot be debated.

    But as a 105th-minute sub vs. a fatigued defense he was the perfect fit…Bravo Jürgen and Julian.

    • Agreed. It was a nice run and he put it away, but I think anyone would have been comfortable going at a defense that could barely stand on those tired legs at that point.

      I think Mix or Aaron would have played really well there at the end as well. Kinda would have liked to have seen how either of them would have done compared to Wondo. Their speed and ability to go at defenders I think would have made them much more dangerous.

  12. I know how bad Klinsmann want to play 4-3-3 badly thats why I’m really excited for this next cycle. We have enough competitive tournaments to weed out the players who can’t cope. Hopefully we can nab a few more duel nationals to play for us like Nagbe, Fagundez, Shawn Parker and Zalelem. I’m all for doing what ever we have to do to have a potent offense. The LD excuse won’t be there next time we have to final go to a WC say f*ck it and give it to the opposing team.

    • I can imagine Klinsmann and his assistant recruiting dual nationals like Professor X and Magnito recruited mutants.

      • He’s even trying to bring more Hispanics into the Youth and National Teams. Some guys will stop at nothing.

      • JayAre,

        There is a very distinct difference between how Xavier recruits and how Magneto recruits.

        It is noteworthy that over time several of Magneto’s original recruits such as the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver eventually left the dark side for the side of goodness and light.

        FIFA is much more stringent. And, I would argue, more corrupt than the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Which makes you wonder if Magneto is truly worse than Sepp Blatter.

        I know who I prefer.

  13. It is sad that haters will always find something to hate. Enjoy the moment folks. The future is bright and you have an opportunity to be a positive part of it. It takes courage to build something. JK has earned our respect, our trust, now lets go forward.

    • Im honestly asking this, not trolling or anything. Is the future really that bright? Is it really? After this world cup the only question we maybe have an answer to is centerback pairing, which is Besler and Gonzales. Beasley is gone and we dont really have a replacement for him (maybe Chandler). Dempsey despite his goals really didnt play all that well (in part due to his position, but he is still lazy no matter where he plays) Our wing play was absolutely terrible, Bedoya, Zusi, Davis, none of them offered much of anything in the attack. Forward Jozy of course will be there, but as we found out you cant have just 1 target striker, you just cant.

      We have good effort central midfielders but zero creative and technical ability. People can applaud Bradleys effort all they want, but he is not the #10 player we desperately need.

      In every single game aside from Portugal we were outposessed. Germany severely outplayed us, Belgium severely outplayed us, even Ghana outplayed us. I dont see much of an upside

      • Looking into my crystal ball for 2016 and 2018, I see FJ at LB, DaY at RB, MB back at CDM (where he reallyl is at his best) and someone like a bigger, more experienced Mixx or Zaelem at #10. Green can run one wing.

        And you’re wrong on possession. The US actually won the possession battle against Belgium which tells you all you need to know about possession statistics.

      • That’s the biggest problem with our team at the moment. We can hold possession but can’t seem to do anything with it unless we are down a goal or two. I don’t know if it’s a mental thing or if we just don’t have enough creativity to break a defense down once we get into the final third.

      • “someone like a bigger, more experienced Mixx or Zaelem at #10.” Ok who is this person? If he existed wouldn’t he already be in the team?

      • Zelalem’s not a US citizen yet, so he can’t be on the team. He’s also only 17. Mixx was on the team, but he wasn’t used because he wasn’t tactically right at this point in time. That could change as continues to mature and develop into the prime years. Heck… We might see Green play there four years hence. A lot of development can happen in four years, especially for young guys in Regionalliga.

        I’m not going to lie: Good 10s don’t grow on trees. The US flat out didn’t have one this time, Donovan be damned. That being said, there’s a few youngsters that might cut it if they develop well.

      • slowleftbrain: although his sentence had grammatical errors, he was tryin to say “some like Mix who is bigger and more experience (by 2018), etc, etc.” he wasnt saying “we need to scout a 22 year old CAM that’s american, etc,etc” because, yes, that player doesnt exist

      • Yes, basically this. Some were calling for Mixx to play 10, but at this point he’s a bit weak on the ball and weak on defense. With the experience he’ll gain in the next four years, that might not be an issue. He might be able to take that place in the team.

