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Johannsson to miss a further six weeks following groin surgery

Aron Johannsson

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Aron Johannsson’s expected return to the field from ankle surgery has been pushed back, this time because of a different injury.

According to a press release from AZ Alkmaar, Johannsson will miss a further six weeks after undergoing groin surgery. Johannsson now likely won’t make his season debut until October, ruling him out of the upcoming U.S. Men’s National Team match against the Czech Republic in Prague on Sept. 3.

It’s Johannsson’s second such operation on his groin, having the same surgery in 2012 while playing with AGF Aarhus. In addition, the 23-year-old Icelandic-American was already rehabbing off season ankle surgery after returning from the World Cup.

Johannsson is coming off a season where he scored 25 goals for AZ in all competitions in his first full season in the Netherlands. In addition, Johannsson has made nine appearances for the USMNT since making his debut in the 4-3 victory against Bosnia and Herzegovina in Aug. 2013, including scoring two goals and coming on as a substitute for Jozy Altidore in the first half of the USA’s 2-1 victory over Ghana.


What do you think of this development? Disappointed to hear about the second injury? Who do you expect to see replace him in the USMNT squad for the match against the Czech Republic?

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    • I have to say it’s a valid concern. I don’t care if he suits up for the USMNT in the next 18 months, He needs to get right before this becomes a permanent theme. Right now we just can’t count on AJ… we’ve all seen his potential but you can’t build around a guy whose frame seems overburdened already.

    • I said it in another thread but I think we’re likely to see:

      Wood, Gyau, Morales, and Packwood back in the mix. I’d also be willing to bet we see Hyndman. Green is definite, and maybe Agudelo and Gooch if they need showtime to earn themselves a new contract.

      Klinsi will probably try to call in mostly European based players, and young ones. So that’s why I’d go with the above, even if they aren’t all playing for their full team.

      To that effect, if Rubin continues earning time, I’d expect to see him. We need strikers so why not?

      Brooks, Chandler, FJ, Cameron, Howard, etc. will all be back. Maybe we’ll also see the return of Lichaj and Spector to make up numbers.

      • I wouldn’t call Green “definite” -in fact I’d guess he’s doubtful. He hasn’t fully recovered yet, and you can bet that even if he has by then, he’ll want to focus on cracking the 18 for BM. Even if its in his backyard, I get the feeling he’ll sit this one out.

      • Valid points.. It’s not clear to me how serious this injury is but it sure seems to be persistent for a kid his age. But if he’s recovered and fit, I don’t see why Pep wouldn’t want him to go get some competitive minutes if it’s nearby– he isn’t going to get that many this season at BM… the players in front of him are simply too good. But nothing beats first team minutes for development and this would seem like a great chance to get Green a nice chunk at minimal cost to BM.

      • Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention but what kind of PT has Rubin been getting?

      • He started in 1 of 2 Utrecht’s Eredivisie games, because of several injuries in the lineup. So of course, he’s now guaranteed to be the next big thing by American fans.

      • I do think he’s one of the up and coming players, yes, but I’m not jumping on a bandwagon.

        Klinsi has said he wants youth and European-based players. With two of our starting four strikers out injured, and our other playing half way around the world in Seattle, he’s going to pull rabbits out of his hat. Rubin could be one of them.

      • Is there any historical precedent for a usmnt player using a performance in a friendly to land a new contract? I can’t think of a single example.

      • Not a single performance, but if you’re monitoring Agudelo, you’re asking yourself where is his fitness considering he hasn’t had any pre-season playing time.

        If Agudelo is given 25 mins, a team can say, OK we know. That could help his situation. Of course a single friendly would never make or break a player.

      • Anguduelo? Unless I’m wrong he hasn’t played in a match in months and doesn’t have a team. That said the Fire could use a DP.

      • I agree that the Fire need to sign up a DP because it’s becoming embarrassing. But Agudelo just hasn’t done enough in my view to deserve this. This would basically amount to rewarding him for potential and a poorly thought-through decision to move to Europe without a proper destination secured. His work product since the move is almost negligible. He had a few decent months at Utrecht but mostly he has been looking for a place where he is allowed to play. He does not have a boatload of USMNT caps or goals. Basically he is a kid with potential… let’s see him realize some more of it and build a resume that merits a big raise.

    • Don’t worry, he’s now part machine: the indestructible Iceman.

      Honestly, it’s a pity. It’s tough to start a season so behind everyone else.

      With him and Boyd out, and Agudelo still in no man’s land, it’s sad that our next generation of would-be world beating strikers is currently sidelined. They’ll bounce back, but I was hoping for more off the gate.

      Ives and co: Can we please get an update on Gooch and Agudelo? I know you have the contacts, start breaking some knee caps for answers!


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