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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Julian Green



Julian Green’s loan stint with Bundesliga side Hamburg kicks off today, as we find out just what his new club has planned for him.

Green and Hamburg take on Hannover 96 in one of the matches that will attract the most interest from Americans eager to see if Green is ready to earn regular minutes with Hamburg.

Rio Ferdinand returns to Old Trafford with new club Queens Park Rangers as they face Manchester United. Ferdinand will get a chance to see Manchester United’s many big-money purchases pulled off during the summer transfer window, such as Angel DiMaria and Falcao.

If you will be watching today’s soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s Soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


6am — beIN Sports Connect — Rayo Vallecano vs. Elche

6:30am — beIN Sports Connect — Sampdoria vs. Torino

7:45am — beIN Sports Connect — Lille vs. Nantes

8:15am — beIN Sports USA — Nottingham Forest vs. Derby Country

9am — beIN Sports Connect — Fiorentina vs. Genoa

9am — beIN Sports en Español — Inter Milan vs. Sassuolo

9am — beIN Sports Connect — Lazio vs. Cesena

9am — beIN Sports Connect — Napoli vs. Chievo

9:30am — GOLTV USA — Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Augsburg

11am — NBC Sports/Telemundo — Manchester United vs. Queens Park Rangers

11am — beIN Sports Connect — Guingamp vs. Bordeaux

11am — beIN Sports en Español — Valencia vs. Espanyol

11:30am — GOLTV USA — Hannover 96 vs. Hamburger SV

1pm — beIN Sports en Español — Sevilla vs. Getafe

1pm — Univision — Pumas UNAM vs. Tigres UANL

2pm — ESPN3 — University of Missouri-Kansas City vs. Kansas (women’s soccer)

2:45pm — beIN Sports USA — Parma vs. AC Milan

3pm — MLS Live/Univision Deportes — San Jose Earthquakes vs LA Galaxy

3pm — beIN Sports Connect — Evian TG vs Olympique Marseille

3pm — beIN Sports en Español — Granada vs Villarreal

3pm — ESPN3 — São Paulo vs. Cruzeiro


  1. I know its early but every time I watch Green play I really don’t see the big deal about him. lol Now I have a very small sample size less then 5 games. But I don’t see it but his only 19

    • I don’t know. I think he’s definitely shown some nice flashes where he’s taken on defenders and done really well and mixed it with some poor touches. Has he given you a Ryan Giggs vs Arsenal in 1999 FA Cup goal? No, but that’s not really fair to ask of a 19 y.o. For me, this is pretty much what I’d expect to see out of a highly talented kid of his age. He’s still a good 3-4 years of development away from showing what kind of player he can really be. I think people forget how far away even very talented 19 year olds are from being the players they (hopefully) will become.

      • It’s all a bit depraved around here these days when it comes to these youngsters. Americans have never suggested “Patience” as a national motto so much as “Piping Hot and Spectacular” or more simply “Whatever Just Make it Fast”. Jozy Altidore has died of old age 18 times this month on this site alone.

    • What is it you’re looking for? If you’re expecting Messi-esque dribbling and Suarez-like finishing then I agree. To me he looks like one of the better players in our pool, which says more about the quality of our players than anything, but that doesn’t mean Green isn’t a talented player.

  2. Getting subbed out at halftime makes me think the coach wasn’t too happy with Green’s play.
    Especially since the team looked much better in the second half.

  3. Re Julian:

    That cross he had was inch perfect.

    He seemed much better on the right than on the left.

    Maybe moving forward we should look to play FabJo as left mid and Green as a right mid.

    Whoever plays CAM needs to be able to push really high next to Jozy, maybe this where Aron can slot making the position more of a withdrawn forward position.

    But if JK is serious about the 4-3-3 this is how I see it happening



    • would slot MB to the right and play a true CDM (Beckerman type) in the middle.
      Would expect Williams to get a look early 2015 for that roll,
      LB is likely Chandler…..with Garza, Klute or someone similar backing him up.

