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Thierry Henry says Messi, not Ronaldo is best player in world



  1. He has never seen Ronaldo day in and day out in practice , so his opinion is biased. May be ask someone who has played with both. Maybe a di Maria, who has been able to see both at their best.

  2. What was so insightful? That Messi does what he does with less work because he’s a more natural and he doesn’t call fouls when he’s hacked in practice? Thierry is one of the greatest forwards of all time, but this whole he’s all-knowing perspective is a bit off. Just because he’s so full of himself doesn’t mean you have to buy what he’s selling.

    • Dude he’s a pro, an all time great. I think his opinion is insightful. He gives first hand acct of Messi making Great players look like school kids in practice. You didnt know that did you?.. thats called insight.

      • Exactly. That’s the entire point he was making, that nobody can dominate world class professionals to the point that he make them look like elementary school kids against transcendent talent.

  3. Ronaldo has owned England and now Spain. dude has spent 5 years at Madrid but broken so many of their records

    Messi is SPAIN. Dude scored 50 goals in 1 season back in 2011-12. How is that possible

    • In all serious though, I get where Henry is coming from.

      I understand what Ronaldo does and how he does it even if I can do it. It makes sense. He does normal winger stuff about 50 times better than anyone ever. Just look at the goals.

      Messi though… gets away with… things that make no sense. Example he makes nutmeg crosses that he expects to go through. How do you time someones gait while you yourself are at a full run? No idea. Voodoo.

      • Neither of them can come close to doing what Mats Hummels or Vincent Kompany do.

        Or Ilkay Gundogan or Xabi Alonso.

        Or Manuel Neuer for that matter.

      • Ah, ya but that’s defender land. And its totally unsexy so no one talks about it.

        Messi standing next to Neuer was kinda ridiculous. The sheer size difference was stunning.

      • I’ve often wanted to see an allstar match that, instead of pitting East vs West, pitted Forwards vs Defenders (sorry, no midfielders). Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, and Ribery et al versus Silva, Hummels, Kompany, et al.

      • Haha, that would be brilliant. I actually rather expect the defenders would win. Hummels as a center forward. He could work it.

      • Increase0, I am certain the defenders would win. That’s why I would want to watch it: to savor the look of embarrassment and horror on the forwards’ faces. “How’s that Ballon d’Or treating you?”

        Perhaps the closest we’ll come to a team comprised entirely of elite forwards is Brazil’s squad versus Germany. 🙂

    • Mr. Cup,

      Cristiano Ronaldo is a repeatable phenomenon, assuming you are big, fast, in nearly perfect physical condition, are as smart as Cristiano is and are willing to work harder than anyone, else and have access to really top flight teachers and mentors.

      Any guy off the street who fits that description has a chance to be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo.

      Messi , on the other hand is a one of a kind,, a non repeatable phenomenon, a genius who does things in a way that no one else can.

      That’s basically what Henry said.


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