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Must-See Goal: Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

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  1. Robbie has way more confidence than ability but it the combination of confidence/ability have made him one of the great strikers of his era. I guess the overlooked part of that goal is that it came against one of the leagues top goalkeepers.

    • If your confidence exceeds your ability- more often than not, you fail at what you attempt and sit on the bench. Not the case at all with Keane. He’s been a pretty consistent producer both scoring and providing service. He is not at all endowed with ability in the glamorous form of blazing speed, or a hulking frame, but he obviously has all kinds of ability of the kind that seems to be undersold/ignored in youth programs in the US… dexterity, deft touch and calm, control in tight spaces, a very good accurate shot and excellent vision.


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