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Reports: NYC FC turns attention towards Queens after Bronx deal falls through

NYCFCPosesYankeeStadium (AP)


It is on to the next potential stadium site for New York City FC.

According to multiple reports on Tuesday morning, NYC FC have begun exploring the option of building a soccer-specific stadium in Queens after plans to construct one near Yankee Stadium failed to materialize. A deal in the Bronx reportedly could not be reached as the club was unable to come to terms with the tenant of a building that occupied part of the site that developers had hoped to build on.

Now, New York City FC are allegedly eyeing a site adjacent to the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens due to the amount of land that could be developed. MLS initially was eyeing Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens as a stadium site for its 21st franchise, but changed its mind and decided it would be best for the club’s owners to select a location for New York City’s first state-of-the-art soccer facility.

NYC FC, who are owned by Manchester City and the New York Yankees, will begin playing in 2015. Their home games are scheduled to be at Yankee Stadium near the site they had recently thought could be an ideal spot for their long-term home.

What do you make of this development? Like the idea of building a stadium on the Queens site adjacent to the Aqueduct Racetrack? Would you have preferred to see NYC FC stick with the Flushing Meadows Corona Park plans instead of this?

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  1. If you’re going to have a stadium near the Aqueduct, you might as well have it on Mars.

    It’s really shameful how much of a mess this is. If only they secured a stadium deal FIRST before expanding into the market. If. Only.

  2. what a terrible idea. i will stick with the NYRB if they can’t figure out a stadium that
    1) is near GOOD public transport, including more than one subway option
    2) is reachable by bike
    3) feels urban rather than suburban

    this proposal is pathetic.

  3. Two Words: Floating Stadium. Put the field and stands on a series of barges that tie it up to a different location in Manhattan each week. It would be the world’s first “pop-up” stadium. Only in NYC, baby.

  4. Hey!! MLS should stop making teams on NASL territory!!!
    I give you an idea MLS!!!
    Bring “Monster United” and maybe “Sporting RockStar”…
    LoL!!! Or “5Hrs Energy FC”!!! 😀

  5. When this NYCFC franchise eventually becomes a huge success it’s going to be so fun watching everyone cry and whine about it. They will be ‘hated’ like the Yankees are hated, but the local fans enjoying the team aren’t going to give a damn.

    And I’m a Red Bulls fan….

    • Chris… You r speaking to soon son!
      Lets see what’s up… They suppose to play soccer not baseball… So no credit for been Yankee!

    • NYCFC has no desire to be somebody’s tenant, nor does the city government. The club wants to own their own stadium with luxury boxes and the city wants a piece of the action. What is happening now is that the city and club bosses haven’t reached a consensus on how to screw the regular folks while enriching themselves adequately.

  6. so they are clearly talking about the elevator company owner. i wonder what happened because a few weeks back that dude had a quote in a article that said he was waiting to hear from NYCFC but that they he was open to the idea and seemed ready to do it (which this article also implies but then changed his mind). i wish we could get more information on this.

  7. Seriously wish that there could be a soccer stadium in Astoria. There’s a this land, albeit occupied by some energy company, that would be awesome to have a stadium.

      • To be fair NJ teams tend to have a nice view of NYC across the river. I remember watching a Nets game in the Meadowlands before they moved, and before 9/11. Quite a view of the City.

  8. I never thought the union of self entitled bizzilionaires and corrupt city politicians could make such an interesting addition to the world of soccer.

  9. All the people who think its an impossible commute are joking. Its walking distance from former Gotti-land of South Ozone Queens. Close to St Albans a working class neighborhood filled with Caribbean immigrants who will go to games on Saturdays and Sundays assumng its after church/cricket.

    This pivot away from the bronx as unintentional as it is will open NYCFC to thousands of people who would have never considered going there and kids who actually play the game everyday. Not as many hispanics and since the Corona queens would require the 7 to the E/F to city to the A or the Bus(!) to the Lefferts A to woodhaven then the JFK A I dont anticipate them drawing that demographic from the redbulls (if they were ever interested).

