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Report: Lenhart likely out for season after suffering foot injury

Steven Lenhart San Jose Earthquakes

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A disappointing, injury-plagued season has come to an apparent early end for Steve Lenhart.

Lenhart suffered a foot injury while riding his bike last week and is expected to miss the remainder of the San Jose Earthquakes’ regular season, according to a report from The incident occurred on Thursday, with the gash the 28-year-old forward sustained requiring stitches and a few weeks of rest in order to properly heal.

The Earthquakes’ campaign ends on Oct. 26, making a potential return this year doubtful.

The injury comes just weeks after Lenhart made his way back from a knee injury that forced him to miss most of the summer. In total, he has made just 11 appearances this season and recorded just one goal and one assist.

What do you make of this news? Do you see Lenhart playing again for San Jose this season? How disappointed have you been with his injury-plagued season?

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  1. Lenhart represents MLS 1.0 while tommy Thompson is indicative of a higher more skilled version of what the league wants to be. Landon Donovan bridged the gap of the old and new league while Lenny remained a living (playing) fossil of what MLS once started out as.

  2. Nice to see the level of caring from the usual suspects…

    The season is already blown, so it doesn’t matter if he’s injured or not. Thompson will probably get more playing time, which is a good thing.

    The real thing to watch is how Lenny and Dom get along when Dom returns next season. Lenny could really flourish in Dom’s system…but Dom runs a tight ship…he doesn’t put up with BS that can cause him to drop points…that relationship is going to be fascinating to watch…can they coexist. I’m leaning towards Dom cutting him some slack as long as the team is successful.

    Getting Dom out from under AEG, and in direct competition with them is going to be a huge positive for SJ….just adds a little spice to the Clasico.


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