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SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Tim Krul

TimKrulNetherlands1-CostaRicaWorldCup2014 (Getty)


Despite The Netherlands constant barrage on Costa Rica’s goal for the better part of 120 minutes, the Dutch found themselves in a penalty shootout.

Goalkeeper Tim Krul was the third and final sub of the match and he proved he was worth head coach Louis Van Gaal’s gamble with an unforgettable performance.

Krul spent a grand total of one minute on the field during the second extra time period but played the role of hero for the Oranje. Krul stopped two of Costa Rica’s penalty kicks with brilliant saves, putting his team through to the semis for the second straight World Cup with a 3-2 victory in the penalty kick shootout.

Krul’s gritty performance earned him SBI Man of the Match honors, beating out Keylor Navas and Arjen Robben for the top spot.

What did you think of Krul’s performance? Which played stood out the most to you?

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  1. krull was a disgrace arrogant and unprofessional. if the ref had any balls he should have sent him off for unsportsmanlike behaviour bringing the game into disrepute and left lvg to replace him in goal with van persie and see how smug he would have been then at least costa rica can hold their heads high and their goalie was a standout until penalties. intimidation is still classed as bullying in all walks of life and what an example krull has set to young goalies cmon argentina

  2. As a Newcastle fan myself, I can say that I was extremely surprised to see Krul come on to stop the PK’s. While he started out on fire in the epl last season (Tottenham away), he along with the rest of the team took a nose dive in form after Christmas. And to be honest, I didn’t even think he would make the Dutch team come March.

    All that aside, I think he may have gone a bit overboard with the antics. But you can’t say the mind games didn’t work out in his favor.

  3. FAR too many American soccer fans – especially the newbies – bemoan the flopping and mind games seen at the World Cup, but seem to forget the same antics in the NFL, NBA, and NHL arenas. For those of you who want players carded for ‘poor sportsmanship’ it just sounds like sour grapes because your team lost! GROW UP!!!

    • except that in the NBA if one flops instead of actually being fouled it is a foul called against that player. In the NFL feigning an injury is a 15 yard unsportsman like conduct penalty and I would love for you to point out one instance of a flop ever in this season’s NHL, just one please? You obviously want to generalize using examples that someone has told you which are not true and actually are counter to your point and support the opposite.
      The typical USA fan will never understand how someone can stay on their feet when challenging players but fall over at the slightest touch when they have the ball. They will never understand when a player instead of putting his foot and leg forward to take a next step instead tucks his feet behind and spreads his arms, yells like a little child, and falls face first. In our sports, you try to take the extra step and make the person knock you over. The flopping and rolling over multiple times and yelling where there is minor or no contact turn off casual fans. The dives by Robben in the Mexico game leave fans with the feeling that they have been cheated from watching a true competitive match or game because an advantage was gained by cheating which likely could win the game (and did in that case).
      So Rayl, go away and begin your training for the next Olypmpics where Diving is not only a sport but you can get a medal at it. (BTW, those competitors don’t yell and scream when they dive.)

      • As in NBA or NFL, when a ref spots and believe there was a flop, he’ll whistle it and hand out a yellow. Again, oh sooo many times I’ve seen Brady exaggerate the smallest touch just to draw a flag; same goes with tons of WR who scream and yell and cry trying to get the ref award them with a PI call. Yes, tons of football players are disgraceful divers, but get off your high horse and admit all sports have big-time floppers.

  4. empty space pointed out something I noticed a lot. He was unlucky not to score or assist several times. Also, he tracked back and did some nice pickpocketing. Much as I dislike him (he just has a weasel face and I hate it), he is a fantastic player.

  5. I’d vote for Robben. Not only was he the constant and primary forward threat but he was still chugging back on defense in extra time when Costa Rica found some renewed energy and started to threaten. In any case, van Gaal’s last-minute keeper swap made this an even more memorable match, and cemented his already-solid reputation. Finally: huge credit to the Ticos, they did the CONCACAF proud.

  6. I couldn’t believe they were bringing in Krul because I remembered him being pretty poor at them at Newcastle, but he got the job done. Debuchy is almost certainly out the door, I hope Krul doesn’t follow.

  7. Great camera work on Urena’s penalty miss.

    During the close up when he was putting the ball on the spot I thought I saw his left hand trembling.
    It made me wonder if he was going to miss.

  8. Krul was rude and acted like a bully. The ref had to restrain him after the first two Costa Rican shots. Not good sportsmanship.

    • I think that was him trying to get a psychological advantage not bullying. Everyone has their way of approaching a shootout and it is the individuals job not to let the next man get in his head.

      • Krul wasn’t the only one on NL doing BS. I want to like NL but they make it so hard sometimes with all the whining and flopping.

    • Much as I was pleased to see Costa Rica represent CONCACAF well and take the Dutch al the way in the QFs, I can’t say I feel a whole lot of sympathy for them when it comes to lame gamesmanship.

    • Agreed. Ref should have given him a yellow card for his antics with the first Costa Rican. The second Costa Rican shooter should have bitch slapped him. What a disgrace.

      • Imagine all the cards refs would be giving out if putting on your game face or trash talking or otherwise acting like a fierce competitor, psychologically — all without hurting anyone or breaking any rules — were grounds for a booking.

        I don’t get the whole premise for the negative reactions here. If some people dislike the style or approach of this player or that team, no problem. But calling “unsportsmanlike” what seems to be just obvious psychological gamesmanship in a psychologically tense situation, especially when done by the side that is at such an obvious and marked disadvantage, and calling for it to result in a booking… Cannot fathom that.

        Is it a double standard involving keepers or something?

      • +1 Ref should never allowed Krul to touch Ruiz in the first place and then approach the other players. Krul deserved a head-butt, not slapin the face. Costa Rica’s big mistake was not to confront Krul. The player that converted the penalty after Ruiz missed should have walked up to Krul and shook his hand or laughed in his face or something to get in his mind and maybe force the ref to restrain krul from further antics. Hope that Argentina players who know how to play the game well will give the Dutch some of their own medicine. Netherlands is the most disgusting team in the world and Robben, although a great players, is a pure unadulterated POS. The flops yesterday were worse than against Mexico and Huntelar actually elbowing a goalkeeper.

      • Trash talking is an accepted , beloved part of American sport.

        I would have thought US fans would welcome more “Americanization” of the game.

  9. Nah, even with the penalty shootout, i gotta give MOM to Navas. I also rate Navas second best player of the tournament (so far)


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