    Full disclaimer im two exits away on the Van Wyck and my parents live in springfield. If this happens dragging my dad to games would become much easier. Ive only been able to get him to RBNY when arsenal or Jamaica is playing there.

    And no I have never seen a race or used the casino there. Casino also has free shuttles from the closest major train station at Jmaica Avenue.

    • There is no room in Hoboken. That project of the Devils/Nets building an area there came and went quickly and the soccer stadium would have to be bigger

    • Yeah, NYers flock to Staten Island whenever they get the chance. The NYCFC stadium has a better chance of being built on top of Mount Doom than in SI.

  10. Bronx location has much better public transportation option. Even people from Staten Island/Long Island come out to NY Yankee games….Sure this is not baseball but public transportation would be easy for Brooklyn and Queens resident near subways. (especially when majority work in manhattan and go to the games after work)

  11. “The tenant is in one of the old buildings in the area that they needed to vacate, they had agreed on a price, then he changed his mind and the deal fell through,” the source said. – From the original piece.

    Sounds to me that this may actually just be public negotiations. Let the building owner know that NYC FC has options…

  12. I never understood the need for a 2nd NY team. Maybe in 10 years, but not now. I’ll rather there be a third team in Texas (San Antonio) then a 2nd team in NY.

    • I wish it was “easy” to get to RBA. Its only easy if you live near the PATH or on a subway line that connects to a PATH, and that’s still a bit of a trip. It can easily be two hours driving to/from Queens or parts of Brooklyn with traffic, and that’s before tolls — which is what non-NYers don’t seem to understand about the “2nd” NY team. Depending on traffic, you can drive between Philly and Manhattan in less time than it takes to drive between Queens and RBA. Actually, Philly folks could probably get to Red Bull Arena faster than folks from Queens if the river crossings are backed up. Trust me, I know…

      • That’s quite the exaggeration. For the USA-Turkey match, I was far out on LI, left for RBA at 11:30, made it to the stadium a little after 12:30, found $10 parking near the stadium. That was with traffic on the CBE.

      • Adam isn’t wrong – your example is anecdotal as well. Certainly is possible to make decent time from Queens, but conversely it took me over well over an hour to drive from downtown BK to New Hyde Park last week. I’ve done the drive to Philly in an hour and a half before…. Bottom line, the best stadium location would have close public transportation, preferably on multiple lines.

      • RBA to Brooklyn took over an hour and a half after the US-Turkey game. To go 12 miles.

        Adam’s not wrong, to go from Brooklyn/Queens to RBA can take much longer than the actual game itself with bad traffic.

      • NJ Transit from the center of Manhattan to Newark Penn is a 10-15 min scheduled, and on time train ride. 10-15 min walk to stadium from there. Allows a more central departure from Manhattan, and a lot faster than the path.

      • They have buses that run right from Newark Penn station to the stadium. Have a beer at Bello’s, great sandwiches too (no connection) and then hop on the free bus.

      • Why would you drive from Queens to Red Bull Arena? That doesn’t make sense unless you are going shopping and need the car. Take the flippin’ train. Queens–>Penn–>NJ Penn. Probably can be done in an hour or less if you time it right.

  13. The Acqueduct loacation is in the city, but it is far from ideal. The public transportation options are very limited. Walking is impossible. And adding even more traffic to the Van Wyck and the Belt Parkway is never a good idea. If Flushing Meadows Park is out, Whitestone (the chuck of land directly east of LaGuardia over the water) between College Point Avenue and the Whitstone Expressway and south of 20th Ave. would make more sense in Queens if they could put the plots together.

  14. On a positive note, you will be able to see a game, catch a few races at the track, and then visit the casino all in the same day…plus for those out-of-town fans, the ride from the airport is short!

