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10-man TFC hold on for point at Fire

Jackson Goncalves, Gilberto, Kyle Bekker

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Considering the circumstances, Toronto FC are probably very glad to be going home with a point in their back pockets.

After the early first half dismissal of Luke Moore, TFC bunkered in and managed to score and do enough to stave off the Chicago Fire in a 1-1 tie in torrential rain and wind at Toyota Park. Jackson scored the key goal for TFC, while Harry Shipp scored his sixth goal of the season, leading all rookies in goals.

After an evenly played first 26 minutes, the match changed for the worse for TFC with a red card. Going into a 50-50 challenge, TFC forward Luke Moore’s elbow made contact with Fire rookie Chris Ritter in the air, sending Ritter crashing to the ground and Moore to the locker room for an early bath.

Though TFC were reduced to 10 men, due to the conditions, the game was still lacking rhythm from either side. But that changed in the 42nd minute when the visitors stunned the home crowd as Jermain Defoe was played down the right channel with a long ball.

Defoe took on Fire defender Bakary Soumare and crossed a ball to a wide-open Jackson, who headed home easily from the top of the 6-yard box to give TFC the lead.

Following the halftime break, the Fire gained control of the match and their high pressure forced plenty of turnovers for TFC. Off a short corner in the 57th minute, Shipp was fed the ball at the edge of the box and dribbled towards the middle.

Shipp unleashed a strike on goal that took a deflection and caught TFC goalkeeper Joe Bendik leaning the wrong way.

Bendik stepped up his performance in the rest of the second half, defending an onslaught of attacks until the final whistle.


  1. The Fire are becoming the laughing stock of the MLS. The league is moving on and some of the clubs are being left in the dust.

  2. I have to say, since Hauptmann has taken over, the Fire are in perpetual mediocrity. So far, Yallop is no better than Klopas. They never replaced Blanco who was worth the 3 hour drive to Chicago to watch a game.

    Now, they are just an average team with average players that can’t score goals. Yes, Harry Shipp is an exciting young player. But, he needs a supporting cast to make him even better. Amazing that he seems to be the one carrying the team right now.

    Come on Hauptmann – give up some of that Seagrams revenue and buy some world class players. When Blanco was at Chicago, he put butts into seats. Picking Yallop was because he does things on the cheap.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Yesterday I was thinking why am I here? I didn’t enjoy these games anymore. For the price of my season tickets I could fly Somwhere else and watch real soccer. Yes Harry Shipp is carrying this team , a rookie who probably will never be good enough for the Nats. Sadly, despite my euphoria of the World Cup in leaning towards giving up my seats ? Mike McGee is Klinsmans poster boy for his paying for past performance comment .

      • I wonder if people still think Mike McGee should be on the national team. Yes, he got the money and has laid an egg so far, hasn’t he? He is not worth a 3 hour drive to Chicago.

  3. The ref was a joke. If Luke Moores elbow was a red than the bicycle failed attempt kick to the head that Quincy did to Caldwell was a red, and Lovel palmers elbow on Oduro.

    In the end, Toronto played very well again and are looking dangerous every game played.



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