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Soumare handed one-game suspension for stepping on Seaton

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Intentional or not, Bakary Soumare is paying the piper.

Soumare was handed a one-game suspension and undisclosed fine by the MLS Disciplinary Committee on Thursday for stepping on Michael Seaton¬†in the Chicago Fire’s 3-3 draw with D.C. United last weekend. The incident occurred in the ninth minute after Soumare fouled the teenage forward near midfield,¬†resulting in a ban that will keep the Fire center back from playing in the club’s match at the Houston Dynamo on Sunday.

Additionally, the MLS Disciplinary Committee fined Chivas USA midfielder Leandro Barrera an unknown amount for simulation in the 80th minute of Sunday’s 3-0 loss to Toronto FC.

Barrera is the second player this week to be punished with only a fine. Toronto midfielder Michael Bradley was given a monetary penalty on Tuesday for his critical comments to media regarding match official David Gantar, who made a controversial decision that disallowed a would-be winner for the Reds in a 1-1 draw with the Fire on Sept. 13.


What do you think of these punishments? Was Soumare’s incident worth more than just a one-game suspension?

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  1. The league is punishing the result. Other players see this and may make a greater effort to avoid stepping on someone’s back (hand, leg, head etc.) with cleats. Soumare likely did not “intend” to step on Seaton, but he sure as heck didn’t try very hard (if at all) to avoid it either. That had to have hurt and it was dangerous. I agree with the suspension.

  2. This seems way too harsh, and a great example of overzealousness in hindsight. I suppose Soumare *might* have been able to extend his leg so as to miss Seaton completely, but it is hard for me to fault him here.

  3. Sorry, this one really irks me. The play was right in front of me and I saw a guy lose his balance. The ref was right there and saw the same thing and called a foul. I don’t recall a yellow card. sometimes I wonder about this league and wonder if Arena has a point.

    • i watched it several times to try and find ANY notion of intent…… the first guy fell, the player’s feet got tangled and he last his balance subtly and needed somewhere to put his foot down. it wasnt a “stomp” he just put his foot down and the guy was on the ground. silly suspension.

      • He’s moving forward shoving through the guy’s back — a foul — so when the guy falls over his momentum is still forward. He catches one leg on the guy and starts to fall forward, tries to do a little hop around the guy, doesn’t get far enough, lands on him.

        They’re punishing a result — thou shalt not stomp no matter what — not intent.

  4. As a Fire fan, I’d like to personally file an appeal to the league on this decision, requesting that the 1 match ban be extended to 30. Thank you.

    • wow really? his leg didnt even extend. to “stomp” intentionally, his leg would have notably extended. it didnt. his heel touch DC players back and Soumare’s toe extends down to touch ground and relieve pressure from his heel. additionally, he IMMEDIATELY talks to ref essentially saying there was no intent and he accepts foul. THEN he turns to DC’s Kitchen and reiterates. as a player, when one’s TRYING to do harm he A) shows obvious extension of leg to make contact ( think N. Suh groin kick in the NFL) and B) wouldnt IMMEDIATELY calmly talk to ref and opposition with arm around back in a friendly fashion……

      • As another Fire fan, also named Nate, I think the original Nate meant that Soumare has disappointed us and we wouldn’t mind him being relieved of duty indefinitely. The stomp’s merits are debatable, I don’t think it was mean spirited at least. Cleats happen.

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