      • As another commenter has stated The US won the possession battle against Belgium. Belgium just had more purpose with their possession. And what is even more interesting is the fact that Belgium scored on the counter attack, not from some fluid possession based build up.

      • Belgium had a lot more of their possession in the attacking third,—the US “dominated” in its own third—critical difference.

      • You should follow Ives more frequently. He posts a lot about young guys in the pipeline. Looking at the current pool it does appear the cupboards are bare, but there is plenty of new blood. Can we develop them? is the question. Can we steer some super athletes (like Lukaku) away from football and over to futbol? is the other question.

      • What does any of this have to do with the future? Most of these players won’t be on the 2018 team. And I will be shocked if Brooks isn’t starting at CB in the next two world cups.

        There are several very skilled, technical, fast midfielders and forwards coming up through the youth ranks right now, some of whom will be primed to make an impact at the next cup.

      • How does it not have to do with the future?

        Players that will 100% be in the next cycle that were here now:

        Besler, Gonzalez, Johnson, Bradley, Diskerud, Guzan, Yedlin, Green…most of our future team was at this world cup. Players that wont be are Jones, Dempsey, Howard, Beasley…and ironically these were most of our top performing players this World cup.

        Bedoya has shown he is good defensively but extremely weak offensively, Zusi isnt at the level he needs to be at for a international winger.

        There is not that much upside. Our U-23s didnt even qualify for the olympics, not much there either.

        The performances of the players that will be in the next cycle were less than inspiring, and we dont have that much coming up. The most promising talent in the pool right now are Yedlin, Green, Danny Williams…and thats probably about it. We still dont have a #10 the unless perhaps Holden can play that roll and hes healthy but he will be 32

      • Young guys with real potential:

        Erik Palmer-Brown
        Luis Gil
        Chris Klute
        S. Johnson
        S. Parker

        Importantly, most of those guys are offensive minded players.

      • This is why I am excited about the next 4 years, I think there is a LOT of attacking quality in the pipeline.

        on top of your list we have:
        Joel Sonora
        Brian Iloski
        Daniel Cuevas
        Jose Villarreal
        Benji Joya
        Will Trapp
        Haji Wright
        Christian Pulisic
        Gyasi Zardes

      • +1 to Lamb and Dman.

        We have some good potential on the way up.

        In 2002, we had Reyna and O’Brien in the midfield. We haven’t had that level of talent since.

      • The way I see it, the guys you mentioned aren’t the problem. They played fine. Our problem is a lack of dangerous attacking players on the wings and a CAM that can create. MB may not be a creator, but he’s fine in his normal role. By 2018, I’m certainly hoping that Green will resolve one of those problems. I believe Luis Gil has a great chance to be a starter in the next cycle. If not, it will be someone even better. The list the guys below put together should produce two or three guys that can push for a starting spot in 2018, and they missed Marc Pelosi who may be the best of the bunch if he is able to bounce back from a major leg injury. If Bedoya and Zusi are our starters in 2018, you’re right, there isn’t much room for hope. I’m pretty sure they won’t be.

        And you forgot Jozy who should still be in his prime in 2018.

      • Vlad,

        It’s interesting that the only player from the failed Olympic Qualifying 2012 Under 23 squad to make the World Cup Squad was the MIx master.

        And he did not get to play.

        I wonder how Porter feels about the job he did with that team?

      • Germany may win the World Cup. Belgium has a good shot at playing Germany in the final, assuming I have my brackets correct.

        Ghana and Portugal went home before the US.

        I’m sorry you were upset about what exactly?

    • it’s true that’s sad, I agree sincerly

      but legitimate questions and discussions looking for accountability are not hate though, an important distinction I think. sorry not everyone is not lock step in 100% support of every single thing and how all went down but frankly 2014 will always be very bittersweet imo when taking it all in, the good, the bad and the ugly

      • beachbum.

        “looking for accountability”

        That implies that you are looking for things that were done wrong so that the mistake is not repeated.
        And it also implies that you are looking for what was done right, so you can continue to do that.

        That’s not what you are seeing for the most part on SBI. Much of what you are seeing is a witch hunt , looking for scapegoats, the search for the guilty and the subsequent prosecution of the innocent, the stoning of adulterers and mobs with torches and pitchforks , taking their pound of flesh, that sort of thing; not “accountability”.

        Or maybe US fans are finally catching on that one of the most interesting aspects of soccer is that it is possible for two relatively sane people to watch the same game and both come up with a completely different view of the game and the players.

