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Video: Shea discusses loan move to Birmingham City

Brek Shea



  1. Just more evidence Shea isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. Get a clue, get prepared for the interview. How many questions could he possible ask? Embarrassing. That said, I still hope he turns it around and does well. The better he does, the more competition for spots on the USMNT and the better we are. C’mon Brek, less talk, more rock!

  2. I think brek Shea should play as a striker and not as a winger. When he had his best mls year he was basically a striker and was scoring lots of goals. He has lots of tools to be a good striker

    • I agree. but I could also see him as a defensive midfielder. I think when Klinsmann took the job, he was seeing Shea as his new Schweitsteiger. Unfortunately, only their tall lanky size and blonde hair are comparable.

      • i think you are way off on JK ever considering Shea as a defensive mid. JK has, at least from what i can tell, thought of Shea as a left winger from day 1.

    • Yeah, left striker in a 4-3-3, which Klinsmann really prefers…in an ideal world, though, he’d get a decent cross with his right and you could play him as the right striker in the 4-3-3, much like Brazil did with Hulk, so he can put the ball on his left – coming from the right – and get in on goal.

      He’s got tools few other players in the pool have, and I’m not writing him off quite yet…if he “catches” and gets some confidence going he could be a difference-maker, which is exactly why Klinsmann hasn’t given up on him either.

  3. I honestly do think Brek is trying hard to succeed. However hes just not very good. Europe has exposed his mental flaws. I remember in while in FCD he would just disappear for chunks of the game i think he needs to learn the mental part of the game and learn how to get in the sync of a game. His greatest asset is his downfall..hes a wild card.

      • I sense some contempt in your “run back to MLS” comment.

        Not sure how much you know about the league but it’s just as good a place to get good quality playing time. Yeah, ideally everyone wants their favorite players playing in the bigger, more established, older leagues but we are at a point fight now where the American player is valued more at home than abroad. That will certainly change but what also keeps changing is the quality of MLS and its level of play. Our guys don’t ;look so out of place in big competitions anymore.

        I am happy that Shea, who is a quality player, has fought hard to find playing time abroad but also would have had no problems or thumbed my nose at him if he came back home and found good playing time to sharpen his game again and give him the confidence he needs to play at the level we all know he is capable of.

      • I enjoy MLS and probably watch it more then any other league. I even have the MLS live package. I just think people shouldn’t be so negative on a player that does take that risk and tries it over seas. Its not even so much about the level of play as pushing yourself out of that comfort zone.

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