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Jones again linked to MLS after enjoying successful World Cup with USMNT

Jermaine Jones

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Much of the talk regarding U.S. Men’s National Team players since their World Cup ended has been about whether the likes of DeAndre Yedlin and Matt Besler will secure moves to clubs abroad. There is, however, one player on the other end of the spectrum who could be moving from Europe to MLS.

That player is Jermaine Jones.

It is no secret by now that Jones enjoys spending time with his family in the United States, and he has hinted at making a move to MLS more than once since seeing his impressive World Cup campaign come to an end a couple of weeks ago. The hard-nosed, veteran midfielder is currently a free agent after Turkish club Besiktas declined to pick up his option, and as such is a great candidate for MLS sides looking to bolster their rosters this summer without having to pay a hefty transfer fee.

Jones, 32, has experience to spare after spending his entire career playing in Europe and provides toughness, tenacity and the occasional stroke of offensive genius. But the hefty salary that he is rumored to want falls in Designated Player category, and teams might be reluctant to want to spend a chunk of their salary cap on a player who has never played a game in MLS and whose best days are likely not in front of him.

Make no mistake about it, Jones is still probably a player who can make a significant impact in MLS. He showed at the World Cup that he can play at a very high level when deployed in a spot that plays to his strengths, and is not someone who will back down from even the most talented strikers.

While that would seem to bode well for his chances in MLS, Jones might not want to go to just any team. He owns a house in Los Angeles and has been linked with a move to that city in the past, but the LA Galaxy are out of DP slots and Chivas USA are currently owned by the league.

Whether a prospective new owner of the Chivas USA franchise that MLS hopes to sell in the near future would want to take Jones on is something unknown and further complicates a potential offer for him.

If Jones is open to living in a different city within the league, his options would likely grow exponentially. Still, concerns would likely remain over whether he could handle the heavy travel that is associated with MLS and that players from across the pond have admitted takes getting used to.

The time for Jones to make an MLS would appear to be now or never. It would be a good coup for the league to capture the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder given the successful World Cup he had and his pedigree, but a lot of things will need to be sorted out in order to make it happen.


What do you think of Jones’ potentially moving to MLS? Would you want your club to spend a DP spot on him? Think he would thrive in the league?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. FCD have been lacking a really hard-nosed defensive mid since Daniel Hernandez retired…but there’s probably little chance that we’d be able to meet his salary demands.

  2. “Jermaine Jones latest: still the same since the weekend. No contract agreement in place with #MLS yet. He’s looking for 1.5-2 million a year”

  3. This may be out there but Chicago would be a great place for him to go. Rumor has it Chicago is going to clean house (players) and Jones in the midfield would be a great center piece to build around AND help develop players like Shipp.
    Chicago also has a large German population so he would feel at home. The only drawback would be the weather but he only has to stay here spring-fall.

  4. I think Jones would be phenomenal in MLS. He plays smarter and better when he has something to prove. In Turkey, what was he really playing for? Meh. Seems like just a job for him. But in MLS he would be expected to play like a premier signing and I think he’d be out to prove skeptics wrong.

  5. Hey you know what’s a great idea? Wait for American players to play in the World Cup and overpay for them! Look, I’m all for bringing Jermaine Jones into MLS. Contrary to most I’d love to see all the top Americans playing in MLS. But, overpaying makes no sense. They overpaid for Bradley and Dempsey by 2-3 million each. Those two are household names. I can see the value in it. But Jermaine Jones? MLS can’t afford to throw money away like this. If you’re going to overpay for a 32 y/o make it someone who is going to create PR and really draw fans in.

    • i don’t think $2M-$2.5M is a bad price to pay for him. also, i think MLS paid that much for Dempsey and Bradley because they came to MLS prior to the World Cup. and maybe they did overpay, but it’s working out…especially with Dempsey.

      • Like Seattle and TFC cant afford it . Whether they are paying it or not, I dont know,. Its most likely the league but that matters not. You gotta pay to play.

      • yeah, i think those two clubs are doing just fine. it’s great for the league so all in all, totally worth it.