        And both be, more or less, right.

        I have zero issue with how JK handled the campaign. That is, by the way, not the same thing as saying mistakes were not made. The most notable one, besides Wondo’s miss, was letting Portugal score that goal which probably altered the US’ trending upward.

        I am inordinately proud of this team. In my view the World Cup is possibly the hardest tournament to get a team as far as the US has come. Not that you care but there are more than a few nations who would swap their program for ours in a New York minute.

        Based on what I saw vs Belgium, this US team is capable of beating anyone in this tournament. Notice that I said capable which is not the same as guaranteeing a victory. I feel the same way about Chile and they are out as well. I did not feel that way after the Ghana loss in 2010 so that indicates progress of a sort to me.

        I’m sorry you don’t see that because you are missing out on a great team.

  14. Just a little bit of perspective. It could be that his wonder strike was just plain luck and if he had it to do 10 times over he would miss each time. Not saying that it is or isn’t but before anointing him the future lets see how he does over time. I seem to recall Freddy Adu hitting a few like that as well so lets just chill.

    • Sure, but when did Freddy Adu ever play for BM II? Green could wash out, but he is better than Adu was at this age.

    • But the PROFESSIONAL SCOUT, not yahoos sitting at a keyboard have been saying for quite sometime that he is the real deal. Then he goes out in a big moment and does what they predicted. Sorry, you are not willing to accept it that is all.

      • I do remember there was a commenter here that said Julian Green is the real deal, predicted his one-time switch and also predicted a coaching shake-up. A lot (most) of people derided him for it.

        Dang, I am still p*ssed that Klinsmann didn’t play him more.

      • that’s it! fast eddie is expat who is actually julian green which makes fast eddie julian green!

      • Expat bet me that Julian Green would start 1 or more games in the world cup….. i said he’d only come in one game very very late in the game…….. hmmmmmmmmmmmm………….

        for the record, aside from that bet, ive been saying from two years ago that beckerman should play, yedlin is the truth, and that wondo wasnt quite good enough technically to be a WC player…….

        so beckerman held it down without a doubt. yedlin… was the TRUTH, and wondo had everything lined up for a journalist’s dream story… and shanked a sitter….. the very sitter that he’s known for getting…… wow……i dont hate wondo (like bill buckner haters) but i will gladly say “i told you so” to all those saying he should be on the squad. LD woulda scored that, AJ woulda scored that, Boyd woulda scored that, Agudelo woulda scored that….. im pretty sure I would hit the post at least…..

      • Fast Eddie are you the infamous Adrian aka expat445 aka dirk aka sanfran415 etc etc? You seem to have calmed down since last summer. Are you taking medication or something? Maybe meditating?

      • No I am not. My first post here was only a couple months ago. btw, could you be Zworst/ The Zimmer, and many others?

    • Well trolled. You’re not a new soccer fan simply due to the fact you know who Fredinho Adu is. None of the true Sammie-come-latelys have even heard of left said Fred. Therefore, I assume you’ve watched enough of the sport to see the clear as day difference between Adu and Green.

    • You can say the exact same thing about a lot of goals.

      No one is anointing him as anything. Just give him credit for what he did which is come on in a tough spot and do what he was asked. No one can do any more than that.

      Did you notice that JK told him to study the right back? So you know the kid knows how to follow directions.

      And Adu never did anything anywhere near as meaningful under that kind of pressure.
      When did Freddy play in a World Cup?

  15. Those that said Julian Green wasn’t ready and there were other players more deserving were wrong. And all those who now say they weren’t are even more wrong! Just watch the last 15 minutes of the game again and see what Green’s entering the game meant to the whole team. It went from night to day.

      • Sitting back actually makes getting a goal harder. So what Green did was even more amazing. That run was world class

      • True. You can get more opportunities, but they are harder to actually make work.

        It was a great run

      • For all the heat Bradley’s been getting (deserved or not), it was a great ball to spring Green.

      • nit-picking but Green sprung himself, he looked at Bradley and began his run. Bradley then made a great flick.

      • Ironically, Ian Darke had earlier mentioned the very similar goal scored in extra time against Belgium by David Platt in the 1990 World Cup. It was the same sort of over the shoulder volley.

        Darke and even Twellman have been very good.

