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Report: Cameron sidelined by hernia surgery

Geoff Cameron of Stoke City reacts as he is checked at the side of the pitch by a member of the Stoke City medical staff

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Geoff Cameron’s frustrating start to the season hit another bump in the road on Tuesday.

According to a report in the Stoke Sentinel, Cameron is set to undergo a hernia operation, which could keep him out at least two weeks, and maybe longer. Stoke City have yet to send out an official release on the injury, as well as publish a timetable for Cameron’s return.

“It’s been troubling him for a while, so the time has come for an operation,” Stoke City assistant manager Mark Bowen told the Sentinel. “He started feeling it last season, then obviously went to the World Cup and came back to us still feeling a bit sore. These things tend to manifest themselves over a period of months and now the time has come, but it’s difficult to say how long we will lose him for.”

Cameron was substituted in the first half of Stoke City’s 3-0 League Cup victory over Portsmouth with a groin injury, and was eventually ruled out of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 1-0 victory at the Czech Republic on Sept. 3.

The 29-year-old defender was given an extended vacation after the World Cup and was only making his first start in the League Cup match. The injury, if true that he felt it during the summer, could explain some of his sub-par performances at the World Cup.


What do you think of this development? Do you see Cameron returning in time for the October USMNT friendly matches? Did you think he was injured at the World Cup?

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  1. “The injury, if true that he felt it during the summer, could explain some of his sub-par performances at the World Cup.”

    What? I thought Geoff Cameron was one of the best USMNT players in the win against Ghana, and aside from his egregious error in the 5th minute against Portugal, he was pretty solid in that and the Belgium game.

    • Cam was named to the FIFA best 11 for the Ghana game and the Belgium game. No matter what criteria they use, that’s a positive accomplishment.
      He didn’t play well vs everyone knows…
      I think this is a misguided statement by the author. His fitness was never questioned by anyone-his whiff straight to Nani was- but not his fitness or effort; to ask that question now seems off base.

      • The World Cup happens at the end of a long and grueling season for a most of these players.

        100% fit is something of a comparative term. The vast majority of the players at the World Cup had some sort of injury or were just generally exhausted. but not so badly they could not play.

        It is quite normal to see a players slow to come back or coming up hurt after a World Cup.

  2. I think Jurgen ought to not call up outfield players who will be over 30 in 2018 for this year and focus on finding potential replacements for them should they not maintain their form. We really have nothing to play for this year. It would be nice to win the Gold Cup but even if we don’t we still have a shot at the Confed Cup thanks to the new playoff rule so why not go big for the future.

  3. “The injury, if true that he felt it during the summer, could explain some of his sub-par performances at the World Cup”
    Or maybe he’s just not that good and that’s he plays for Stoke and not Man City.

    • he just posted this:

      Geoff Cameron ‏@GeoffCameron 11m
      Surgery was a success! Looking forward to starting rehab tomorrow and getting back on the field in the next few weeks!!

  4. Whatever. Congratulations, Stoke City on eventually deciding on some sort of disclosure for whatever has been going on there for the last month Rubbish treatment of Americans is fashionable for some people. Buy yourselves a beer and remember that you now have something in common with Sunderland besides boring uniforms and the shame of sleeping with Phil Bardsley.

    • “Rubbish Treament of Americans”

      Ah yes, the default excuse of USMNT fans anytime an American player runs into a problem with his club abroad.

      It’s not possible that such injuries may be difficult to figure out is it?

      Of course it has to be part of a greater conspiracy against American players.

      The thing is EPL clubs like Stoke seem to me to be equal opportunity in how they dish out ““Rubbish treament” .

      I’m sure if you bothered to look you will find more than few cases where Stoke treated players who were not USMNT eligible like crap.

      • How excited would you be to learn that one our our young talents from has week was a probably transfer target for Stoke? I recommend he hack his own legs off so he could at least have a chance at happiness doing something else

      • Americans are supposed to be tough, able to handle adversity, overcome it and come out the other end a better person.

        Now you’ve got people hacking off their own legs.

        A bit of a comedown that. You don’t think much of Americans do you?.

      • I think the world of Americans. Which isn’t much of a compliment, come to think of it… I’ll start over.

        I am of course American, and I think there is a serious and fundamentally “un-American” fog lingering in the our soccer mentality that simply has to be shaken — there is far to much acceptance of the “Europeans know best, so we had better copy their model verbatim and defer to their judgment whenever possible” philosophy. Nobody really wants to play to win…. just play to be “accepted” or “credible”… it’s really time people start to realize that Europe is anything but perfect and we are now big enough to beat up some of the teachers.

        It might not be here just yet, but the time is approaching when America needs to do what it does best and sprint past some of these fading chumps permanently. Let’s ditch the fear. Why stick around to “win the approval” of a mediocre journeymanager like Mark Hughes? Just dump his tea in the ocean and get out of there. Same thing with Sunderland. If these clubs really want to give British players a chance, then let them. They’re terrible clubs who might as well throw away the keys their tiny trophy cases if they haven’t already.. I’m not sure why it would be such an honor for Geoff Cameron to have an “I survived Stoke City!” T shirt…. though I guess it beats ending up on a milk carton like Juan Agudelo.

        We still have lots we can learn from Europe, but I’m just tired of hearing uninspired,completely self-defeating lunacy like:

        -“We’d catch up to Europe if we’d just drop all the salary cap / single entity stuff and go ‘free market'” (the solitary most bozo comment currently floating around SBI… maybe check how this model is actually working out for European clubs these days)

        So yeah… I LOVE AMEICANS. But I love them much more when they think for themselves. Otherwise, we are just Englishmen awaiting the King’s vaidation.

        (I’m aware large portions of this do not apply to you GW…. just venting generally)

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