  6. Meanwhile, can someone please pony up the cash to get my man Damarcus Beasley to Philly? I can’t believe folks aren’t beating down this guy’s door. One of the best US players in the tournament… The Union need a two way attacking left back right quick and need veteran leadership even more so.

    DMB to Philly. Make it so.

    • Plus there has been links to Sunderland buying Giancarlo Gonzalez for 5 million pounds (which is an outrageous, almost unbelievable figure). Think about that, if Sunderland paid that much, it would be the 2nd (maybe 3rd) highest transfer fee in league history. I dont believe the number but I do the interest

  7. Unload Omar to either Club America or Europe and free up a DP spot for Jones in LA (which I’m sure is where he wants to play given his family ties). That’s the way MLS should work for the time being – sell our best players to Europe when they’re young and re-import them when they’re old on free transfers.

    That’s exactly what Argentina does and it seems to have worked out pretty well for their national team. So many people here want to skip ahead to being the Premier League without going through the obvious intermediate steps.

    Sell players, use that money to build the youth system, sell yet more players and eventually use that money to build a dominate league. That’s the model MLS should be following not to mention it would help the national team in the long run.

  8. i really hope someone signs him. his option in Turkey was for $2.45M so it’s not like it’s an outrageous salary.

  9. I would love to see him go to Chivas USA, as they have a decent team and a budding star. Should help with attendance and be a good start for new ownership.

  10. A few years ago this guy didn’t even considered himself an American now he wants a big contract because he’s a yank?

    • No, he wants a big contract because he played great in the World Cup.

      He wants to play in the US cause he has a home here now.

    • That’s total b.s. Jermaine has said that he wanted to play for the US for a long time but he went for Germany because until 2009 switching wasn’t an option and he already had official German youth national teams caps and was over the age of 21.

  11. Jones seems like a good fit for the MLS, his physical style of play would mesh well.
    I’m guessing he wants around $1.5 to $2 mil per year. He would be worth it. Hope the MLS doesn’t squander this opportunity.

  12. I think MLS has missed a great overall opportunity here already.
    An increase in salary cap and another DP spot or two immediately after the World Cup would be huge..
    I mean think about it.. teams don’t HAVE to fill a DP spot just because they have one, but expanding the opportunity when the iron is hottest can only be a good thing.
    Just making the move now would capitalize on the fever…
    It’s not like the MLS police are gonna say no..they make their own rules… just do it man

    • MLS invested in Deuce & Bradley prior to WC ’14. And, they put a smaller investment into Omar, Wondo and Besler. So, MLS tried to be pro-active in that sense. I’d love for LA to have a 4th DP spot. But, I still think the slow salary growth model, with the expanded MLS academies, is the best way forward.

      • Fredo raises the key question: long term profitability. Which offers more long term profit for the league:

        1) More DPs and rising salary cap
        2) Developed MLS academies

        Of course there is a balance—not either-or. But consider that the downside to DPs is that they tend to be older players who will have NO resale value: any money invested in getting them here will have to be made up directly (e.g., increased TV viewership, like Beckham brought; massive merchandising; etc.). Moreover, MLS is competing with leagues all over the world, so the prices go up.

        Alternatively, investing in academies identifies young, unknown talent (i.e., cheap) that can eventually be sold for a profit—and maybe even garner more local fan support than bringing in yet another Big Name Guy. I mean, I love Jones, but is he really going to increase the number of soccer fans in North America? No.

        I don’t mean to oversimplify the situation—it’s not as easy as, “DPs cost money; academies make money.”

      • This is very true, it’s not an either or, but the fever of the World Cup is a small window, and the ability to capitalize on it is a great opportunity that I think they’ve missed.
        Potential example: Don Garber could have been all over TV. With espns coverage etc. He was on a few spots, but he could have blasted the airways. When Colin Cowherd was on Mike and Mike one morning, he was talking about all the moves MLS was making that aren’t mainstream knowledge..unless you’re a big MLS fan. He cited not only how much the expansion fees are and the soccer specific stadiums, but the requirement to set up an academy- M&M didn’t know this, and were impressed.
        Even if expansion of the cap/DP rules were a little down the line, what better time than over the last month to strike while the iron is hot and announce that We’re for real, We’re in your face, and We’re a league to be taken seriously!!

