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Wednesday Kickoff: Rooney praises Ferguson; AC Milan facing potential Seedorf lawsuit; and more

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After years of strife between the two, Wayne Rooney is finally singing the praises of his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Manchester United captain came into conflict with Ferguson many times during his run at Old Trafford, most recently when Ferguson revealed less-than-flattering reviews of Rooney in his autobiography. However, Rooney, now the captain for club and country, has finally come around and praised the longtime Man United manager, calling him “the best manager there has been”.

“Sir Alex is an incredible person and manager,” Rooney said. “He helped me a lot, helped us all. He brought it all together and made us world champions. I’m really grateful for everything he’s done.

He didn’t stop there, though.

“Sir Alex was vitally important,” Rooney continued. “You see his desire for the game. I’m grateful to him for having faith in me to bring me from Everton. It was a great feeling [to meet Ferguson for the first time] — Sir Alex is the best manager there has been.”

Here are some more news and notes to kickoff your Wednesday morning:


Fresh off a thrilling 5-4 victory over Parma, AC Milan are in the news for money issues yet again.

The Italian club are now facing a potential lawsuit from former manager Clarence Seedorf over money owed to him following his departure earlier this year. According to Seedorf’s lawyer, Tiziano Treu,  the former Dutch star is unhappy with the structure of his payout and  the two sides are struggling to settle their differences.

“We hope for an amicable solution and [one] that satisfies both parties, but the last meeting did not go very well,” Treus said. “As things stand there is a high chance we will end up in court.”

Seedorf took control of the team in January, but was relieved of his duties following a disappointing eighth-place finish.


Hamburg have decided to promote from within after firing Mirko Slomka on Monday.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Hamburg CEO Dietmar Beiersdorfer confirmed that former Hamburg reserves coach Josef Zinnbauer has been handed the reigns of the squad. Hamburg are coming off their second straight Bundesliga loss that’s left them in last place in the league.

The news means that Julian Green will have to impress Zinnbauer to remain in the starting lineup, a few days removed from making his Bundesliga debut.


Having had the rare opportunity to play his entire club career with one club, Barcelona legend Xavi, a native of Catalonia, says he refuses to consider playing against his boyhood club.

The midfielder has been a part of the Spanish side since he was 11 years old and, despite receiving numerous offers from around Europe in recent seasons, Xavi has ruled out moving to any other European club.

“I told the club that I did not want to play for another team in Europe,” the 34-year-old midfielder said. “I wanted to finish up playing at Barcelona, and then we will see what happens in the future.

“I did not want to play against Barcelona. I do not want to see myself in a Champions League game, playing in the Camp Nou, wearing another jersey. I want to avoid that situation.”

In addition to being linked with a slew of European clubs in recent seasons, Xavi was most recently believed to be on his way to Qatar to join Al-Arabi. However, the move failed to materialize and the midfielder is currently under contract with Barcelona until 2016.


Sassuolo forward Domenico Berardi has received a three-match ban for elbowing Inter Milan’s Juan Jesus. (REPORT)

The FA are looking to limit number of non-EU players playing in England. (REPORT)

Newcastle United winger Jonas Gutierrez has revealed that he is battling testicular cancer. (REPORT)

Former Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese is considering offer to become a wrestler with WWE. (REPORT)

West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Ben Foster is looking to play on despite a broken thumb. (REPORT)

What do you think of these notes? What do you think of Rooney’s comments What do you make of Seedorf’s frustration with AC Milan? Do you expect Green to remain in the Hamburg starting XI?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Barcelona is one of the best clubs…
    Cuz they take care of the players…
    Good job Xabi! So loyal to the team!!
    Look at MLS!!
    They change players like they were trading cards!!

  2. Well done agent greg dyke. One step closer in making the MLS the preminent league for non EU players. Expand the MLS 4 more teams. NYCFC, Orlando City, Atlanta, San Antonie(?). Add PDL so young players get game time. Premier League not letting in any non EU talent. Racist chants from Moscow to Spain. More commercial deals for MLS. Better playing surface, salaries, coaching, profile.

  3. Concerning the report from the FA, isn’t this coming a few days premature. Why not wait until Friday see what Scotland does with the vote. If they leave and there is a domino effect which then England chooses to removed themselves from the EU (now not having Scottish votes to keep them in), then the FA could limit the numbers of both non-EU and EU players and not break any laws.
    Legally the FA can limit players from Europe now, and until they are able I don’t see how this is going to help, maybe with League 1 and Championship, but I doubt very much with EPL teams

    • Backwards looking proposal in my opinion. Trying to blame the influx of foreigners for their youth system’s inability to produce enough talent. I’m sure they would significantly reduce all foreigners if they were legally allowed to but they cannot restrict players from the EU at this point. If England does leave the EU, they’ll be able to do so. As you say, this would be far more likely if Scotland leaves tomorrow.


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