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Huddersfield loan Holmes to fourth division Bury until January

Duane Holmes Huddersfield Town (Getty Images)


The final hours of the summer transfer window figure to have plenty of movement, and one young American midfielder is already on his way to a new club.

Duane Holmes has joined League Two side Bury via a loan from Championship outfit Huddersfield Town, it was announced on Saturday. The loan runs through January 5, and should give the 19-year-old midfielder plenty of playing opportunities to continue his development.

Several League One teams were said to be interested in Holmes, but Bury ultimately won the sweepstakes for the youngster.

Holmes is in his second season as a professional, and did not appear to be in Huddersfield’s plans for the season after making just one appearance off the bench in Capital One Cup action. He made five appearances for Huddersfield last season and also made five more for Yeovil Town during a short loan there.

What do you think of Holmes going to Bury on loan? Prefer to have seen him drop to England’s third tier instead the fourth for playing time? How will he do there?

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    • Southampton obviously has a need for a fast guy to run to and from the bench and the dressing room when they are running low on Gatorade or orange slices. Shea will fill that need quite nicely.

  1. Is he the American Giovanni do santos 🙂 please we need one 🙂
    Also, I read ronaldinho is heading to India, to their ISL and I read that he wants a contract in india that would let him play in MLS, does that mean he would play in MLS when the Indian league finishes and play in both. He just go to cosmos.

    • The Indian Super League season is not very long and ends prior to the next MLS season. There isn’t a conflict unless it is the start of ISL as that is in October.

      • Probably some MLS teams or him and his brother read the MLS comments and ronaldinho wants to loose weight and get in shape before he comes in MLS 2015 to nycfc or Orlando.

  2. Just to give my two cents, I am a military member currently stationed in northern England and I have played up to and including the semipro level over here. And I have also taken in quite a few matches from the EPL level all the way down to the 7th tier( semipro aka they earn about 3-400$ a week). And I can tell you that the 4th tier is still pretty solid football. I have played with guys at the 7th/8th tier that could play for any D1 university in the states. Is it the EPL? No. But the 4th tier is head and shoulders above the PDL and in the same realm as USL in some cases in my opinion. Also the tiers of football in England are of at least one level higher quality than other euro countries.

  3. The times I have seen him play, he looks very promising. Can attack with pace and play the killer ball. I think he needs out of Huddersfield, as their management is notorious for horribly mismanaging talented youth prospects.

  4. I think playing in lower divisions in the UK does a player no more good than playing in MLS. I hate to see Americans that sign contracts in the UK thinking that they’re on their way to something only to be farmed out by their club to some lower division team or end up riding the pine. Seems the further forward they play, the less the chance is that theyre really going to play. Even Clint couldnt make it at Spurs though he did play at Fulham. I would not advise any forward or Midfielder, unless they’re the second coming, to ever make that move. The success stories are rare.

    • Donald,

      ” I hate to see Americans that sign contracts in the UK thinking that they’re on their way to something only to be farmed out by their club to some lower division team or end up riding the pine.”

      Have you seen him play? Do you actually know what Holmes is thinking? How much does Holmes make where he is now?

      Maybe, just maybe this kid is not that good and he is where he should be in terms of his playing ability. Maybe he can’t get a job with an MLS team.

  5. Even at 19, you are not going to get quality experience in the 4th tier of English football. But what he should get is playing time. That said, he would probably get more experience and better chance for advancement playing for a USL-PRO or even a PDL team stateside. Its one thing being in the Championship, where you are one step out of the EPL, but being “Bury-ed” in the fourth division, is not career advancement.

  6. whats diffce between League 1/2? Judging on team performances and promotion battles, arguably they seem pretty akin. They’re miles lower than either the PL or championship. this move should give him great playing time. Ideally most Yanks should go to the Dutch/Belgian league to learn the game and perhaps a 2nd or 3rd division of the top leagues.

    • I wouldn’t say that the divisions are the same, the quality of pay and play steadily drop down in England. 4th division in England, IMO, is like US minor league or college soccer except they love to play kickball at that level….the traditional English style the cosmopolitan EPL disguises. You’re talking about people playing for minimal money at that level, $25K maybe. Division below that you’re out of League and you start running into semipro teams.

      You might put up with a year of this in furtherance of an English dream, and it will likely get him PT short term, but this is neither a high level of play nor one conducive to developing in the play the ball on the ground continental style like JK has us doing.


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