      • you all make sense to me on this one.

        always have been in the camp Fredo and King described so well, the balanced approach and controlled growth, but think Bac’s strike while the iron is hot approach could warp MLS thru some of the growth and fan interest/attendance/spending increases we all want

        good discussion, thanks

      • Honestly I just don’t know enough about the state of MLS academies to base my decision. My impression (which is based on almost noting) is that the academies are relatively weak/underdeveloped. Would infusing a bunch of money into them now beef them up to start delivering major success five years down the road? Or would several million $$ now not make a huge difference to the growth of academies (i.e., tripling the fertilizer doesn’t make plants grow three times faster)?

        Like I said, I really don’t know.

      • neither do I man, but Love all the interest in MLS and it’s fun to talk about, and I’m looking forward to the games tonight!

    • I realize that MLS frequently seems to make up rules as it goes along … but DP number, young DP, salary cap, etc. are tied to the collective bargaining agreement with the players union.

      If you are an owner, you don’t want to suddenly mid season raise the cap or the number of DPs because you have just massively shown your hand for the next round of contract talks with the players (the league now looks rich and hamstrung by its cap and structural rules and the players would be all too happy to demand raises across the board to soak up all of that extra money).

      • I dont believe that is correct. Out of all the talk I have had with writers about a 4th DP addition after the world cup, I have never once been told it cant happen because of the CBA. While in theory it would be showing their hand, it would be of great benefit to the league as long as owners are willing to move the amount they spend on the little guys.

        Problem is that some owners wont want a massive move in the Cap. They want to save money and penny pinch because they want to stay in the black.

        If a 4th DP opened now, it would be craziness with LA, NYRB, SEA, TFC,etc being linked to a whole slew of people

    • I think that is the most likely situation. Rumors had it that a new ownership group was ready to take over CUSA and what better time to announce that with a big DP signing. Hopefully a rebrand and new direction to follow.

      Other than that Vermes has been public stating KC’s interest – would be a very exciting team! – SJ has recently said they are looking to splash the cash – great fit

      Id say LA2, SKC and SJ are the 3 most likely destinations in that order

  13. With Xavi coming to the MLS also this is the year for shopping in the MLS. Let’s get Beasley and Jones into the MLS this summer.

  14. First of all, from what I can see there are no new sources of information here. He’s hinted, but we haven’t seen anything being reciprocated from an MLS end. Or is there more that we’re not being told?

    Apparently he has a house in Encino, which is actually pretty far from Stub Hub Center. In heavy traffic that can take two hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be willing to play on any team in quick flying distance– RSL, San Jose?

    Or maybe Omar will finally go to Europe to free up a DP spot.

  15. I don’t understand what Chicago and Portland are doing. This is the kind of back bone that can change their whole season.

      • Yes they do have 3 DP’s and while they need a CB thus the signing of Ridgewell, they should have waited for a while. In my opinion they panicked. Ridgewell isnt a player you sign to a DP contract right when the window opens.

        Adi makes more sense because they need a big bodied striker and he is only a DP because of the transfer fee + contract. Still though it was a hastefull DP signing.

        I think Portland will rue signing Ridgewell and not holding out for someone else and possibly finding another CB below the DP amount. Maybe they tried their hardest and it was to no avail.

  16. Galaxy would have to trade a DP to make roster room. You have to give up something to get something. I think down deep Jones wants to play as a #10, and looking at the talent in MLS he would be a good one.

    • When you put it that way… it gets kind of exciting.

      While not the most technical player, I think the Galaxy would bring out the best possible MLS version of Jones.

      It sounds goofy, but I can imagine him getting homesick if he has to be away from his family.

      Hopefully godfather Bruce can make one of the other DP’s (but NOT Keane!!!) “an offer they can’t refuse”.

  17. San. Jose should make a run at him. They have the DP slot, are an hour flight from LA, and are opening a shiney new stadium next year.

