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SBI MLS Save of the Week: Bill Hamid


  1. He (Hamid) is scrambling to his right to cover the bulk of the net when BWP smartly hits it against his momentum forcing Hamid to reverse direction. It’s close in. And like any smart header close to goal, he (BWP) hammers it off the ground so it’s likely to take an unpredictable bounce and force the GK to adjust in mid-air. It’s a really touch save to make.

  2. It looked even more spectacular watching it at RFK. Regarding JK’s complaints in the other article, if Hamid has to miss the game for a friendly, maybe DCU doesn’t get three points.

  3. Great save although the ball was close to his body, I liked Kennedy’s stop against Robbie Keane too. Some very good goalkeeping in MLS these days.


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