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SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Mats Hummels

Mats Hummels


In a quarterfinal match that often lacked urgency, German center back Mats Hummels can claim the decisive moment, overpowering French defender Patrice Evra for the 13th-minute winner.

The 6-foot-4 Hummels was helped along by a well-placed free kick from Toni Kroos, but it was the Borussia Dortmund man who had the finishing touch, literally strong-arming Evra to free himself 10 yards out. Hummels showed great location, beating Hugo Lloris just under the crossbar in the upper right corner.

It was Hummels’ second goal this World Cup, both on headers, and both on balls served in by Kroos.

On the opposite end, Hummels went the distance in Germany’s third shutout of the tournament, helping limit France to only a handful of shots on goal as the only challenging save for goalkeeper Manuel Neuer came on a desperation shot by Karim Benzema in second half stoppage time.

Hummels wins Man of the Match honors ahead of German players Manuel Neuer and Toni Kroos.


Do you think Mats Hummels was the Man of the Match? What did you think of his performance? Did anyone else stand out to you?

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  1. One of the most boring matches of this Cup. After 10 minutes, the players looked as though they had already been playing for 120.

    • So true King. The U.S would have wiped the floor over both of them. Germany played so weak and France was even weaker.

  2. A header with your back to the goal and a man marked tight to you… Unbelievable. A little luck in that it dinged the right half of the crossbar, but still.


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