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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Brad Guzan of Aston Villa


Brad Guzan and Aston Villa are enjoying a dream start to their English Premier League season, and the Villans sit in second place in the league through four matches. Led by Guzan’s play in goal, and an improved defense that has allowed just one goal so far this season, Aston Villa are riding high after beating Liverpool last week.

Another very tough test awaits today as Arsenal looks to hand the Villans their first loss of the season, while also trying to climb back into the top four. Arsene Wenger’s side has just one in in four matches this season (to go with three ties), but has the weapons to test Guzan.

In Italy, AC Milan and Juventus square off in a Serie A clash of unbeaten teams. Milan are off to a promising start to the new season, and will be looking to send a statement to the defending Serie A champions with a win at the San Siro.

Today’s MLS schedule features several important matches with playoff implications, including Vancouver’s visit to Portland, Houston’s trip to take on the Philadelphia Union, and the Columbus Crew meet the New England Revolution.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


7:15 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – Watford vs. AFC Bournemouth

7:45 a.m. – NBC Sports Network – Queens Park Rangers vs. Stoke City

9:30 a.m. – GolTV USA – Hamburg vs. Bayern Munich

10 a.m. – NBC Sports Network – Aston Villa vs. Arsenal

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Burnley vs. Sunderland

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Newcastle vs. Hull City

10 a.m. – Premier League Extra Time – Swansea City vs. Southampton

10 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – Deportivo La Coruña vs. Real Madrid

12 p.m. – beIN Sports en Español – Athletic Bilbao vs. Granada

12:30 p.m. – NBC – West Ham United vs. Liverpool

12:30 p.m. – GolTV USA – Mainz vs. Borussia Dortmund

2 p.m. – beIN Sports en Español – Atletico Madrid vs. Celta de Vigo

2:45 p.m. – beIN Sports USA – AC Milan vs. Juventus

3 p.m. – GolTV USA – El Tanque Sisley vs. Peñarol

4 p.m. – beIN Sports en Español – Espanyol vs. Malaga

5 p.m. – NBC Sports Network – Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

6 p.m. – Univision Deportes – Club America vs. Pachuca

6 p.m. – ESPN Deportes/Azteca America – Puebla vs. Chiapas

7 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick – Philadelphia Union vs. Houston Dynamo

7:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick – Columbus Crew vs. New England Revolution

7:30 p.m. – NBC Sports Network – New York Red Bulls vs. Seattle Sounders

8 p.m. – Univision Deportes – Tigres UANL vs. Universidad de Guadalajara

8:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick – Chicago Fire vs. D.C. United

9:05 p.m. – Telemundo – Club Leon vs. Veracruz

10 p.m. – Univision Deportes – Atlas vs. Cruz Azul

10:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick – LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas


      • I won’t say its luck but he clearly has a very very limited skillset. He is good for dominate big teams who just need someone in the box.(Although Mexico is like this in cancacaf and it hasn’t helped him.)

        The move is just weird because we all know how he has been playing over the last 2 years and it isn’t good. Like noted above, Vela or Peralta are both better then he is right now.

      • Vela is the better player but he is a winger/second striker
        Peralta was good but he got old too fast, it seems that Hernandez will get back his confidence and starting spot with Mexico.

      • For sure. But it’s still two goals. And the first one was sick. 20 yards out, curving rocket into the upper 90. His second was probably 25 yards out and took a deflection, so a bit of luck. Either way, he’s getting time with Real Madrid and now has two goals to build off of.

      • Okay believe what you like. I have seen him play plenty of times for Mexico in the last 2 years. Tells me all I need to know.

      • What do I believe?! I’m just saying he scored tWo nice goals today. Him playing and scoring for Madrid will improve his Mexico form…most likely.

      • As much as it pains me to say, Hernandez is still (even in a bad run of form) the most dangerous forward in our region.

      • eh, debatable. Jozy still way more important to his national team…Jozy makes the USMNT team better an without him Cup without him

      • Can’t dispute you on that (the world cup was evident of that).

        However, I said “dangerous”. Hernandez is always a threat and can be a nightmare. He’s even more dependent on service than Jozy, to be honest, but he’s tireless with his workrate and even without the ball, is making defenders work.

      • why did you stay away fromhere for so long?

        anyway, not debating either player’s qualities. Jozy more dangerous for USMNT than Hernandez is for Mexico 🙂

    • yep, and if there’s one thing you can always compare, it’s two players at different stages of their careers playing for different teams in different seasons.

      • i think you’re missing the point… if Jozy played with Real Madrid in a game vs Deportivo ( and they were up 6-1 when he entered game in 77′) im pretty sure Jozy would get 2 goals…. the apples and oranges refers to the players’ clubs, not the players themselves.

  1. I thought Jozy whiffed, literally and figurativly, on every touch he had. Not encouraging. Possession ended with him every time he touched it.

