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Green joins Hamburg on season-long loan

Julian Green


Julian Green’s chances of playing major minutes in the Bundesliga this season have just increased.

On the final day of the transfer window, the U.S. Men’s National Team winger has completed a season-long loan from Bayern Munich to fellow Bundesliga club Hamburg SV, and will wear the number 37. Green will join his new teammates after spending the week with the USMNT, which faces the Czech Republic on Wednesday.

Green’s loan isn’t a huge surprise, but during Bayern’s U.S. tour six weeks ago, the 19-year-old Tampa, Fla., native was adamant that he would be staying with Bayern this season to fight for his place in the squad. Green found himself on the bench for Bayern’s first two Bundesliga matches, though he didn’t make an appearance.

In Hamburg, Green is joining a club that is down on its luck. A team rich in tradition, Hamburg were nearly relegated for the first time last season and have started this season in poor form, with just one point out of a potential six.


What do you think of this news? Do you like the loan move? Do you expect Green to step right into the starting lineup?

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  1. i was 100% comfortable with him staying at Bayern, but totally okay with this loan. i think he’ll find himself getting a good amount of playing time. i really hope he finds form, bulks up, and becomes an automatic starter for the season.

  2. Julian has very quick feet. That alone will ensure he will have some impressive moments in games. Beyond that he is fast, he seems willing to work hard, has a decent touch, and in the relatively few minutes for the USMNT, he has made some intelligent attacking runs. He does sometimes look like a boy among men, because, well he is, that will change. If he stays healthy and sound, he will do very well.

  3. Guys or should I say Gals just puff out their chest and throw around insults towards a 19 year old player that scored a goal in the World Cup. Man luck or not it’s a solid starting point for a 19 year old who might possibly turn out to be a very good player for the US and club. Guess you gals know all about scoring goals in the world cup seeing that you have a combined total of 0 minutes on any professional team. The experts have spoken and God forbid anyone cross them regarding their fuggin OPINIONS. Seriously are there many fans who actually play the game at all or just watch it.

    Hopefully Julian will crack the lineup with sub minutes soon and impress enough to earn steady starts by Winter break. Then we’ll have a better idea of what the guy could be.

  4. Hopefully he gets minutes. The hate and hype for this kid is ridiculous. He’s 19, at least wait til he’s 20 before he’s anointed or crucified.

    • There in lies the problem El Dude. He was already “anointed” before the age of 20 and over the USA’s all time greatest player to boot.

  5. Great for Julian! Klinnsman is probably also very very pleased that the kid will get great playing minutes in the Bliga. I’m happy that he’ll get a lot of adverse experience which will broaden his game. Beats sitting at the end of Pep’s bench. Now if only he had someone to distribute the ball to him, things would get even better lol

  6. That hate on this kid is at a ridiculous level. He’s 19, on loan from one of the premier teams in the world, after scoring one of our goals during the World Cup, and people still act like he is horrible and will never amount to anything. Newsflash: Pep Guardiola doesn’t typically endorse players who are not good. I know, that might sound ridiculous, but I think given Pep’s track-record it is a fair statement. Why do people hate this kid so much? Your girl say he was cute while you guys watched the Belgium game or something?

    • I dont hate the kid but I am not a fan due to the likelihood that he demanded a 2014 WC roster spot in order to commit to the USA. It’s a spot he didn’t earn and it might be part of the reason that hair-brained, dope of a coach got a contract extension before the World Cup was even played. His spot on the World Cup roster also cost Donovan, the US Soccer Legend, his fourth World Cup and denied US fans the opportunity to see him and say good bye in one last World Cup. I don’t like Klinsmann and I don’t like Green due to his role in this.

  7. Did anyone see the goal Julian Green scored against Belgium? The guy is elite. Hamburg is very lucky to be getting Green on loan. They probably will not have the kind of money needed to sign Bayern’s top prospect away, but they might be able to fight off relegation this season. Great move for all parties involved IMHO.

      • He misshit the shot, that’s what you focus on? It was a great run, and it was his first touch in the World Cup no less. Plus any other American player probably would have tried to bring the ball down and then score, but he one timed it, as he should have.

      • I played in college with a guy who scored nine of the prettiest goals you have ever seen. The other striker scored 29 of the ugliest goals. Which one would you rather have?

    • For sure. Hamburger needs him this season. He will help them.

      And it was a world class goal against Belgium. The big defender closed, the could only volley it, and he did it while it was coming over his left shoulder and had to play it over waist high.

      • If by “world class” you mean “shank” then yes. Good job to get in that position (and great pass by Bradley) but pure luck that that ended up in the back of the net. And even if he had hit it cleanly, one goal doesn’t prove much. He was poor in every previous appearance. USMNT fans need to acknowledge the jury is still out on this kid, just like it is on any other 19 year old youth team player with no first-team experience.

    • Just a loan, all goes well he’ll be back to Bayern next season. I like the move, impressive that Green could even make the bench for Bayern.

      • wow. That is truly an incisive comment from our resident Julian Green fan-thing. lol. are you wearing your dunce cap, Adrian?

      • haha people like you are hilarious. I would swear you folk actually hate the US national team, at least that’s how it appears.

  8. And just like that he goes from one of the most powerfull teams in the world to just another American fighting relegation.
    It was fun while it lasted.
    How is that Hymdman kid doing these days?

    • Unfortunately our imagination for players rarely line up with the coaches of teams they are on.

      I think Green will be a solid Bliga player someday, I’m no quite sure it will be right now however. Hooing for the best, but pragmatic as usual.


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