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USMNT to host Honduras in Florida for October friendly

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While Landon Donovan is set to end his illustrious international career in October, the U.S. Men’s National Team has found its first opponent for the post-Donovan era.

U.S. Soccer announced Friday that the USMNT is set to host fellow CONCACAF side Honduras for an Oct. 14 friendly at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton, Florida.

The matchup will be the the second post-World Cup home game for the U.S., coming just four days after a clash with Ecuador in East Hartford, Connecticut, that is set to serve as Donovan’s send-off.

It will also mark the national team’s second visit to Florida this year, having previously faced Nigeria in June for a pre-World Cup send-off.

Kickoff time and ticketing information are yet to be announced.

How do you feel about the matchup with Honduras? What players would you like to see called up? Plan on attending?

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  1. As a consistent and enthusiastic football fan and follower of the US team since 1994, I regret to say that I’m out until 2019 – or at whatever time Klinsmann is relieved of his position. US Soccer has left me with a bad taste in my mouth with this coach and I’m afraid it’s just a stand I have to take. I hope others will follow suit. I will miss it but I believe in this individual silent protest.

    • Sure, I’ll foll— pffffffff hahahaha okay I can’t even finish that. It’s really on the new blood to take this team forward, just so you know…

    • You’re going to punish the lads for what the suits at US Soccer did when they hired Klinsmann? Point is you aren’t supporting the MNT because of a fit of pique about Klinsi. That’s weak. Grow up.

    • Greater Good,

      Pretty lazy, lame protest.

      If JK lasts until 2018 and then resigns you should not bother coming back at all.

      If he lasts that long most likely it will be because the team is doing well. The contract extension does not guarantee job security. It just means dumping him will be more expensive and difficult, not impossible.

      And if he lasts that long it is likely his legacy on the team and how it operates will be deeply ingrained. And I’m sure you will find that offensive.

      So your job, should you decide to accept it, is to make sure the USMNT does horribly as soon as possible for as long as possible. You should be organizing on line protests or better yet live anti- JK protest at the games. You could call yourselves “Justice for LD and Boca”. That is the only way to limit the pernicious damage that you seem to believe JK is inflicting on the USMNT

      I always find “fans” who root against “their teams” because they hate the manager a curious version of hypocrisy.

  2. was hoping for Mexico or a South American team.. so not really happy about the opponent

    FAU Stadium looks nice. Both Hartford and Boca are 40,000 Seat NCAA Stadiums – good fits for most USMNT games where the 20,000 SSS are a tad too small and 70,000 NFL stadium are too big.

    • You play who you can get. I too want to see us start playing more of the other teams, bigger teams as well but sometimes they are not available.

  3. I will be there! Being a resident of Palm Beach County, It would be only right to be attend this game in full force, we always seem to get the Honduras games, last game around this area was USA 1-0 victory over Honduras, thanks to Clint “Deuce” Dempsey.

  4. Awesome! This stadium is right down the street from my house. It’s a great place to watch a game. I was there for the recent Germany-Ecuador friendly, and you could pretty much sit anywhere you wanted. The 2nd tier is about the height of most 2nd levels of 2-story homes, so anywhere you sit is an excellent view. It’s in the middle of the FAU campus, so it’s also got that college game day feel. Very intimate stadium and surroundings. Can’t wait!

      • Uh, yea they will. Gold Cup will have one match at Cowboys Stadium, no doubt. CONCACAF all about the profitability, and US Soccer is too. Why is the USMNT playing in of all places Connecticut in October? Because there is the greatest concentration of Ecudorian immigrants there. Ergo, US are playing in Florida because there are probably a ton of Hondurans there. Ticket sales are ticket sales no matter what the ethnicity.

      • or not:
        New York – 228,216 (1.2% of state population)
        New Jersey – 100,480 (1.1% of state population)
        Florida – 60,574 (0.3% of state population)
        California – 35,570 (0.1% of state population)
        Connecticut – 23,677 (0.7% of state population)

        Hartford is two hours away from NYC. Giants stadium or red bulls would be better if that was the case,

      • Except they just played at RBA so they aren’t coming back to NJ for a little bit. I think the number of Ecuadorians in the area probably had something to do with the choice of venue.

      • Birmingham’s short lived streak of games ended when they installed turf over their nice grass field. turf in the cool pnw or domed stadium is one thing but soccer on hot turf in the south is miserable.

        And you gotta be joking about Texas.. Between the Dynamo’s, FCD’s, Jones Dome, Alamo Dome and the wonderful grass pitch in Houston’s nfl stadium – plenty of futbol will be played in tejas over the next few years.

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