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Midday Ticker: Ozil to miss 10-12 weeks; CONCACAF president calls for Rooney Rule in England; and more


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After starting their 2014-15 campaign crippled by a laundry list of injuries, Arsenal can now count midfielder Mesut Ozil among the club’s wounded.

The German Football Association announced Wednesday that Ozil is set to miss 10-12 weeks due to a partial lateral collateral ligament tear in his left knee. Ozil, who has made seven appearances for Arsenal this season, previously complained of discomfort in his knee following Arsenal’s 2-0 loss to Chelsea on Sunday.

Ozil will now join Arsenal’s lengthy injury list, which already includes Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Mike Arteta and Mathieu Debuchy.

In addition to missing time on the club level, Ozil will miss Germany’s final four international fixtures of the season, which include Euro 2016 qualifiers against Poland, the Republic of Ireland, and Gibraltar, as well as a friendly match against Spain.

Here are some more of Wednesday afternoon’s news and notes:


Just days after discussions regarding the possibility of adopting the NFL’s Rooney Rule, CONCACAF president Jeffery Webb revealed his belief that racism is “right in front of your face” when it comes to the English game.

Webb, who also serves as head of FIFA’s anti-racism task force, stated that he agrees with the idea of adopting a Rooney Rule, which would force clubs into considering minority candidates for coaching positions. Webb went on to say that racism in England is a problem that is not discussed enough.

“I don’t know how it could be hidden,” Webb said. “You have 92 clubs, you have two coaches of color. How many board members or executives are in various club positions or at the FA, in UEFA? So, it’s not hidden. It’s hidden from a discussion standpoint. No one wants to deal with it. No one wants to deal with it from a commercial standpoint.

“In this day and time, in this era, in this century, should we really be having to mandate opportunities for qualified individuals?” Webb continued. “Sadly, the answer is yes.”


Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has left many viewers stunned throughout his time as a professional, but this time, the Swedish star has even found a way to baffle his team doctor.

Sweden team doctor Leif Sward revealed Wednesday that he could not find the reason behind the injury woes that have caused the forward to miss PSG’s last four games.

“We have carried out medical examinations, and the injury is inexplicable,” Sward said. “There are no major signs of inflammation, but he feels pain. We don’t want the injury to get worse, an Achilles tendon can snap. Zlatan is getting better and better, but he won’t play with a painkilling injection.”

A decision on Ibrahimovic’s status for Thursday’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Russia will be made shortly before game time.


Resigned to a role as a substitute, Paris Saint-Germain’s Yohan Cabaye is becoming frustrated with his current status.

The midfielder, who moved to the Parisian club in January, has played just 302 minutes for PSG this season and is begining to become frustrated with his lack of first-team minutes.

“Am I completely happy? To be honest, no,” Cabaye said. “It is a new situation for me, but I don’t complain. It is the first time I haven’t played regularly for my club. With the French team, if one day the national team coach decides to play me less because I don’t play often enough for my club, then I would need to take stock with my representatives.

“Do I sometimes miss England? Yes. Sometimes I think about it, but I immediately sweep that away because it would cause distraction. I am at the Parc des Princes, and I need to find the right atmosphere.”

What do you think of these reports? How do you see Arsenal replacing Ozil’s production? What do you think of Webb’s assessment of the English atmosphere? Where does Cabaye fit in at PSG?

Share your thoughts below.


    • Race is more about perception than anything.

      Italian from Italy= white

      Italian from Argentina = Hispanic(which isn’t actually a race on the US census but is often thought to be)

      Context is key.(And frequently confusing.)

  1. What is a CONCACAF official doing talking about England? Fix the corruption in your own confederation before pointing fingers where you have no authority.

    • As was pointed out in the article, Webb is the head of the FIFA anti-racism task force, so he has every right to talk about it.

  2. This is soccer not American Football I for one am sick & tired of liberal cries of racism for every time someone selects another person that is not “of color”. Time to get “real”. Overall in the UK these guys that are very good coaches are indeed few. so quit whinning and crying and making it a racial thing because it’s not period.. Best Man or Woman for the job and if it turns out 85% are White, or Spanish or Black then that’s the way it is.get over it Mr Webb and go find another issue to sink your liberal ass into .Perhaps start complaining that not enough ” people of color” ay your local pub?

    • It comes down to OPPORTUNITIES, not forcing a lesser-qualified guy into a position. The English Football League is an old (white) boys club. Do they actively preclude people of color? No, but nor do they activity try to recruit people of color. What the Rooney Rule does is mandates that some people of color INTERVIEW. That’s it.

    • Is it so wrong and “liberal” to mandate that clubs INTERVIEW candidates of color? Really? In your desperate search to find something to whine about, this is the best you were able to manage?

      Understand what the rule intends, not what you think it’s conspiring to accomplish.

      • The logic that racism is what prevents interview opportunities is the same logic that suggests racism is what prevents hiring “qualified” minorities. See how many times an organization can interview a minority and not hire them before they are branded racists. Prejudice should always be fought on an individual level in my opinion. What minority coaching candidate is so excellent that his rejected application (what team did he apply to?) suggest racism? I’m unaware of any. Unless you (anyone) can provide multiple examples, this rule is a joke.

    • There are plenty of “people of color” drinking with me…thanks for the suggestion though.

      The question is are their enough people getting opportunities in English soccer.

      The answer is either the minorities are not as qualified
      They are not being given the same opportunities

      Which is the answer Soccer Blood ? Mourhino gave us his answer. What is yours ?

    • Mr. Blood

      What you are forgetting is that the issue isn’t at the top where coaches need to be good. It’s likely that the lower league where on learns to manage is where the problem is.

      No one really expects an English coach to be at a top 4 club as there is no real room for promotion from below to a top 4 side in the English game. It was tried with Moyes(A Scot btw) but its not likely to happen again soon. Top tier teams will only hire proven managers.

      None of us here in the USA really have any idea of what its like in League 2. So neither you nor I can comment on the existence of racism or lack thereof. Don’t blame it on the left. They do call racism on silly things sometimes like Voter ID. (That is more a matter of social class not race. Canada has Voter ID laws. Not exactly a Right wing racist Bastion up there.) It likely is a problem in the UK.

  3. There is nothing to hide is correct….and it is in the open. The coach of Chelsea already assured me that the blacks aren’t talented enough.


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