  16. Pretty cool moment for the kid to score a WCF goal with his first WCF touch. That will do wonders for his confidence.

    • i really liked his post game contest. i only read it instead of seeing the interview but he seemed SUPER pumped about his future career for the USMNT and playing with the team. honestly, i think that goal inspired him in a way. just the whole moment probably turned on a fire inside of him like “hey, work hard and you can shine on the team and help it get better on the world’s stage!”

      i really cant wait til we finally are able to advance to a 4-3-3; once we get a more athletic midfield (id williams, gil, benji perhaps, idk…). but with green as LW, Jozy at ST, i thnk AJ can transition to a sort of RW(RS sort of) that cuts in a lot. then u have boyd and Agudelo who can slot in. That’s 5 pretty good attackers. but it all depends on our midfield getting better. we need athletic mids, naturally-handling the ball while moving instead of “pass, trap, turn, look, dribble, pass back” thing that we do now. we need to do a better job of possession. that’s our next focus, once we can be a team that can attack calmly, natural, and patiently, we will be able to try to jump that top level, until then we’re the “underdogs with fight!” and we basically hold the line and counter where available

      • Physically, Slim and quick,
        Demeanor wise, cool headed
        And they play forward/winger

        Check out Klinsmann’s goal against Korea near his end of playing days, similar to Green’s goal against Belgium
        As a player, Klinsmann developed into much aggressive personality.

      • JK would have killed for Green’s speed but otherwise, people on SBI are so busy running him over that they forget just how great a player JK really was.

        Green is much more athletic and what he will learn from JK is all about hard work, which Green must already be familiar with.

  17. I don’t think people who said Green wasn’t ready and there are more deserving were wrong….at all.

    Nice goal and beautiful run….I hope he continues on the same upward path.

    • Agreed. Kudos to Green for the goal and, yes, I was going nuts when he scored. Right run, right time, right result. No complaints. However, I don’t think his goal means those opposed to his selection were wrong. That’s a bit overboard and ignores the options available to JK when Altidore went down. Green has potential and I look forward to his continued development.

      • Green will be 23 at the next WC, but with experience of playing and scoring in a WC round 16 game. Those who were opposed to his selection had no arguments other than that (1) he was not ready to contribute and (2) Donovan was more deserving. They were wrong on both counts. First, Green did contribute by scoring a huge goal against a team that did not give up a single goal in the open play until then. If Dempsey point blank shot were not saved by the Belgian keeper we would have been tied and headed into penalty shootout. Second, Donovan lost his spot to Wondo and AJ, not Green. I was thrilled when Brooks and Green were selected based on their potential with a view to the future and both contributed with big goals in limited time given. I was more skeptical about Yedlin, but he did well with his opportunities and I was wrong about him. The WC experience these three youngsters got will serve the national team well in the next WC.

      • The US lost the game; Julian Green may yet be a star and he provided a good dose of added entertainment to the game. For that I am grateful, but the US still lost the game. The US did NOT prevail. Green was not an LD-like savior. Moreover, LD was not given an opportunity to show what he could do in this particular WC, so nobody will ever know whether or not he could have brought the US into the quarters. And, IMHO, LD lost his position not to Wondo or Johannsson, but to Davis, Zusi and Bedoya, despite being demonstrably better than all three. At least IMHO.

      • I would say that the “LD was more deserving” reason could be true, but without having been in camp, it is indeterminable. That said, if I were to add LD, I’d drop Brad Davis*. LD could have filled that “give AB 60 minutes off” role well enough.

        *I know, I know… LD is a forward. Whether or not he could play 60 at left mid at an international level is anybody’s guess. But Brad Davis was replacement level.

      • Stop Defending! LD is a geezer. He is not the same as he plays in whatever version of the FIFA videogame you own. For teams that lack technical ability or physicality (CONCACAF) the only way to make a splash in WCup is with energy. Klinsi did that with aplomb. Youth corps did great.

      • I’m not defending LD. I’m really ambivalent towards his exclusion. I though he looked fat, and his attitude struck me as a bit lazy.

        But if Brad Davis was the answer, what was the question?

      • If Brad Davis is the answer, the question is…What player action on the field can make every couch potato in the US believe that he too can play international soccer? How’s that? 🙂

      • Oh.. and it’s 13. BTW… the more recent versions of FIFA modify players based on form. Career modes will also upgrade or degrade them as they move through their career art.