    That is far far out in Queens (but it does have subway access on the A train, although it is basically going to JFK to see a game). Not surprised they are looking there though, lots of land and less barriers to go through unlike FMCP and the land around Yankee Stadium.

    But seriously, NYCFC better get used to Yankee Stadium. Going to be there a long time.

  15. What a joke… What’s the closest train that goes out there? The last stop on the J? Laughable…. They can’t find any place in LIC for a stadium??

    • A train has a stop right at Aqueduct racetrack, BUT it is only for north-bound trains. Meaning if you are coming from Manhattan/Brooklyn/anywhere except JFK, you would need to go one stop down and switch trains and come back. Yikes.

      Guess that is the subway’s version of “get off and wait for another train in the same direction at Journal Square” for everyone who uses the PATH to come back from RBA.

      • Well I am no pollyanna but they will certainly fix any subway stop issues if they build a stadium that costs hundreds of millions.

        The thing is though, that even with a new stadium at this site, and a subway stop, this is still a worse location than Red Bull Arena. I go to Red Bull games but from east side manhattan its still quicker there than to Aqueduct.

      • Try getting to RBA from Brooklyn sometime, and this was before the PATH closed the WTC station on the weekends.

        75-90 minutes, easy.

        Aqueduct > RBA for Brooklyn and Queens residents.

    • If you’re not sure where the primary facility is, why would you tie yourself to a permanent practice facility that might be someplace else? They might need “temporary” locations in the Bronx area but it might be in their interest to lowkey that to keep the cost down. Kind of like, you buy the land before you get the franchise and say where you plan to site it, so that people don’t gouge you on that.

  16. This is awful. That is by JFK, which is a huge pain in the butt for anyone to get to except long island. You basically lose Connecticut, westchester and rockland counties if you build by JFK

    • …and pick up Brooklyn and Queens which are actually part of the city. There was no way I was ever gong to the Bronx for a soccer match. Now I will probably go to 2-3 games at least.

      • Bingo. It is far out in Queens but will pick up more Queens and Brooklyn residents. Going from Queens/Brooklyn to Yankee Stadium is a haul and Aqueduct will be easier for those residents.

        NYC is big, folks. No matter where you go, you’ll make it a long commute for someone. Unless you drop the stadium at Pier 40, which is a pipe dream.

      • You mean the same residents that didn’t go to Islander games, and don’t go to Mets games. There is a reason teams don’t like going to LI, because you are limiting your fan base to LI. Everyone hates traveling to LI, unless you live there.

  17. Why were they granted a franchise when they had no firm stadium plan?

    And who will care about Man City’s minor league team? Whole thing is a debacle.

    • to answer your first question: because it’s new york, and new york is a special little snowflake.

      secondly, for comparison, nyrb is like the 5th soccer club owned by red bull–it may not be the most popular one, but people certainly care about that team. why wouldn’t they care about another man city team?

      • Glad you see it as I do. People don’t understand its NYC. Like NYC proper!!! Even the Jets and Giants combined could’t get a stadium there! If NYC plays in a baseball stadium for 2 years there before a stadium is built thats still a big deal!! The comments about how San Antonio, Mia, Sac and all these other cites had to get stadiums first just make no sense. Come on people its New York City!

      • NYC Snowflake?? Hahaha Ok..
        I think is more because MLS is trying to take over NASL…
        Where ever NASL team is on! MLS comes right in and try to make it possible before NASL…
        If u know what I mean son!

    • Timing probably was done for tactical reasons….hoping either to pressure Bloomberg, or at least to get the city committed before a new Mayor came on board…or, maybe just hoping that the announcement itself would generate enough public goodwill to carry the Flushing project over the finish line.

