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Wooten scores another late goal, but Sandhausen suffer defeat

Andrew Wooten (Kicker)


For a remarkable fourth straight match and second time in four days, Andrew Wooten scored a late goal for Sandhausen.

Only this time it was not a winner.

Wooten netted his fourth goal of the season on Friday, converting a 92nd-minute penalty kick in SV Sandhausen’s 2-1 defeat to TSV Eintracht Braunschweig. Wooten, 24, came close to equalizing seconds later, but his attempt near the death was denied by the post.

The defeat snapped Sandhausen’s winning streak at three games. Wooten scored in the 80th minute or later in each of those 1-0 victories.

The latest goal from the German-American forward means he finishes September as the only Sandhausen player to score. It will also further garner attention from U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann ahead of a pair of October friendlies, and could wind up earning the former U.S. Under-23 national team player his first full team call-up.


What do you think of Wooten scoring a late goal in a fourth straight match? Will he keep this scoring tear going? Should he earn a call-up from Klinsmann in October?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. cap’em or at least call him in!

    name a better cf option after Jozy who will start in both games this october? that isn’t playing in an MLS playoff race?

  2. This is an American soccer blog. In American English, Sandhausen is a singular noun. The title should read, “Wooten scores another late goal, but Sandhausen suffers defeat”. To write otherwise is to be pretentious and wrong.

  3. Wether it’s 2nd division or not his form has been great. However he could barely score before this which is troubling for a 24 year old player. I say wait till he’s played a full season to pass judgement on him.

  4. I realize he has been watched, and is an interesting player, but some perspective:

    He’s 25 yo, and having some success in the 2nd Div of Germany. This summer we faced the best if the 1st Div of Germany.

    Don’t build your future against Top Div 1 players around 25yo Div 2 players. I don’t think he’ll prolly be the answer we need.

    • 1st: he’s 24 years old, not 25.
      2nd: have you watched the 2nd Bundesliga? It’s probably the best and most competitive 2nd division in the world, and better than a good number of 1st divisions within Europe.

      • He will be 25 in 4 days.

        I like Wooten, he used to be at par with Boyd when they were both in the Regionalia. Boyd went to Austria, Wooten moved up to div.2 if he gets enough playing time he scores, his problem is for whatever reason he hardly starts, he used mostly of the bench for either CF or RW.

    • So dumb. How many top division 1 players do we have to choose from? Plus, 24-25 years old is not at moat players peak age. Most peak in their late 20s ( perfect timing for the 2022 WC for him).

      • Also strikers are more likely to be late bloomers than most other positions – not all but the likes of Luca Toni, Miro Klose, Olivier Giroud, (in the US Wondo) and others were late bloomers. Not saying that he’ll reach that level obviously, also depends on his style with most late bloomers being poachers. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility if he keeps scoring and keeps playing.

        Anyone whose seen him play what is his style? Is he a poacher?

      • Strikers are late bloomers? I think they’re typically the youngest bloomers. (Keepers are latest, defenders next.)

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