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Must-See Goal: Neymar

NeymarBrazil3-Serbia (Getty)



    • Nice goal but Brazil is is surviving mostly on name recognition. The real Brazil showed their strength at the World Cup. Tie vs Chili, slipped by Columbia, Killed by Germany, smoked by Holland. Bottom line is they have one good player. Not really a Messi but still a good player. After that, not so much

  1. Was Beckham at the game, it was played in Miami and if Beckham gets a good stadium location and dps, MLS Miami would be better Han Dallas and Denver already. So why hate when Miami has so much potential, not like rapids and fc Dallas.
    Another thing, if Miami had a team, and Beckham was the owner, ronaldinho would be there by now, given that Beckham understands where ronaldinho is coming from.
    I can’t wait for inter Miami city joins MLS.

    • I wish your pysch ward would cut off the free wi-fi.

      What compelled you to single out poor Dallas and “Denver” like that?

      Why does Ronaldinho need to be referenced in all of your posts? The Miami thing has so many hypotheticals in it that i’m not even sure why I’m responding.

      • I know… The Dallas area produces tons of soccer players but its saturated with team sports. It cuts down on the crowds. I think every MLS team has a guy from Dallas on it.

      • FCD suffers from bad location,no roof at stadiums , horrendous TV deal that limits local viewers from watching unless they have TWC as cable provider. Overall, the ownership group ia responsible for FCDs lack relevancy in their market. The Dallas Stars get more mention in Dallas than FCD and thats a shame because more people play soccer than hockey in Dallas. The Hunts were good for the league when started out. But their business plan highlighted what NOT to do.

      • calm down 🙂 rapids, fc dallas, columbus, san jose, philly have no future and its the truth. in the east is easier to survive with sucky owners and bad front office but the west is a scary conference.
        the teams with badly owners and bad front office will suffer in this “parity” , look at seattle and at philly, 2 different stories.

      • Half of the Eastern Conference has “no future” because you think they are bad teams and will suffer in parity?

        1. San Jose is in the Western Conference
        2. Parity rewards bad teams with a chance

        Again, I literally do not understand what is happening inside your mind.

    • Agreed, just because it is him that scores it, people are like, “MUST SEE!” Thing is, nearly every weekend in the Premier League you get someone who scores a free kick that is quite beautiful, and some very similar to this one, and they aren’t all must sees.


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