    • Calling a team in NY a minor league team to a team in Manchester is small minded and short term thinking. The people that paid above the going rate to get this team in NY knew what they were doing and saw the potential and so did MLS. NYC plays second to no city and it was in MLS best interest to give it to people that could handle the rigors, Look at whats happening to Chivas USA in one of the best soccer markets in the country! The stadium is a small issue that will eventually be solved. NYC can’t play hard ball with the Yankees and Sheiks for that long.

      • Agreed with your general sentiment about NYC. But with regards to the stadium, the city is a mercurial place to build big things.

      • They absolutely can play hardball with them and actually the fact this team is owned by one of the richest men on the planet and the richest team in American sports was the reason why the original Queens deal in Flushing is now dead.

      • No the owners couldn’t wait to distribute $100 million to themselves, wanted a new NY team for the TV talks, and decided to toss out the good advise they made for themselves on expansion into cities or markets with no viable stadium plan. And yes, NYCFC is a farm team of MCFC, one player on MCFC costs more than this entire ill advised expansion team. When one team is sending its rejects and low end talent for minutes to your team…you are the farm team!!

        MLS just needs to admit they made a terrible mistake here. They got desperate when Flushing Meadows went south fast, and talks with the Cosmos broke down…an istead of letting things play out slowly..they just took 100 million and thought the Shiek’s money and a half hearted Yankees relationship would fix everything.

      • I can name endless companies that weren’t successful in their first 12 months. People with vision see MLS as long term thats why the owners themselves aren’t harming their brand and calling it a Man City farm team thats just what the common short cited fan thinks. Look at Kansas City and San Jose, I don’t see anyone calling them a mistake anymore. The people that invested in NYCFC aren’t rich by accident, they have long term goals and they see and understand the potential in MLS and a NY team. In 10 years I can guarantee you we will be talking about what kind of steal NYCFC got. Look at DC United now and I guarantee you this when they get their stadium built they will be able to attract any almost player they want and their books will fly out of the red. I understand you are a cosmos fan and you want your team to be in MLS but thats not reason to hate. Queens is still in NYC and thats still better than anything else I’ve seen from the rest of the teams in NY.

    • NYC=snowflake?? Haha ok…
      I think it was more because they are trying to take over NASL territory…
      Where ever a NASL team is on? MLS goes right back & try it to make it before NASL… If u know what I mean son!

      • C’mon, this is great. It’s just 28 subway stops from Penn Station, on the only line that travels to that part of Queens. It’s gonna be awesome!

      • Aqueduct is actually IN the city. And closer to their potential fans in Brooklyn, Queens (which are where the majority of soccer playing immigrants in the city reside) and Long Island which is a better situation than the Bronx.

      • Yeah, but those posers and hipsters aren’t jumping on the PATH train to New Jersey either.

        More likely they are swiping that Metrocard and jumping on the A train.

        (Posers and hipsters aren’t taking the LIRR to Long Island either, sorry Cosmos fans.)

      • The Bronx has the potential for North Suburbs (Weschester, etc.), plus the south Bronx is close to Manhattan, less than 20 min ride from Columbus Cirlcle in midtown if you hop on the D train, or the 4 train, 6 train and metro north. Or walk over the bridge from 125th street 155th Street in manhattan. No tolls between manhattan and bronx (except for henry hudson). Bronx has big Caribbean, and central America communities along with remnants of Irish and Italians, and ecuadorians.

        South Bronx is best location next to Manhattan, unless you look into Long Island City in Queens and Williamsburg/Brooklyn Heights section of Brooklyn, if you can get any of those tree then they have a hit. A team in the city, (Next to manhattan).

        We all know Manhattan would be ideal..but one can only dream of that

      • Have you been to the south bronx, or northern tip of manhattan in Inwood (where columbia university has fields). There is space

        There might not be open spaces like long island or new jersey , but it will in the city. Close to Subway stations and northern suburbs

      • this would be right in my backyard. On the boarder of brooklyn and Queens, close to the Belt parkway as well. very accessible.Walking distance from the A train as well which stops at the race track.

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