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Johannsson scheduled to undergo ankle surgery, will miss 6-8 weeks

Aron Johannsson

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From the World Cup to the sidelines.

AZ Alkmaar announced on Friday that U.S. Men’s National Team forward Aron Johannsson is expected to undergo ankle surgery some time later this month and will spend 6-8 weeks on the shelves as a result. It is unclear whether the 23-year-old Johannsson sustained the knock at the World Cup or if it is related to the ankle problem he had trouble with at the end of AZ’s 2013-14 season.

The time frame for recovery means Johannsson will miss the start of the upcoming Eredivisie campaign regardless of when he has the surgery.

Johannsson made one appearance in four games at the World Cup for the U.S., coming off the bench to replace an injured Jozy Altidore and playing 67 minutes in the Americans’ 2-1 victory over Ghana on June 16. Fellow forward Chris Wondolowski was chosen as a substitute ahead of Johannsson in matches against Portugal and Belgium.


What do you think of Johannsson needing surgery on his ankle? Do you think it is related to the issue he had prior to the World Cup?

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  1. If he was hurt before the Cup…. well, i thought I couldn’t be more pissed about the squad selection. Guess I was wrong.

  2. Of coarse it’s related to the injury he had before the World Cup. He had been playing on it for months. At the end of the season his production and form fell off drastically.

      • Poor kid may have played through the pain just to get a roster spot. Why would he want to miss the WC?

      • Pat, they thought he was healthy enough to be selected over Wondo when Jozy went down.
        He ran almost 70 minutes no problem

      • I watched most of Johannsson’s matches this season. He wasn’t the same player towards the end. So much of what makes him effective is the sharp movement and foot work, on and off the ball. He could still run and go through the motions but wasn’t the same player at the end of the season.

      • Pat,

        How do you know that the Ghana game did not re aggravate the injury?
        That is hardly an unrealistic possibility.

  3. Pffft. Klinsmann’s tactics ruined AJ’s ankle. It’s all part of an anti-American conspiracy which, conveniently, builds a certain celebrity…

  4. Jozy. Johnson. Beasler. Johannson. Bedoya (slight knock). That’s a lot of injuries.

    God I wish we could have fielded a full strength team.

    • Once Jozy went out, there was no real place to play Mix. He would have had to either play out of position or replace Clint.

      • Or play as the CAM in a 4-5-1 with Clint as the lone striker. (i.e., pushing Bradley further back)

      • I liked this idea too. Really would have liked to see it at some point. JK’s concert w Mix seems to be defensive toughness. And I see it a bit… Hard to see him giving 90-120 mins of demolition derby physicality a la Jones, running around with duct tape holding the fender on and still crashing into challenges and taking abuse.

        Perhaps that’s unfair as Mix hasn’t had much of an opportunity. But I’d love to see him get to that place. Plenty of opportunity for somebody who wants to step up and be that guy in CM, and Mix has obvious talent going forward. He is going to have a monster platform over the next four years. He’ll get first-team looks for pretty much every competetion we are in. Hope he grabs the chance with both hands.

      • i think it could have made more sense to do this in the belgium game. since he took off beckerman he could have just moved bradley back to CDM with jones, bring in Mix as a cam

      • Agreed, but I was hoping to go one step further: start Jones, Beckerman, Bradley, and Mix. Bradley would have been completely free to move about.

      • FO,

        Cameron was brought on to neutralize Fellaini, who had been huge for Belgium and Geoff did that.

        Geoff also made the initial pass that Jones headed to Wondo for THAT miss that should have won the game for the US.

        The way I look at it Cameron’s inclusion should have won the game for the US.

        Do you think Bradley could have shut down Fellaini?

    • I can’t help but think that he and Jozy would have avoided these injuries and Mix would have been able to play if Landon Donovan had been selected.

    • It really is baffling to me how much we focus on attacking players after a tournament like this. It’s not like we are Barcelona a couple years ago, and we’re wondering if David Villa and Zlatan are doing a good enough job finishing chances. We could have both of those guys and not be much better. We may or may not have quality at the top… we’ll know more when we start getting them the ball.

      Too many criticisms that sound like the classic American NFL fan. Team isn’t getting to the playoffs, and they think they problem will be solved because they pick up some freak WR like T.O. and just have to find a way to run more flea-flickers so they can score 56 points a game.. It’s an illusion. At best you’ll get the occasional spectuclar touchdown, but you won’t make a playoff run.

      We need to win the line of scrimmage…. We have become capable of this consistently in CONCACAF. We did this in patches in high profile friendlies (even against Brazil for a 15 min stretch in a losing effort). But it is a marathon, multi-generational effort that will get us there.

      • We totally need some fat guys like BJ Raji to push around Lukaku. Maybe someone more Richard Sherman to take out Ronaldo instead of Demarcus Beasley. And we need a quarterback more like Tom Brady and less like Michael Bradley who did his best Mark Sanchez impression. Maybe we also need a running back like Marshawn Lynch, actually Jermaine Jones kind of played like him.

      • +1 Good stuff. Particularly the Marshawn bit. Was Jermaine Jones in Tecmo Bowl?

      • Tecmo Bowl cost me a semester of college, an ungrateful girlfriend, and a thumb injury that was so bad I had to criticize myself for not having a like for like replacement

      • +1 About the only thing that could make this more awesome is if you told me you are somehow 17 years old. Alas, kids these days just don’t have that kind of commitment.

      • “I had to criticize myself for not having a like for like replacement”

        That’s gold, Bac. Gold.

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