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FIFA15 demo released on Xbox consoles

FIFA15 xbox one


Soccer gaming fans anxious to get a first real glimpse at FIFA15, now is your chance.

If you have an Xbox console, that is.

Electronic Arts released the demo for its highly-anticipated soccer video game in the United States and Europe on Tuesday, but did so on just the Xbox One and Xbox360. The demo for gamers with a Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 will have to wait until it is made available to them on Wednesday.

Xbox One and EA’s FIFA have a partnership, which explains the early release for Xbox owners.

FIFA15 is the latest installment of the popular soccer video game. It is expected to be released in North America on Sept. 23, and features Clint Dempsey on the cover of the U.S. and Canada versions.

If you have not seen the trailer for FIFA15 or just need another look to hold you over while you wait to play the demo, here it is as well as a video of U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard talking about the new goalkeeper changes in the game that he helped play a big part in:




What do you think of the FIFA15 demo dropping on the Xbox consoles first? Are you an antsy Playstation gamer who is having a hard time waiting another day to play FIFA15? What are your thoughts on the gameplay in the demo?

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  1. Why does Leo Messi always have to share the cover with some MLS player? Do Americans really care if there are only European players? And why not rotate the cover boy like Madden?

      • Alright then, EA are morons. I know FIFA is a huge game but Destiny is possibly the biggest game of the year, it is going to overshadow anything coming out today.

      • I have literally never heard of Destiny. Ever.
        That said, I’m a reformed Madden Maniac who only plays Fifa. Well, I also play games with my 8 year old, of which only MarioKart would I have bought myself.

        Point being, Fifa doesn’t have to hide because something else is coming out. If anything, I bet Destiny had to plan their release day to make sure they didn’t come out when Fifa actually is released to stores.

      • If you’ve not heard of Destiny then you clearly don’t read any gaming mags or blogs/sites. Congrats for that. You’re missing out on a great game.

        That said, you make a good point. There’s enough room in the gaming world for all types of players. I play mosty sports games but I don’t miss the great releases. First person shooters are mostly crap, but Destiny is a whole different animal.

      • +1

        While there is a lot of genre crossover among gamers (RPG players that like shooters, sports game guys that like platformers, etc.), a Halo-like game heavy on RPG elements isn’t for everyone. I know several people that only play RPGs, or sports games, or COD type shooters…it’s entirely possible that the vast majority of FIFA players would have no interest in Destiny.

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