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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry, Wil Trapp

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The Columbus Crew were reminded on Saturday night that when Thierry Henry is playing angry, he’s nearly unstoppable.

The 36-year-old New York Red Bulls star raged against his teammates in a halftime tirade but also inspired them to a 4-1 victory, earning Henry SBI MLS Player of the Week honors. Henry played a part in all four goals, scoring the go-ahead goal just before halftime and setting up goals for Bradley Wright-Phillips, Lloyd Sam, and Eric Alexander.

Henry beat out Jermain Defoe, Dillon Powers, and Bill Hamid for this week’s honors.


What did you think of Henry’s performance? Which player stood out the most to you in MLS Week 18?

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  1. I may be in the minority on this, but I was at Red Bull arena Saturday night for the Crew game and Miazga did not look like anything special to me. He’s big (tall really), but his passing seemed very obvious, deliberate and even a little labored really. He did not look like he had the speed of play to keep up with others around him. I sincerely hoped I will be proven wrong about this and I see only upside, but he’s a little raw for my taste.

    • I agree he’s a bit raw but that was only his 3rd or 4th career start. I think he’s got excellent ability but there are going to be growing pains since he’s still only 19 and he’s definitely not the finished article. I’d still rather see him out there than Armando any day.

      • Yep. He’s definitely a work in progress, but the fact that he has won a spot in the lineup (over Armando and Sekagya) is an encouraging sign. As he gains real-game experience and his vision improves, I think his passing will improve. When I watched him in the Columbus game he seemed to be focused on his positioning and defensive responsibilities.

  2. I know that Henry’s rage was directed at Matt Miazaga’s mistake that led to the Crew goal just before half, but I’m happy that Miazaga has Henry there to push him. Cuz as a USMNT fan first and RBNY fan second, I really like what I’ve seen from Miazaga so far. I haven’t seen a centerback be able to switch speeds like that while in possession, and really works hard to keep the ball. bright future, keep on his case, Thierry!

    • I also like Henry’s relentless demand for excellence and accountability; he is the polar opposite of the disinterested superstar looking down on his teammates. My only qualms (as if my opinion mattered) have to do with whether he will just crush Miazga’s spirit, and, more generally, the effect on the team of his very public (not locker room) explosions/petulance/scolding. Maybe it’s just part of the package for a super-skilled, super-competitive player. I guess we should be glad that he actually cares and is not afraid to show it.

    • Not really a big fan of Henry’s antics. There’s no reason that had to be done publicly. And he’s constantly showing up his teammates. Yeah we get it dude, you are way more skilled than your teammates, that’s why you get paid $6m or whatever and they get $100-$200k if they’re lucky. He’s still one of the best players in the league but he brings zero joy or enthusiasm to his play, acting like he’s doing us a big favor by being out there.

      Plus I’ve always had the impression it’s all about him. He couldn’t even be bothered to attend the RBNY-Seattle game for example last year when they were 1-2 in the supporters shield race. It’s one thing to not play because it’s turf, but at least show up if you’re one of the leaders of the team.

      • +1

        His lack of enthusiasm in post-goal celebrations seems disrespectful to his teammates efforts, and increasingly hard for me to stomach.

        On the first goal, Alexander slid Henry a perfectly weighted ball, and BWP made a precise finish on the volley from Henry’s bouncing pass. Great movement and passing from Henry, but he doesn’t need to lay there with his arms crossed.

        On the second, Henry makes a lovely finish, but walks aways with his head down, and peels Cahill’s arms off of him immediately when the Aussie comes to congratulate him.

        He walks back to the center line after his assist on the third and fourth goals, while the other Red Bulls celebrate without him.

        This is just what I can see from watching the game, and maybe he is being a better teammate in the locker room and on the training ground, but it’s hard to imagine this type of behavior is just a show for the media, other team, fans, etc.

  3. I may be higher on Dillon Powers than others, but I am interested to see if he gets a shot with the National Team (which I think he will), and what he does with the opportunity if and when he does.


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