        But EA still hasn’t figured out how to make them decide to go an a Cambodian walkabout, so there’s that…

      • Landon Klinsman,
        I think the observation is a little off.
        LD, had modified his a game a bit.
        as many noticed after that poppin fresh, faze, he came back stronger and heavier perhaps more prepared to battle it out in the trenches.(as a substitute AM/F9 type)
        In the end we will never really get to know what would have been in store?.
        And that for me is something I wish we could have known.

      • I agree that it would be great if we could know every permutation and possibility, like what if The Special One took the job instead of Klinsi, but the LD truthers don’t simply argue that. They still think LD had magic in him and Klinsi was wrong for snubbing him. That stuff has to stop. Turn the page.

      • Eh… In a couple of years – maybe even this year – LD we perceptibly slow down in league play and we won’t have to worry about it.

        Then we can fight about whether Green or Zelalem should play CAM.

      • Never let a fact interfere with an opinion. Green and Brooks scored for USA–and goals were hard to come by.

    • Yeah… Actually they were. He came off the bench, made a great run, and scored with his first touch. That’s the definition of “ready”.

      • Same thing I was thinking. He seemed ready to me. He was more brave in going at players one on one than Zusi was. He was actually able to keep defenders on their heals.

      • He was also excused of all defensive responsibilities. I think if Green has started from the beginning, we would have let even more offense thru to our defense. But it was good to see Green have the confidence to go at the Belgium attack. I think Zusi lacked that confidence and was more worried about playing defense.

      • Maybe, but that’s a bit like wondering what the characters of a play do when they’re offstage.

      • I feel like we aren’t even using this germerica thing to our advantage. Algeria had 16 guys from France!!! we need to step it up

      • To be fair, there are plenty of French who are old enough to still think Algeria IS France.

      • Wow. Thanks for making me do a little homework their I didn’t know Algeria was just turning 52. Thats barely 2 familial generation. Only 10 years older than Zidane.

      • There are people in Algeria who find French an offensive language of their oppressors.

        However, they also find Arabic an offensive language That’s because they are Berbers.

    • I’d think so. Green – Wondo – Yedlin and Dempsey – Mixx below them seem like a good last ditch kitchen sink offense.

      • i think the subs would have been the same, just for different people, yedlin could have come on for zusi, wondo for bedoyo and green for some one else perhaps a little earlier. the FJ injury seemed to just push up the sub strategy

    • JK said that Fabian’s injury delayed Green’s intro because he had to wait to make sure about the last sub since going into extra time always makes you really cautious with that last sub.

    • LOL.

      Exactly if we had a counter attack, and some decent corners, maybe we win our group and are facing France on The Fourth.

      • Some of you guys are insane. 2 weeks ago, group of death, hope we can get to knock out stage. After losing Jozy the whole tourney, US not only gets out of the group but is a 4 yard shot from Wondo of going to final 8. Still its about JK’s mistakes. Open your eyes and see he did a lot right. A few mistakes maybe. But face it he knows more than anyone on this site. Give him credit. Boyd has exactly 0 goals for usmnt. Most people here had been bashing him for not doing anything in the jersey. The level of two faced, ignoring the truth comments here has gotten carried away. No we did not play beautiful football. But the best players this WC were not eferyones favorites. Beasley, Jones, Johnson and Yedlin were impressive, for different reasons. Admit Green played well. Was effective and belongs at the Usmnt level. Is he German/argentina international level? No but there is not one field player on our squad who starts for any of the top teams. Maybe FJ. But certainly not Bradley, Zusi, or any of the midfielders. He is working on changing from things from bottom up. I for one am encouraged by the. Talent coming up, and that the entitlement phase of US siccer may be ending. Stay in shape and form or get passed by. This year that meant LD. Sorry. Sure he is better than 3 or 4 guys, but he was not essential to the teams success and his attitude was deemed unproffitable by the boss.

      • “he was not essential to the teams success and his attitude was deemed unproffitable by the boss.”

        Given line 5 in your “sermon” above, can you elaborate on the state of your personal knowledge of this fact? How did JK define essential when making his selections?

        Despite what any fan or detractor might say there are arguments both for and against the inclusion of Donovan on the team, and they’re good arguments either way.

