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U.S. U-17 5, Costa Rica U-17 2: Match Highlights



  1. Looked a whole lot worse than 5-2. Costa Rica got one goal off an amazing free kick from 25+ out and a second that also required an amazing strike that you just aren’t going to get, most times…the quality difference was closer to 7-0 than 5-2; USA missed some sitters there at the end too.

    Difference in athleticism was night-and-day. That Haji Wright in particular they couldn’t do anything with.

  2. Great stuff from the young’ns, the future is looking bright indeed! What impresses me most is the movement and close control, the timing of runs going forward and the ability of our guys to seemingly run past defenders at will…lots to look forward to.

    • i just watched and definitely liked what i saw. naturally the game’s a little different at the younger levels (“kids” have more pace generally), but there’s plenty of potential. I’ve watched Haji Wright whenever possible for the last 2 years and i can’t wait to see if he can progress into the Sr. team. I dont know much about a few of the other guys playing today but i concur, the play seemed very fluid. They showed plenty of skill on the ball as well.


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