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SBI Thursday Rewind: Still icy between Donovan, Klinsmann; MLS says Red Bulls not for sale; and more

Donovan by David Richard-USA TODAY

Photo by David Richard/USA TODAY Sports

Landon Donovan may get a farewell match, but it hardly seems like an occasion U.S. Men’s National Team coach Jurgen Klinsmann is looking forward to. In an interview published Thursday, Donovan said there had been no contact between the legendary player and Klinsmann ahead of the Oct. 10 match. Asked if Donovan ever got an apology from Klinsmann’s son due to a now-infamous mocking tweet, Donovan said he had not.

Meanwhile, Red Bull and Major League Soccer refuted reports that the energy drink company wanted to sell the New York Red Bulls. More reports came out Thursday indicating Frenchman Thierry Henry would be leaving the Red Bulls, but coach Mike Petke and MLS Commissioner Don Garber deflected rumors of Red Bulls not sticking around.

And former USMNT defender Jonathan Spector is out for the season. He was diagnosed with a torn thigh muscle, which means he will miss the rest of the season with Birmingham City — but it could open the door for American Will Packwood to see the field more.

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  1. Who does Landon Donovan think he is, some sort of modern day Jesus meets Pele? Landon owes Klinsmann an apology for failing him at Bayern Munich and for acting like a primmadonna when Klinsmann needed him most during qualifying. Landon Donovan the most overrated soccer star ever.

  2. I just have a feeling when the real story comes out in “Landon Legend, the Biography of LD” it will be good….but not for JK.

  3. Yeah. Totally unwanted. Stupid soda pop. God! Imagine if a drug company was a team name or God forbid a cement company.

    Red Bull is a horrible company for doing other stupid things like; supporting professional big wave surfers in Chile that support environmental concerns – Ramon Navarro, Rebuilding a dilapidated club and providing educational opportunities for under-served youth in Brasil – CF Campinas – and yes because the Newark area was doing great economically they just had to decontaminate the Harrison Port area and build a stadium working alongside investors to create a walking mall and apartments.

    We all knew that Red Bull would eventually back out and become simply the shirt and stadium sponsor, and that’s the way a sponsorship works. Where is @stopwhiningaboutsoccerintheus ?

    • I don’t even like sponsors on the jerseys.

      The problem is most of what people whine about are necessary to keep money coming in, so I can watch great soccer. You do agree with that ? I don’t know how anyone could disagree. Hopefully “selling out” is less necessary.

      Hmmmm. Columbus Concrete nickname The Wall. Not too bad….better than Red Bulls ?

      • I don’t really like them either but they are necessary without commercials. So, I agree. Cruz Azul and Bayer come to mind, and nobody seems to care. St. Pauli may disagree (friggin socialists) .. oh wait! is that a beer?

        thanks for jumping in. QWASinUS

      • Thanks for calling me out. My wife doesn’t even want me, nice to be needed.
        Don’t let the whiners get you down…

        Their quality stinks (wrong btw, but whatever)
        They don’t have development teams
        They don’t play in good stadiums

        They are advertising…
        and now they want to raise my season tickets went up $.50 a game !!!

        All you can do is laugh.

    • But seriously

      Can you point me to any message board, any forum, or any comment section where die-hard Red Bulls fans are begging them to stay?

      This can’t be going unnoticed by the league or by Austria

  4. Nobody is demanding that Red Bull stay. Nobody.

    Completely unloved and unwanted.

    All you hear is people hoping for Metro or the Cosmos

    • Klinsi’s son mentioned an apology on Twitter right after it happened. He doesn’t owe Donovan anything. If he did, Donovan would get a ton of apologies from the thousands who have criticized him in the past. Dumb question to ask him.

      I also have no problem with Klinsi not talking to Donovan. Why would he? I doubt he’s talked to most of his players outside of the ones who are really a part of the team. No need for lip service.

      These articles always make it out like Klinsi owes Donovan something. With the exception of a tap in goal against Mexico, Donovan did nothing for Klinsi in a meaningful way. All he did was make his life harder by backing away from the team when he was put in charge.

      We US fans own Donovan and will pay him back with a proper reception in a week.

      • We get it dude. You don’t like the guy. You’ve made that very clear in several posts. Just give it up.

  5. bring back my cosmos 🙂 its now or never garber and let red bull keep the naming rights and jersey sponsor 🙂
    i also wouldn’t mind the metrostars name but its kinda of sill, might as well go for metro empire or cosmos.


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