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Ream signs extension with Bolton

Tim Ream Bolton Wanderers 85

After successfully navigating the difficulties of obtaining a work permit, Tim Ream and Bolton Wanderers could finally make things official.

The 26-year-old  has officially signed a new three-year deal with the Championship side, who announced the deal Sunday. The American defender signed a new deal that will see him extend his stay with the club through the 2017 season.

“I’m really pleased to have extended my deal here,” Ream told Bolton’s official website. “I certainly feel like I’ve developed as a player during my time over here and with my family we’re settled in the local area.”

Ream has appeared 76 times for Bolton since joining from the New York Red Bulls in January 2012. Ream was also voted as both the club and Bolton Wanderers Supporters Association Player of the Year for the recent 2013-14 season.

What do you think of Ream re-signing with Bolton? Good fit for both player and club?

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  1. The MNT has not seen the last of Tim Ream. He will continue to improve at Bolton and be part of the squad in important tournaments. His talent and versatility make him an ideal replacement for Beasley.

  2. So I’m curious, does anyone know how much he is getting paid? I assume that players in the Championship (especially on teams that dream of promotion) get paid better that the max MLS pays (which I think is like 220K). MLS obviously has to be a success business-wise first and foremost but the league has to get to the point eventually where the salaries MLS offers to its players makes soccer something to dream about for young kids financially in this county. As it is right now it is a better economic decision to take a 4 year ride at college than to try and make 60k a year for a few years as a soccer player in MLS.

    • The max is not 220k in MLS. Dempsey makes close to $6 million.

      Pretty bad guess when you really think about it. I have no idea, but I very well could be rounding off more than $220k.

      • Dempsey is a designated player and thus is outside the leagues salary cap restrictions. So his salary has nothing to do with the question I asked. Still would like an informed answer if it’s out there on this site.

      • Salary can also be paid with allocation money as well, so this is not as black and white as you demand. Maybe you can go find your answer in the interweb.
        Last I saw from my uninformed perspective, its in the 220-250k range against the max cap. Obviously there are salaries beyond this. Why don’t you take 5 and wait for the collective bargaining efforts to hopefully conclude at the end of the year and you’ll have some updated info to parade around with.

      • Well I couldn’t find Tim Ream’s new contract numbers but for 2012 (old contract) with Bolton he was paid 1.04 Million pounds which translates to roughly 1.78 million US pretty sure he got a raise for the new contract as well given he was their player of the year. I think Besler (who is much better than Ream) is under contract for 220k this year.

        The NFL let’s there teams spend 133 million on Salary per year. the NBA allows 63 Million max and a minimum of 53 Milion (they also allow some special rules that allow teams to spend more before luxury taxs kicks in at 77 million. The NHL has a max cap of 69 Million and a floor of 51 Million. MLB does not have a cap but only 2 teams spend less than 77 million in salary a year and 16 teams spend over 100 million a year. MLS has a cap of 3.1 milliion and 3 designated player spots who count the first 397K against the cap.

        If and when MLS generates the TV ratings where TV revenue can compete with the other major sports leagues, MLS teams will be able to spend 50 million dollars a year in salary (and pour 10-20 million each into player development). At that point MLS will be one of the best soccer leagues in the world and I would imagine the US would be a perennial top 10 national team. Probably 30 years at least away hopefully.

  3. He took a while getting settled in Bolton and he finally found his place last year. It would be silly to see him leave now. Glad to sed he got the extension.

  4. What position does Tim Ream play for Bolton? He was a CB over here but I hear his a RB/LB a DM. So does he still play CB or somewhere else?

    • Good question. Looks like he’ll spend a year on loan with Seattle for the rest of the season then Genoa for the first part of 2015. Makes sense, gives him a little more time to develop and by then Maicon will be 34 and hopefully Yedlin can step in and earn the RB spot.

      • In Seattle, we are hearing Roma.

        Obviously, Seattle needs to get paid, otherwise they keep him….and just FYI, if you had your head under a rock, the Sounders are not hurting for money….and they are hurting for great defenders.

  5. Pleased for Ream. I really wish he would have been in contention for this WC. I certainly expect him to play a part in 2018

  6. I could see Tim Ream being a Kyle Beckerman type player this next WC cycle. A player who breaks into the national team a little later in his career, but still gives a solid, consistent contribution every game.

  7. Would love to see him and Besler start building our depth chart as a pairing with John Brooks and Gonzalez/Cameron. That’s a nice center back pool to have for the next 5-6 years provided they all stay healthy.

  8. Hope he gets reward by leading them back to the top flight. Personally, I felt his versatility made him an ideal guy to have on the World Cup team. Hope he gets his chances to prove himself on the national team


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