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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Blas Perez


    • Not buying it. Of course it actually reads SBI Goal of the Week, which I can only assume means that SBI sets the criteria for its goal of the week, intentionality surely being an important part of a great goal. Compare Hasli, Van Basten, and Kasami goals from similar spots (if marginally closer). And any time any one hits a cross from the sideline there is always the chance you mishit it and it goes in. If that’s making your own luck, I’ll pass. Neagle got robbed on a terrific goal.

  1. Looks as if it deflected off the defender’s thigh. I wouldn’t call it a “wonder goal.” A “wonderfully lucky goal” maybe.

  2. Bad choice. The goal was a bit of a fluke.

    Neagle, on the hand, abused Beckerman with a sick first touch and then hit a perfect drive over the midget Rimando into the top corner.

  3. Come on. Lamar got screwed.

    I saw on Twitter that Perez declined the SBI honor, so at least he did the right thing.


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