    • do not listen to them, if he is a DP he can absolutely go through allocation. same thing happened with Edu. here is the rule:

      ” *Designated Players of a certain threshold – as determined by the League – are not subject to allocation ranking.”

      that threshold was met with Dempsey and Bradley while it was not with Edu. so Edu went through allocation. who knows what MLS will decide about Jones. basically, they get to decide if he meets a certain threshold (with no specific, public context to what satisfies that) which will determine allocation or no allocation.

      • I could see Jones passing the allocation. He is on a different level than Edu. He is closer to the Dempsey/Bradley level than the Edu level in terms of what he has accomplished abroad. Will be interesting nonetheless

      • Agreed. And keeping him out of allocation just makes it so much easier.

        Players like Beasley and Gooch would fall more in line with Edu. I would think both would make at least the DP minimum but still get allocated. Maybe not Beasley, but definitely Gooch.

      • Dempsey was different because the League paid the transfer fee. Doesn’t apply to Jones if he’s on a free. The designation has nothing to do with the player’s “level.”

      • correct, that was one of the reasons they said it Dempsey did not go through allocation. but i copy/pasted the stipulation straight from their roster rules. it is not specific and that “threshold” could basically be whatever they want or under whatever circumstances they want. that was my original point, that just because a person is a DP does not mean they won’t be subject to allocation.

        plus, we all know MLS does what they want anyway.

  18. Have to think Gonzo being sold/leaving isn’t out of the question, in which case……… Galaxy could use a little bite in the middle and locker room and Jones could provide that and plenty more.

      • I don’t mind if they add a 4th DP slot, but it should be for a reason less capricious than letting LA keep their DPs and add Jones. Let LA adjust a contract like the Sounders had to do, or otherwise sell a dude.

    • I kind of hope that Omar gets sold somewhere. I think he is already beginning to stagnate here in MLS and wont learn anything from staying at this point. Personally I could see him getting passed by if he doesnt challenge himself. Some guys I dont feel that way about-yet. Like Yedlin could go or stay but he does have room for growth here if he wants to stay a bit longer.

  19. I’d love for him to come to New England. Hed be the perfect veteran to anchor that very young attacking contingent of midfielders. In a couple of years he could hand the reigns off to Scott Caldwell

    But, lets be real. Likely doesnt want to live or play here.

    • I believe a large part of the motivation for the MLS move is to be closer to his father. LA’s appeal is based on his father living there.

    • Agreed Alex – I’d love to see him on the Revs too. It would certainly shore up our DM spot & make us a better team overall but as you said, I doubt he’d want to live/play here.

      Also, what are the chances the Krafts would open the checkbook for him? We don’t exactly have a great record of signing DPs….

  20. Unless he is way off on salary, MLS NEEDS to find a way to get him on a team. This is a top USMNT player (from his performance in the World Cup) and he still has 2 solid years left. MLS would be stupid to pass up the opportunity.

    • especially since everyone and their senile grandmother know that the salary cap is going to rise rather dramatically given the astronomical rise in tv revenue that will come from next year’s contract

    • The guy is about as hot as he’ll ever be from a US perspective. Prior to the WC, lots of folks were constantly trashing him, but now he has name recognition here that he’ll never have again with the casual fan, and even the more dedicated fans have given him his due. His physical game also meshes well with the typical MLS style, so it seems like a no brainer to me.

      • Will the Quakes invest in a 2nd DP?

        How about KC especially if they sell Besler? Dont they only have 1 DP? I know Dwyer will probably command one at some point but maybe they can work around it in time.

      • Vermes has been coy about Jones. But the signings of two midfielders today makes me think they’re wanting younger players.

        While I like *most* of the buttons PV has pushed, his DP choices have been less than stellar (as in end of the bench, CJ Sapong gets time over Claudio bad).

    • I see your 4 and raise you one. Let’s make it 5…. and additional cap space. Seems a good time for MLS to make a push.

    • you seem to like spending other people’s money.

      tim liewicke referred to signing 3 dp’s as “financial suicide”. you want 4?

      • yes! I don’t seem to like spending other people’s money either. I’ll see your smart mouth around solles

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