      • JK exact definition of essential doesn’t matter, but LD’s exclusion is prima facie evidence that – whatever the definition – JK did not consider LD essential

      • Thanks, counselor, but I think you still need a definition of essential in order to determine why he did not measure up. What were the “essential” characteristics of the guys selected that made them “a touch” better than LD.

        Like I said above, no one knows. The only fact is that the debate is legit. The fans of LD have an argument, plain and simple. JK’s son destroyed any hope of the personal agenda hypothesis ever dying – whether it’s true or not.

      • You can think whatever you like, but you’re wrong. I don’t have to define what it means to be essential. The frame of reference for essentiality was entirely defined by JK. Since JK left LD out, it stands to reason that LD was considered unessential, no matter what the criteria were.

        Are you really trying to claim that JK thought LD was essential, but left him out anyway? That’s illogical and idiotic regardless or what JK’s son said on Twitter.

      • You can think whatever you like, but you’re wrong. I don’t have to define what it means to be essential. The frame of reference for essentiality was entirely defined by JK. With that in mind, JK left LD out. It stands to reason that LD was considered unessential by JK, no matter what the criteria were.

        Are you really trying to claim that JK thought LD was essential – by whatever definition he had chosen – but left him out anyway? That’s illogical regardless or what JK’s son said on Twitter.

      • Can’t respond to your post Mason, so I’ll respond to my own. Don’t really want to battle semantics here, so I’ll use your words this time. I am most interested in what you call JK’s “frame of reference for essentially”. What is it that makes a player essential? Skill, attitude, athleticism, stamina, monogamy…? I think I stated that pretty clearly in my response. My point in all of this is that no one will ever know and that Byrdman violated his own (accurate IMO) point that JK is the only one that knows anything in line 5 of his post, by later declaring with apparent certainty the reasons LD was left off. Maybe Byrdman is Andy Herzog. That would be cool.

        I don’t disagree with your logic about his absence being a declaration of non-essential. I chose poorly in exclusively using the word essential without also offering a “frame of reference” for my question. My bad. Please forgive me… still not my point, which I’m going to be ultra bold and assume you knew all along.

      • And by the way, no. Nowhere in my comments did I suggest that JK thought LD was essential and left him out anyway. Quite honestly, I don’t have a dog in the LD fight. All I’ve said here and elsewhere is that the people that do can make good arguments either way. Was Harkes essential to Sampson’s plans? Obviously not, but I bet we could have used him.

        I would have picked LD. JK didn’t. I haven’t lost an ounce of sleep over either.

      • CG-
        The problem I’m having interpreting your argument is what you meant by “line 5” of Byrdman’s post. To which sentence were you referring?

      • You have a major reading comprehension problem. He said the mere fact he was not included in the squad is prima facie evidence that LD was not included. I am a fan of LD, but Mason’s statement stands on its own. JK did not bring LD because he did not think it was absolutely necessary to have him to make it out or the group and be successful.

      • “But face it he knows more than anyone on this site.” Now that you ask that, it occurs to me that it’s probably not line 5 on everyone’s screen, so I should have clarified.

        On a separate note, there’s an article from 2010 by Grant Wahl in SI about the Harkes and John Terry affairs that I think speaks to the feelings of the pro-LD folks that feel if he was left off for any reason (Cambodia, Bayern, etc.) other than NOT being one of the 23 best players available, then it was a poor decision. Again, not saying I agree or disagree.

      • I don’t Anthony, but I appreciate your concern. What I do have is the guilt of wasting too much time on this (and not just my own) and a baseball game to get to.

      • Byrdman, I do agree with much of what you said.
        although Green, is at the level of any German/Argentine international player his age. accept there are not so many out there, this is why Green is a rare talent as it may be referred to in other sports. although Draxler, comes to mind a few others as well, but Green, is certainly their equal with perhaps as good or better upside.
        I maintain this stance because Green like FJ, who you mentioned may be the only one of that caliber.
        and had captained(yes Captained) the German under 20s to a
        Green, on the U17/U19 German teams shined.
        He stood out amongst the best youth UEFA, and other world federations had to offer. This would quite logically imply that Julian Money Green, is in fact the real deal.
        Now we just need Zelalem, and quite a few others out there and then we are on our way,
        further down that road from the dark ages, fast becoming a distant memory.
        What more is there to say already the stuff of legend.
        “first ever touch in a world cup was a goal”.
        Like I always said that kid has got some things you just can’t teach.

