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Wednesday Kickoff: Khedira to miss six weeks; Di Maria questions Germany friendly; and more

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Despite all of their attacking prowess in midfield, Real Madrid look to be facing a crisis when it comes to fielding a midfield stopper.

Sami Khedira is set to miss six weeks due to a torn muscle in his left thigh, leaving Real Madrid weakened in the back. It’s unfortunate timing for the Estadio Bernabéu side, following the departure of Xabi Alonso to Bayern Munich earlier this week.

Khedira’s injury was confirmed during his time training with the German national team, which is preparing to take on Argentina in a rematch of this summer’s World Cup final.

The World Cup Champions insist that they were sent an already-injured Khedira, while Real Madrid responded that the player was fully fit after the club’s 3-2 loss to Sevilla earlier in the week.

Here are some more news and notes to kickoff your Wednesday morning:


There’s been noise from the Argentine camp as well. Just days after making his Manchester United debut, Angel Di Maria said he is far from excited at the prospect at getting revenge over Germany in their anticipated friendly.

The British record midfielder with the idea of facing Germany in the midst of an already busy year, as Di Maria said he would prefer not to take part in such a game during an already busy slate of fixtures.

“The season is very long, with the Copa America too at the end of the year,” Di Maria said. “I believe these games, sometimes, I would prefer to avoid them. This is not about revenge, it is just a friendly game, nothing more.”

“They are the world champions and we are coming to their party. They will present the trophy. But, well, we will try to do our best.”


In preparation for the club’s now-ongoing transfer ban, Barcelona were looking to add one more defender to their ranks ahead of the close of the summer transfer window. However, an offer hovering around $52 million was not enough to budge fellow giants Paris Saint-Germain.

Barcelona’s big-money bid for defender Marquinhos was rejected by the Parisians, as club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi insists that the 20-year old is seen as a huge part of the club’s future plans.

“We have received a huge offer from Barcelona for Marquinhos, one worth more than ($52 million),” said El-Khelaifi. “But Paris Saint-Germain are not a club that buys players to sell them on again. We are not here to do business and try to make profit on a player. We are here to build a great club with some amazing players. 

“If it was our aim to sell players and make profits, we could have sold three or four players this summer. But that’s not our philosophy.”


Just one year removed from the start of the club’s attempt to join Europe’s elite, AS Monaco’s ambitious efforts appears all but finished, and the club’s supporters are not happy about it.

Having lost stars James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao, supporters have released a statement against the club’s hike in season ticket prices.

“With these two departures and with almost no new signings during the whole transfer window, Monaco fans are swinging between anger, confusion and frustration,” the statement said. “The fans feel betrayed today – for having believed the club’s promises and having accepted a significant increase in season ticket prices at Stade Louis II.

“There’s nothing to indicate the club will accept these demands, but at least they will show our general unhappiness.”


Defender Vincent Kompany’s could feature in Belgium’s friendly with Australia after a knee injury picked up in training proved not to be serious. (REPORT)

England goalkeeper Ben Foster has returned to West Bromwich Albion after picking up an injury. (REPORT)

AZ Alkmaar coach Marco van Basten will not return to the team until mid-September due to health issues. (REPORT)

Real Madrid add defender Guillermo Varela on loan from Manchester United. (REPORT)


  1. I don’t know Di Maria, Klinsmann said these FIFA are really important. I know when Americans disagree with Klinsmann I am suppose to believe Klinsmann, but what about when a great Argentinian disagrees?

    • I don’t know what JK has to do with it but I agree that a rematch of the world cup final less than two months later seems pointless.

    • Technically, Klinsmann didn’t say that. He said that he isn’t calling MLS players because MLS schedules on FIFA date. But, other countries are calling their MLS players, so the teams already are losing their players for these games while the US doesn’t get the benefit of cohesion because the US has an international squad and an US squad.

      Also, there is a question of what is the highest level of soccer. As I understand it, Champions League and the top flight soccer is considered more competitive than International soccer, even including the World Cup (so playing for your country is a step down in competitiveness compared to club / champions league soccer). But, MLS is not nearly as competitive as International soccer, so it’s step up for most of the MLS players.

      • I actually disagree that Top Flight football leagues are more competitive than International ball. I think the Upsets in this world cup show how little margin for error there is within a group. Anyone can get knocked out of a group these days.

        League drama is limited to the top 4 but Costa Rica knocked out 2 former winners of the WC and beat a 3rd to go top of their group. This could never happen in a league. It can however happen in the Champions league.

        I would say the best play occurs in the Chamions league and the highest level is there right now. I think in 20 years time the highest level will be the Club World Cup. I think Chinese teams will gain monetary power. The MLS will do the same. The best players will not only be in Europe.

    • For teams not involved in Euro qualifying, all of these friendlies are borderline worthless. I can’t blame Di Maria for voicing his concern. Juergen’s approach was solid by calling in a bunch of young and hungry players that I’m sure were thrilled to get the call….not that Juergen had many Euro options anyways, but still.

      • Now, that is true. What does a Brazil or Argentina learn by calling in their stars right now? Very little. It’s just money making for South American teams if they do that.

        Euro teams need this however and its useful if treated correctly by other non- Euro teams. It is important and JK said but only if its treated correctly by the national team.

  2. PSG would have been insane to sell Marquinhos to buy David Silva. At 20 hes already a better defender that Silva, who will be at best a stop gap measure (for 50 mil euros the world has gone insane) until Marquinhos is ready.

    I was upset when Roma sold him so early for so little. if they had played him and waited 2 years they could have recueved double and won a fair bit while at it.


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