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2014 MLS All-Star Game: A Look Back


  1. What the heck. They DON’T show the Bayern coach being a jerk at the end. Come on, in 1 year no one will even remember the score….but in 30 years we will still remember what a loser he was.

  2. What stood out to me watching the game more so than the highlights was the creativity and vision of Henry and Valeri. I couldn’t help but imagine what the USMNT would look like with a player with those qualities… Maybe next cycle we will have one… Gil? Zelalem?

  3. I’m not a fan of how MLS is run but I do think it’s the best of all the US all-star games. It was good to see the all-stars try a lot harder this year then last year when Roma embarrassed them in KC. Even the Pep drama at the end was good. I would love to see Bayern come back next year and try to destroy the all-stars and see if the MLS players can stop it. Although I did miss not hearing the Garber halftime interview with ESPN.

    • Oh Good Lord no.

      Do not have losers like Bayern back. Are they talking about that happening ?
      I only watched the last 10 minutes and I regret watching that whine-fest. Get someone in that won’t cry non-stop.

      I feel like somoene in Germany owes me money for the time wasted.

      • “I only watched 10 minutes…” So you watch 10 minutes and then complain about the entire event?

        Thats too bad. The entire 90+ was pretty entertaining.

  4. Bradley’s reaction just as the ball goes past his head, he pretty much knows Lewandowski’s shot is going in!
    Donovan’s hop and double hitch buys him space to beat Neur after he already reacted thinking LD was going to one time the shot.
    Nice camera angles!

    • true just noticed the hitch move by Donovan. he may not be as fast but still has great IQ and deception. still bummed he’s retiring but at least I will be there next month go bid him adieu at Stub Hub Center

  5. I thought the part where there was a ball and people were running and then some more people were running was cool. I think the slow motion really helped to highlight that part of the game.


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