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Toronto FC begin construction to expand BMO Field




Despite the relative uncertainty surrounding this season’s big-money acquisitions, Toronto FC are set to open up the checkbook for stadium expansions.

Construction on TFC’s BMO Field began Tuesday in a project that is expected to cost roughly $100 million. The expansion, which will be conducted in two phases, will be completed in spring of 2016.

The project’s first phase, which will continue through May 2015, will see the addition of 8,400 seats, as well as new suites, an HD video board and a new concourse. Construction on the second phase will then see the addition of new sound systems, lighting, and a canopy that will cover a majority of the seats.

The city of Toronto will be contributing $10 million to the expansion project, while the remaining funds will be covered by Toronto FC owners Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment.

BMO Field has housed Toronto FC since the stadium’s opening in 2007.

Check out some more renderings of the BMO Field expansion after the jump:

BMO-Slide1 BMO-Slide2 BMO-Slide3

What do you think of the expanded BMO Field? How will it compare with other stadiums around MLS?

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  1. All soccer stadiums in MLS should have at least have 80% roof cover, for cold and hot weather. It’s that simple, and not that cheap roof cover like at rio tinto and union and yes galaxy stadium as well.

  2. Can MLS teams install terraces instead of seating? The Germans have shown that it can be done safely and that would really add to the atmosphere of the game.

  3. Is there really still a waiting list for their tickets. Are there 8400 more fans dying to get in the building next season? It sure didn’t look like it when they played Chivas last weekend.

  4. looks great. around 30,000 would make it the largest SSS in the USA & Canada and roof canopy is a must in northern climates. too bad about the city views, but the roof and higher capacity is probably a bit more important in the long run.

    this article did not mention the still proposed 3rd phase that would move Toronto’s CFL team there in 2018, and would probably make the field longer…

    now, after all the construction they better turn this ship around and win!

    in other mls stadium news SJ’s stadium is coming together, first seats installed today

  5. Would be more excited about if Defoe didn’t want out and management was completely incompetent. Might be seeing a lot of empty seats.

    Also, looks like they lose that cool view of the skyline over the one sideline?


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