  4. JG didn’t see much of the ball and didn’t have anyone to combine with when he got it. Hamburg was outclassed much like Sunderland was most of last year. Like the Black Cats of that time, they got completely outclassed in the midfield. Today, at least, there was a noticeable lack of ball winning and commitment to winning the ball back together with a number of guys who either aren’t looking to move the ball quickly or are simply lumping it up the pitch. It’s a bad combination.You’d think a guy like Holtby would have helped. He used to have a great work rate, but he didn’t seem interested in getting stuck in today.

  5. Looks like Julian Green is going to be hyper micro-analyzed similar to Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, and Jozy Altidore… Not a bad group to be in I suppose.

    • Not true. He looked like a dazed and confused deer with his eyes locked on the headlights of an oncoming truck. He lost the ball at least five times and had the ball at his feet with plenty of time for an easy shot on goal and kicked the ball right at the feet of an opponent. He looked like a child trying to play against men. Could be a simple case of nerves for his first game and he will come out fighting in the second half. But his first half was bad.

      • ah no. i would agree with who scored who gave him a 6.3. he played ok. couldve had an assist and a goal. played good defensively.

      • Im talking about regular playing time. Obviously he wasnt gonna get regular minutes with Bayern. If he wanted to be a regular champions league player, he would have to go down a couple leagues

      • Yes because a two minute garbage time appearance in a dead rubber group stage match obvoiusly makes someone a “champions league” player. Come on – can’t this kid do something before we decide he’s the greatest? And no, a lucky mis-hit goal against Belgium isn’t enough.

      • …He made the roster and played for a VERY good team at 19. Scored a goal at WC (luky or not). Thats something .

        Youre the biggest AntiGermican person on the site anything he does you will discredit

      • Slow is being perfectly reasonable here. Hamburg is terrible and had to win a relegation play off last year. If is a mini robben well he should carry them. Quite frankly im just hoping he is just a fairly good winger like Fabian.

        There is plenty of middle ground between Eden Hazard and Brek Shea. He will like be somewhere in the middle there.

      • No ones saying hes the next anything.. Slow is saying ppl are saying hes the one is….Slow is never reasonable… Also at 19 robben wasnt carrying teams either. These games are for gaining experience…

        All am saying is..ppl hate on the kid for …trying to excel?!….i dont even know why..

        Im not even a fan of his.

      • slowleftarm needs a hug. He hasn’t had one for a long time. For the love of our suffering fellow man, can someone, anyone, take pity and give the guy a hug, pat him on the back and tell him: “it’s okay big guy, everything will be all right”?

        His pain just oozes through the internets.

      • Also..who is saying hes the greatest?…No one. He has potential thats it. Even Guardiola has mentioned it. Furthermore, its not his fault he was given a WC spot. Go find a JK article to spew your irrational hate.

  6. Watching Green via possibly the lowest quality feed on the internet right now…

    Could be a bit more involved, but showing signs. Some of his teammates are pretty dreadful. Green gave a nice nutmeg pass to a wide open teammate about 10 ft away who must have been surprised and let it go out of bounds.

    Also put in a spot on cross (unlike his service against Czech Republic) that a teammate headed just wide.

    • HAHAHA yes I like that, the Altidote treatment… Although I remember the days when people couldnt stand Brian Ching or whoever was playing up top cause they WERENT Jozy. Jozy was ready for primetime at 17, now years later some people are sick of him despite his ability and potential.

      Green has massive potential as well and I feel awful that the kid has received such treatment.

      • What treatment? He’s been feted and given a free world cup spot despite accomplishing pretty much nothing. Sounds like he’s had it pretty good if you ask me.

      • You’re still on this free WC thing? He scored a goal in the WC. Even if it was free he made the best of it. I don’t know why people are giving him a hard time and letting Brad Davis get a pass. He was the real wasted roster spot.

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