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FIFA15 unveils several new features ahead of Sept. 23 release

Dempsey FIFA 15


With soccer’s premier video game set to be released next month, EA Sports developers are raving about the latest features to make their way to the virtual pitch.

EA Sports is set to release the latest edition of the FIFA series, FIFA 15, on Sept. 23, with those in charge of the game promising heaps of improvements and additions.

First and foremost, the game promises to fully utilize the capabilities of the latest systems, with Xbox One and Playstation 4 set to get tons of visual improvements, including new emotional displays and stadium interactions, such as a deteriorating field surface and moving crowds.

The English Premier League will also be undergoing a special overhaul, with EA including all 20 of the league’s stadiums, as well as authentic match presentation and even goal-line technology.

In addition to EPL improvements, the game will feature a fully licensed Serie A, as well as a return of the Turkish Süper Lig. Due to licensing disagreements, the game will not include Brazilian domestic leagues, although the national team will be unaffected.

As for game play, the company, as always, promises improved artificial intelligence, with this year’s biggest focus being towards the actions of goalkeepers, who have long been criticized for their in-game performance. In addition to improvements in goal, developers promise better dribbling control, as well as more realistic physical interactions.

Finally, several of the game’s most popular game modes will be receiving improvements as well, with a major focus on career mode, which will now feature new tactics controls, as well as a fully integrated Match Day live.

The game’s revolutionary Ultimate Team mode will also see it’s fair share of improvements, with a new loan feature that will allow players to try out the game’s most expensive players. Ultimate Team will also feature a new concept squad feature, as well as new legends including Carlos Valderrama, Roberto Carlos and Alan Shearer to complement those included in FIFA 14.

What do you think of FIFA 15’s new features? What excites you most? Plan on getting the game?

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  1. My only concern is the transfer system in Fifa 14 was terrible. I don’t have time to send scouts and out and go through all of that. I want the old system back where I can just search certain parameters and it gives me everyone’s information and salary. I then send a transfer request to Barcelona to pay 150k pounds for Messi. It took up too much time with this new way and took away the fun. Did anyone figure out an easier way? Did anyone like this new way?

    • I agree, career mode is my favorite and that made the transfer system pretty ridiculous, especially for me because I like to take a league 2 team and build them up from there so you I have no extra money to spend on scouts like that. I’ve found even if you just keep sending out the 1 star scouts it does help a bit, and the top players usually have all of their exact stats available, however if you’re looking for a younger player to develop it makes it almost impossible, and like you said, too time consuming.

  2. Ill never understand why these EA games don’t let you play co-op online vs the computer in a season. I used to play PES at a friends house religiously so we could play through seasons and make player personnel decisions together. I guess they assume people only want to play against each other or as a particular player. Seems odd.

    Yet. I’ll still buy it.

  3. “…as well as authentic match presentation and even goal-line technology.” So… how was EA’s FIFA deciding goals with all the previous iterations of the videogame?

    • I assume they mean replays will try to show whether or not the ball has crossed the line.

      Odd, though, that this feature is a selling-point…

      • I hope they take out some of the offside replays for this or the games going to take forever… But that would give us more time to hear all about which players might retire

  4. I haven’t bought FIFA in a few years…

    Can your build-a-player join and play on a national team, or is that still gone?

    In the same vein – can you play a World Cup with national teams? You used to be able to play national teams, but it wasn’t labeled the “World Cup.” I assumed it was because of licensing rights – but it’s a FIFA game. I was always very puzzled by that.

    • Last year you could do a Career Mode as a Player and work your way up to the National Team. As an American you could play in the World Cup and Copa America, but for whatever reason they are not called those names in the game.

      • Yea its South American Cup. USA and Mexico are invited to it. Winner goes to the Confederations Cup.

        No Gold Cup since there aren’t enough CONCACAF teams. There’s also Euros as well, if youre European, but the name is changed.

        On the club side, there is Copa Libertadores (under a different name) – championship South American clubs and Mexican sides are invited. MLS doesn’t get any invites, and obviously no CCL. In Europe there is CL (under a different name), and Europa League (under a different name).

        Hopefully they add 4 MLS teams to the Copa Libertadores tournament in this game so it makes it fun to play as an MLS club.

      • Wow! You obviously don’t know anything about the Libertadores. Most teams only get 3 places except Brazil and Argentina. Why would they invite 4 teams from a league that cannot even win its own Concacaf tournament?

      • Lol. Smart guy, I was talking about in the video game not real life. Just asking EA to allow MLS teams into the tournament because there is no CCL in the game. Relax dude.

      • Lol just looked up and saw the next article… now I see why your throwing a hissy fit lol. Hadn’t even seen that before hahaha.

      • In a rather complicated bit of trying to make it interesting, I bought the thing where you could mod your clubs in the game. I made an Orlando City side, then put the MLS teams with Orlando in the Brazilian league, the Brazilian teams in the chili league, and the chile teams in MLS. This meant I could win MLS and get into the South American championships where I could still face the best Brazilian teams.

        I still got board and eventually took a job in Europe though.

      • Brilliant lol. Sucks that I’m a few years deep into my career now – I totally would have copied that. How were the transfers? I’m wondering how much the league’s prestige comes into play.

  5. Hopefully they eliminate the super strong midgets in clubs. It has become unplayable because of kids cheating over the years.

      • Yes if you play clubs online with your virtual pro. People cheaply get all accomplishments to max out their players, and then make a certain height and weight in order to further max him out. A fully maxed out VP at 5’6″ 130 lbs, can outmuscle a 6’3″ 210 lb defender easily, if done correctly.

  6. Hopefully it will allow you to fire Blatter and the entire FIFA board for corruption, will let you hold the 2022 World Cup in the USA, or even put real grass on that abomination of a field in Seattle…aaah, dream on!

  7. Big question. Will it have the “Career Mode” feature… or whatever that is called when you can create yourself and plug yourself into a club….


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