      • They could have used the 2010 edition of LD.

        If you compare their perfromances for the US , the 2013/14 USMNT edition of LD looks a lot like Wondo.

      • Pretty similar years for both club and country. Both have been underwhelming with a history of success backing them up. The difference is ones wanted to be there and the other expected to be there.

      • entitlement…LD? not accurate.

        anyway, I thought it was basically agreed that LD was not dropped because of his form but for reasons more interpersonal

        and how do you know his inclusion would not have been essential? we know some of the other choices instead of him struggled mightily…and the US advanced in spite of it, not because of it

  18. I think his goal and his reaction were symbolic in that it showed that we still have bright future ahead of us, and it’s going to be fun.

  19. Where is his preferred position? Is he nominally a winger, wide striker, central forward? Do we even know yet?

  20. I was one who defended Green’s inclusion in the 23 but cussed out loud when I saw him come in. What his spark showed was that Klinsi was wrong not to bring him in earlier. We were desperate for a creative, fast winger to attack their tired back-line. I’m also baffled that Mix wasn’t brought in at least once, but that’s for another post.

    Green has an upside, we all knew that. One goal won’t make or break his career, but it’ll at least see him come into Bayern’s camp with confidence. I hope he earns a loan move somewhere. He’s not ready for Bayern just yet.

    The Spurs rumors are floating around the wire today, again.

    • Of course Julian should have come in earlier. Like at half-time against Portugal. I am still p*ssed that Klinsmann didn’t use him.

      You are wrong about he “earns” a loan move and that he’s not ready for Bayern yet. He is indeed ready. You must have forgotten that Green was going to be loaned to Hamburger last season but when Pep came in and saw Julian play he nixed the loan.

      • Pep kept him… Then never played him. His first few appearances for us when he was slipping and falling all over the place both figuratively and literally proved he’s still finding his feet in a competitive game outside of the reserves.

        He’s not better than their winger so his time would be extremely limited. Why not let him make mistakes on a smaller team before attempting to reach the top? Loads of players do that.

      • Okay, I get it, you don’t think much of Green, only that he has potential, (enough to “earn” a rumor of a loan to the Spurs. Do you remember at winter break in January Bayern’s sporting director said Green was in Pep’s first team plans for the second half of the season? Then he went to Phoenix and came back with a bum shoulder.

        I am curious though, about what you will be saying when (if) Julian is in the first-team rotation this coming season.

      • I think that he has more of an opportunity to play if Xherdan Shaqiri makes the move to LFC and Kroos moves on as well.

    • I’ve heard that rumor about the spurs several times. Green was the best sub for that match, we needed speed to attack a tired defense. He was only man on the bench who could provide it. Good for him, that one touch will take a lot of pressure off him in US soccer communities, where generally people have been disappointed.

    • I really thought Klinsmann was going to use him in the Germany game. Instead he used Davis, who was out of his depth.

      • I think many of us would agree Jürgen’s squad selection and substitutions for the Germany match were wrong. I was surprised, to say the least. I thought he would have played all the Germans, and then gave them a fierce pep talk about going out there and showing Jogi that they made a mistake by not capping these guys.

    • He should go to Arsenal, so he can train with Zelalem and start brewing some of that chemistry stuff. A quick call from Jurgen to Arsene should do the trick here, or Jurgen to Kroenke.

      • Since everything should be done to benefit USMNT, I’d like to see Green go to Dortmund where he could develop chemistry with Flores (who will have to be elevated from the reserve squad himself – again, everything should be done to benefit USMNT).

      • posted too quickly…

        wanted to also say that since Green is more than capable at CF, it would be pretty sweet to see Flores as the #10 (his preferred position), Gyau at LW/LM, and Green at CF.

  21. Nice run and goal. He looked very confident running with the ball. It was completely different from his friendly appearances where he seemed nervous and overwhelmed. Wish him all the best and hopes he gets more minutes with the BM first team. His development will be key for the future of the national team.

    Also, I totally thought he was just coming in to get some token experience. I expected nothing from his introduction. I’m glad he proved me wrong, it was a great run and good technique to hit it first time.

    • Julian Green wishes you all the best too Vik. As for me, I could care less. Your post are neither here nor there. I only look forward to Ian’s posts, so I wish him all the best instead. If he has a great day, then I know I’ll find some superb posts right here on SBI


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