  2. Ugh Sunderland is so bad. And even though I’m a madrid fan I don’t like seeing Chicharito scoring two goals! Lol

    Gyau in the 18, hopefully he gets time. Once again, glad GolTV is back in my cable package.

    • i think less rusty and more the latter; he goes in for a cross and the guy ground passes it to him…. he looks for overlap and Van A pulled back from his run, etc. I truly think his best angle is to just train well, play the sub role for most of the season, build chem in practice and try to make a late season push for starting minutes

  3. I forget that this site is still online. Feels so different with neither Dempsey or Bradley playing in Europe, It’s like why even come here only to hear Howard/Guzan had a decent game with 4 saves but no cleansheet and Jozy got 12 mins off the bench.

    I miss the days of Bradley with Roma or Dempsey scoring a brace for FULHAM and all the celebrations we shared

    • Of course this site also provides ample coverage of our domestic league that featured aforementioned Dempsey and Bradley among many other USMNT players

  4. Wickham and Altidore pretty similar in a lot of ways. Pretty good technique in holding up the ball but tend to get it poked away from behind.

      • Yeah. Wickham has lit up the BPL this season with his zero goals. No forwards have scored for Sunderland at this early point in the season.

      • Yea, I gathered a minority of people reading that post would take offense to facts. But, facts are facts. “Goals”. 9 is still more than 1.

        One scores. One does not.

      • Conor Wickham is a goal scoring machine, with 10 in all competitions since 2011. Funny, Sunderland fans are saying that Wickham and Fletcher need more service…But that can’t be the problem. Fletcher and Wickham aren’t scoring because they are terrible players.

      • you could’ve said ‘scored’, which would be more accurate for their sunderland careers–wonder why you didn’t?

        of course, i also don’t think they’re similar players at all, which is why wickham might do well at sunderland, while jozy should get the hell out.

        and welcome back (unless this is a new ‘old school’?).

    • Well, he got a yellow card today. That was mental. Hamburg will still be happy to be honest but draws vs Bayern seem easier to get these days.

  5. Oh wow, Hamburg should have had it. Well could have. Neuer was out of midfield stuck with the ball. Green(?) I think almost got the ball off him but Neuer hit it with his hand as it went past. Ref whistled for it but I really need to see it again to see if he should have played advantage.

      • Why is a hand ball by the keeper out of the box. and there is no doubt that Neuer was way out of the box, not called a penalty kick?

        As the video clip K2 linked to, Green made a great toe flip at speed to get it over Neuer and go forward with his teammates to the keeper-less net which would have had a super high percentage of success. Bummer!

        btw K2, long ago I raced on the old red, white and blue K2 4’s, 208’s.

      • Wrong.

        Not when the keeper is out of the box they don’t. It was even questioned in the Munich newspapers. In an interview Neuer grinned and said it was a deliberate hand ball. He said it was up to the ref to whistle.

      • Sachel,

        Are you joking? PKs can only happen in the box. PKs = penalty kicks.

        are you attempting to say the handball should have been a red card?

        otherwise, you have no idea what you are saying because you can’t get a PK if you aren’t in the box…

      • bryan, in an article in a Munich newspaper the ref. was quoted saying that because there were 2 defenders behind the ball he couldn’t say it would have been a sure goal for Hamburger. That’s why he only gave Neuer a yellow.

    • A couple of months ago I had 5 hours to spare so I called up Crime Warner Cable and asked them what the Gol TV upgrade cost…. the serious answer was 61 cents. I suspect more and more that the Gol network is run out of somebody’s dorm room at this point, and they’ll just take whatever comes their way.

  6. Speaking of Goalkeeping. OMG!!! Nasco! dude has been a disaster for Colorado.

    In fact, their goalkeeping has completely fallen apart this year. Its hard not to to have sentimental feelings for old soldiers like Pablo M. but someone needs to ask him what has happened to the goalkeepers since he has been in charge.

  7. Well 79 seconds changes everything. Guzan has to be furious with his D line for leaving Welbeck wide open on the 2nd, and as I write this an own goal.

  8. Other soccer options tonight:
    NASL: San Antonio Scorpions vs. Minnesota United at 8:30 ET on ESPN3 (the top two teams in the league)
    USL Pro: Richmond Kickers vs. Harrisburg City Islanders at 7:30 ET
    Sacramento Republic FC vs. LA Galaxy II at 10:30 ET both streaming live through USL Pro.

  9. signing off, so a couple words on morales:

    thought he was solely a d-mid, but he’s definitely more box-to-box–he occasionally even played up top with the forwards–and he’s got good technical ability. he does get beat a little too easily when 1v1, and he tends to get sucked into the action so that he loses his mark.

    and he’s got one of the most punchable faces i’ve ever seen, so there’s that.


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