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Red Bulls announce plans for training facility expansion

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The New York Red Bulls have been linked with a potential sale in recent weeks, but the club is making a move that would seem to contradict that.

The Red Bulls announced Thursday their multi-million dollar expansion plans for the Red Bull Training Facility in Hanover, New Jersey. The expansion will occur over two stages, and will include the development of a new building for the Red Bull Academy, Red Bull Training Programs, and visiting teams.

Stage one is expected to be completed by April 2015, and will focus on the new, 4,000 square foot building that will include several amenities, including two team locker rooms, treatment room and more.

“We are pleased to announce the expansion of Red Bull Training Facility,” said Red Bulls sporting director Andy Roxburgh in a statement released by the club. “Building top player development infrastructure is one of our club’s key priorities and this is another major step in achieving that goal. Our academy and training programs will greatly benefit from this development.”

Stage two of expansion to the facility that opened in summer 2013 will include an additional 3,500 square foot addition to the building, the development of a natural grass field, and improvements to the existing turf field.

No construction date for the second stage has been given.

“We’re excited to see one of the top training facilities in the country continue to expand and provide our athletes with first-class amenities,” said Red Bulsl director of youth programs Bob Montgomery in the statement. “As one of Major League Soccer’s leading Academy systems, this expansion plan will only help us as we continue to develop young talent in the tri-state area.”


What do you think of these development plans? Starting to think the Red Bulls are not trying to sell the club?

Share your thoughts below.


    • Very possible. From the sounds of things, investing in expanded training facilities at this location is something a potential buyer would almost certainly look to do…. by doing it themselves, RB can realize this value itself through the sale (while also de-risking the acquisition for the buyer)

  1. Seriously what is with all the negativity in these posts? Is everyone just not happy in life and feel the need to project? Red Bulls are expanding a beautiful training facility. Although pre Academy, the Metros/Bulls have pipelined Bradley, Howard, Jozy, Agudelo…some pretty decent national team players. I know ownership and the Academy system has changed but these players speak for themselves. Let’s stop the negativity and embrace MLS growth; both on the league and club level!!

    • I’m prepared o embrace growth at the club level, but despite this move, it is far from clear that RBNY ownership shares that commitment. From the revolving door in the management offices to the pull-back from USL Pro to the retreat from DP signings to a marketing department that appears bent on maintaining secrecy about the team, there has been little evidence of a true commitment to growth. The stadium was a HUGE step, but day-to-day and season-to-season operations have been lacking.

    • The failure to field a USL Pro team next year is a joke. How can this team talk up its academy and then not bother with this key piece in the development process? Miazga is a perfect example – he’s an academy product who is just about ready to break into the first team but needs a little more seasoning and development in order to make the jump. He’s exactly the kind of guy who would benefit from a RBNY II in USL Pro.

      • I agree with that point on Miazga–the guy needs actual game minutes and he is wasting away on a bench–guy should have gone overseas as th situation can’t get much worse here. The training facility is great but is not gng to produce tangible results for 15-20 years from a youner player development standpoint

  2. Red Bull new york is officially the new chivas usa 🙂

    Just when u think they are breaking, they make some weird announcement that has no sense, instead of talking of the teams owner.

    So now what, will red bull live for 5 years more or is this a business selling gimmick.

    Just when we taught they were gone they come back with this.

  3. Leading Academy System – produced zero US senior internationals, currently has no one on their first team playing significant minutes, hasn’t produced any players that have been sold for a nice transfer fee. Its been in place in one form or another since 2003/04. If that is what 10 years of leading academy system gets you, i would hate to see who the worst ones are.

    • Juan Agudelo and Jozy aren’t from the academy? Do they just not really count bc they came at later ages?

      -Oh, and this is a serious question as I’m not well versed in MLS Academy qualifications.

      • Your question is a good answer. Jozy’s transfer fee was major and Juan’s was minor because he wanted out so credit to RB for getting any money with Agudelo. Connor Lade is loaned out to the Cosmos and he is an Academy product.

        This poster isn’t all that aware of how long it takes an Academy to produce first team players.

      • The academy system is only a few years old. 6-7 years in its current more structured form I think. Certainly produced a lot more than Hempstead Cosmos, that’s for sure.

      • Agudelo does count, so myself & cosmofan are wrong about that. he started at the club when he was 15 in 2007. as much of a hgp than anyone else in the league — correct me if i am wrong.

        Jozy spent his formative years there but was acquired in the draft. He is more of product of various FL clubs; Schultz, Boca, etc and the USSF/IMG system.

      • Jozy was DRAFTED by them in 2006 as a Gen Adidas player from a seperate club team in Florida..right? And Agudelo was poached as a 16 year old from a local NJ club team before playing his first game as a 17 year old.

        They have had prospects but they rarely give them playing time and many leave and sign elsewhere.

    • while the organization has yet to produce anything themselves, so many quality soccer players have spent significant time in this organization or come out of the 20 mile radius around this training center.

      NYCFC and the Cosmos will take the city & all points east of the Hudson but this organization is sitting on gold. if they can ever get their heads out of their …

    • Guys, Lets just cut Cosmosfan some slack here. She/He is obviously just wrong. A correction has been posted, lets not keep piling on. 🙂


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