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Report: Man City could invite NYC FC to England for preseason with hope to extend Lampard loan

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Coming off strong early-season performances that earned Frank Lampard the club’s Player of the Month honors, Manchester City are considering every option available to try and retain him until the start of the 2015 MLS season.

While the plan remains for Lampard to leave Man City on Jan. 1 and join up with New York City FC for their preseason training schedule, Man City are reportedly looking into possibly bringing NYC FC over to England for their preseason, potentially allowing Lampard to develop chemistry with NYC FC while also keeping him in Manchester City’s squad for the beginning portion of the second half of the English Premier League season.

A report in the Telegraph claims that Man City is looking into scheduling friendly matches for NYC FC to play “lower-league opposition in the Northwest” of England next January and February.

New York City FC have not yet addressed the latest reports.

Both Lampard and coach Manuel Pellegrini have addressed the topic of potentially extending Lampard’s stay at Man City, with both player and coach saying they would address the issue when as January draws nearer.

“The important thing for me is to train well, play well if I can, and then see what happens,” Lampard told the Guardian in September. “I signed on here till January so that is all I can say at the minute.” Lampard is currently sidelined for Man City with a thigh injury.

A trip to England for NYC FC’s preseason training program would set them apart from most other clubs in the USA. A majority of MLS, North American Soccer League, and USL Pro teams complete their preseason schedules in warm-weather climates such as Florida, Southern California, or Arizona.

Last season, FC Dallas conducted some of their preseason in the United Arab Emirates, while Minnesota United FC spent nearly two weeks this past March training in England and playing in friendly matches against Matlock Town and Derby County.


What do you think of this report? Do you see NYC FC allowing Man City to keep Lampard on loan until the start of the MLS season in March? Do you think a preseason schedule in England is a good idea?

Share your thoughts below.


    • You are ABSOLUTELY right about Man City skirting FFP…look for MANY more of these “loans” in the future not only with NYCFC but also Melbourne City, etc, etc. MLS got had big time.

      • I don’t think there’s any doubt that NYCFC and Melbourne City are among the many conventions that the owners will be using to skirt FFP, but I’m not sure it’s fair to say MLS has been “had” either. For starters, there are some very sharp folks working at MLS, and I’m sure the idea occurred to them that the MLS club would perhaps be something of a little sibling to MCFC from the start (didn’t we all?). Also, since NYCFC hasn’t kicked a ball yet, we must also consider that this sort of arrangement may in fact be beneficial regardless (I think most clubs would be happy to be 2nd in line to draw from the sort of talent pool MCFC has going down to the youth level)

        I don’t know how it will work out— maybe MLS will regret it, maybe not… just think it’s too early to say that they got the bad end of the deal.

  1. Haven’t we been down this road before ?

    MLS guy on loan, going to stay too long, not play well in MLS to start. Tired at the end, and it becomes wait until next year. Yep. Way too many times.

    This one is different though, no not because this one will work out differently, don’t be du mb.

    Because this one, the guy playing is playing for a team that can actually win…and two the ownership isn’t shooting their team in the fact the exact opposite the big money making team is helped.

    Man, who would have thought this Man City part ownership would be a bad idea ? Everyone.

    The Dueces are my least favorite team already.

  2. I wonder if Garber is ready for MLS 2.0 or even 3.0, but I think is 2.0 for now.

    Sounders, Galaxy, NYCFC, TFC and I guess Red Bull look serious to use money on good Dps.

    Then what if markets like vancouver, montreal, dc, houston, begin to use money on dps, then what would happen to teams like dallas, san jose, phill, rsl, timbers, rapids, columbus, will they cry to garber about parity and about what they were promised within the league rules.

    Sooner or later it has to happen.

    Take a look at the list with teams that have money and actual use their money.

    Galaxy, Sounders, Red Bull, NYCFC, TFC,

    Teams that have money but dont use it.

    Vancouver, Houston, Rapids, DC, Montreal, NE.

    Then you have the future rich teams like Miami, atlanta, los angeles 2.

  3. “FC Dallas conducted some of their preseason in the United Arab Emirates”

    So many teams do this. I don’t understand why. The local government must subsidize this travel somehow. It seems like a lot of money for a team like FCD.(Not that it makes sense for many richer teams either.)

    • im sure they are.. im sure they are subsidizing just about everything that happens there.

      but proving that professional soccer can be played in the Gulf region.

      although you never hear about anyone playing in Qatar.. its always UAE.

      • You guys are stupid, they paid 100 million dollars for the club, which is alot for an afterthought. NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world, if done right,NYC FC will become one of the biggest clubs in the world.

      • Don’t you think that stupid might be a little strong on a different of opinion. If not you fit that bill.

        Especially when the owners are about to extend a loan that will help Man City and completely screw the Dueces first season ?

        NOONE said they don’t care about both…they said, they care more about Man City. For me that is a huge problem and in this case a conflict of interests.

      • Problem is, it doesn’t sound like they are doing it right. Two main points that make it pretty clear: 1) Yankees stadium and no plan for their own yet. Best case scenario at this point is probably 3+ years out. Still have to find a spot, plans, break ground, and build the damn thing. 2) They’re talking about stealing one of NYCFC’s two marquee signings and selling points. Which is exactly what everyone was afraid they would do. Use NYCFC as a way to get around FFP or as a feeder team. They’re doing everything they can to limp into MLS and screw it up from the start.

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