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Report: USMNT’s rumored friendly with Colombia falls through


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Jurgen Klinsmann looks to have lost a golden opportunity to try out some of the younger players in the U.S. Men’s National Team pipeline.

The rumored friendly between the U.S. and Colombia set to take place in San Antonio early next month will not be happening, according to a report from Both nations who reached the knockout phase of this summer’s World Cup had agreed to a verbal deal to play in the Alamodome on Sept. 9, but Colombia reportedly did not sign the official contract by Monday’s deadline.

Klinsmann – who stated in Brazil that he planned to use the fall friendlies to look at some of the less-experienced Americans – is now unlikely to see his team play in a stateside match on that fixture date. But the U.S. is currently working towards hosting a pair of stateside friendlies during the international fixture dates that run from Oct. 6-14.

The Americans are currently set to play in their first match since finishing in the Round of 16 at the World Cup on Sept. 3. They will take on the Czech Republic in Prague that day and are also going to visit Ireland in their final friendly of the year on Nov. 18.

What do you make of this reported development? How disappointing is it to see the U.S. miss out on a chance to take on the likes of James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao? Which cities would you like to see the potential October friendlies played in and against which countries?

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  1. Our Supporters group is saddened by the announcement the match has failed to materialize. We hold fast that San Antonio would have been a great place to have a US Men’s match and we are confident that one day our city will get to show the US how we can host a International Soccer match.

  2. Seems like a missed opportunity to capitalize on World Cup hype. By January it will be a distant memory for the general US sporting public.

    • To an extent, but it (soccer and the USMNT) keeps getting bigger and more well-appreciated, both domestically and around the world. Look back just 25 years ago … just 1989. Then, look at the journey that soccer and the USMNT has taken in just those 25 years. I believe that path isn’t degrading, or even leveling off. As an example, words like pitch, kit, table, and cap are not having to be explained nearly as often.

  3. James was just scared…

    But in all seriousness, is there anyway they could bring in a central america team (i.e. Guatemala, Panama) just to get a game in?

    • I guess they thought the travel and extra game was not necessary.. Sucks for the fans but in all honesty the next cycle is going to be loaded. Taking it easy this fall might be ok

  4. Seems like there’s nothing we could’ve done if Colombia isn’t going to sign a piece of paper by a deadline.

    Plenty of good opportunities in the future, it’ll be okay.

  5. Of course this is disappointing news, but If we are ever going to have plans for a friendly fail, this is probably the best time for it to happen.


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