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SBI MLS Team of the Week: D.C. United

Perry Kitchen , Bobby Boswell

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Coming off a disappointing defeat at home, D.C. United managed to turn their fortunes around just a week later.

D.C. United went up to BMO Field and defeated Toronto FC, 2-1, to take back sole possession of first place in the Eastern Conference. D.C. United’s performance earned them SBI MLS Team of the Week honors.

With Eddie Johnson making strong runs up top and goals from midfielder Nick DeLeon and defender Perry Kitchen, D.C. United was able to hold off a TFC side that started both Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley.

D.C. United beat out Chivas USA, Real Salt Lake, and the Vancouver Whitecaps for this week’s honors.


What did you think of D.C. United’s performance? Which team stood out the most to you in MLS Week 17?

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  1. DC needs to replace Espindola’s goal scoring…

    If DeLeon starts producing regularly like he did against Toronto, and Silva gets back to his hat trick form, and if EJ continues his resurgance we will be fine.

    That’s a lot of ifs.

    • DeLeon’s entire career is one big IF. I absolutely love the guy when he brings it, but he just doesn’t bring it nearly often enough. Hopefully he’ll learn from playing with a couple of MLS vets like Arnaud and Rolfe. We’ll see. His upside countdown ticker is getting near the end.

  2. They do look strong, but team of the week? did you watch the F’n game? They won because of 2 really horrible defensive lapses.

    • Who else you got? The top team in the east went on the road and beat a team on a seven match unbeaten streak. The only other road team to win is chivas, and a matchup with San Jose is hardly marquee worthy.

  3. Helium-3, you do know that EJ is following Olsen’s script here, right? EJ’s problem is that his skillset isn’t a good fit for the rest of the DCU personnel. He needs either accurate service in the box that he can head in — the best crossers of the ball are Espy (injured), Neal (part-timer) and Fernandez (home sick) or an incisive through ball to split the defense early — the best at that are Espy and Silva. Before you rag on EJ not trying to find the game, note that Silva, who was playing the attacking mid role, had half the touches of EJ during the game. That, in a nutshell shows why EJ is having trouble getting scoring opportunities.

    • This “EJ needs service” excuse is getting old. Before he went down, Espy was tied for the league lead with 8 assists. Apparently, the unskilled United players could manage to get on the end of Espy’s passes but the oh-so-talented EJ couldn’t. During the Seattle game, Korb put a perfect cross in, but EJ had already stopped his run. I stand in the first row looking down the endline, this happened 30 yards in front of me. Made me ill.

  4. Reason EJ is not scoring is because he tracks back to receive the ball and he’s too lazy to make things happen up top, instead waiting for the game to come to him. EJ, you are a not
    a midfielder so please stop coming back into the midfield; we need you up top to capitalize and keep their defenders honest all game long.

    • Welcome to my 2013 world.

      89 minutes of frustration, followed by an occasional1 minute of “no one else in the world can do that header goal”

      • I’d be thrilled with the “occasional 1 minute….”, so far all we’ve seen is the singular 1 minute.

  5. They need a few additional players to make a run, but they’ve gotten a lot out of this group so far. They need Espindola back healthy soon too. If somehow Chris Pontius gets healthy by the end of the season (and we’re definitely not counting on it), the team’s bench gets instantly better.
    They really need a strong outside back, preferably one who can play both sides as cover (or a replacement) for Korb and Franklin.

  6. I would say that DC United will be back in the playoffs this season. I don’t see an epic collapse this year that would keep them out. DC just has to hold the fort down until Fabian Espindola gets back. And hopefully they can find a replacement for that sissy left back Christian Fernandez. Just because a guy has played in La Liga does not mean he is necessarily good enough for MLS…


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