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Must-See Video: The Return of Coach Lasso


  1. Wow what a revelation that americans and especially in the soccer world know who Miles Davis was.. I thought only europeans and the rest of the world only knew and appreciated the greatest musical genius this country ever had . Especially now that we are living in the dark ages of music

    • Then you will love this story…. Yesterday I was in my pal’s car getting lunch and Taylor Twellman happened to come on the radio, as a guest of the daytime sports talk radio on the dial . Somehow or another, the conversation led to Twellman’s first concert,,, Care to guess? Before I tell you I suppose I should ask how you feel about bands with Wahlberg brothers in them…. about like Coltrane? More? Less?

  2. These are great.

    NBC should do one for its MLS coverage with a caricature of an American EPL fan being introduced to the MLS – salary cap, no pro/rel, playoffs, different schedule, etc.

    • NBC has the EPL for three years (2013/14-2015/16), but it will be interesting to see how high the bids go in the next round of contract negotiations. We know Fox outbid NBC for the MLS rights, but that’s likely because NBC simply doesn’t value MLS as high as it (rightfully) values the EPL. We shall see.

    • No way the other guys let this happen. The way the game is being played right now, everybody is doing just enough to make sure nobody has enough pieces to build a true soccer platform (bad news for the fan, in some ways). ESPN/ABC and NBC would rather die than see Fox get the Tri-Force of EPL, World Cup, and Champions League.

      • lets hope FOX doesn’t get the EPL. If they do you can say hello to sideline reporters and interviews with players during the game.

  3. I do believe that Rebecca Lowe is someone that could cause trouble in my marriage. She is a very attractive lady that is knowledgeable of the beautiful game. I’m not sure what else you could ask for.

  4. I’m glad people on this site,”get the joke.” Last year people( on this very site) where having an absolute hissy fit about Ted Lasso. I couldn’t believe how salty some people where getting about an ad promoting soccer.

  5. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    “Got to have 3 things to be a PL team: be physical, give 100%, and be sponsored by a Middle Eastern airline.”

    Kudos NBCSN. Dare I say that their coverage is as good, if not even better than in the UK.

      • Yep, They show every last game, which apparently is not done in the UK.
        I think it might also be that they are split up over many networks and you might not have the network it is on.

      • England has an enforced blackout for Saturday afternoon games between 2 and 5, which means that if you live there and want to watch the game you either have to attend or find a way to watch illegally. The popular method used to be going to the local pub that had a dish and could pull in foreign signals, but the police have been severely cutting down on that practice.

      • Jeez, and some people dislike the NFL regional blackouts. At least that sorta makes sense but only sorta.

        No wonder illegal streams are popular over there. There is an actual limit to how many people are even allowed to watch the game.

      • the reason for the blackout is the FA wants people to support their local clubs on a Saturday. Would you go see Plymouth Argyle Vs Accrington Stanley if Man United vs Chelsea was on?

        It might be an outdated theory but that’s why they do it.

    • The reason everyone goes to the pub is the games aren’t easy to get. It’s harder to watch EPL or UCL there than here. We are spoiled rotten.

      The only games I remember being easy to get were England friendlies. That and they showed a MLS game of the week at like 2 am on a weekday.

  6. “That guy sounds like Elle MacPherson farting into Miles Davis’ trumpet”

    Dammit, I just spit coffee onto my desk. That was absolutely hilarious!


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