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USA vs. Honduras: SBI Live Commentary



The U.S. Men’s National Team will play the second of two October friendlies tonight when they take on CONCACAF rival Honduras in their second friendly in five days (8pm, ESPN).

The Americans are coming off a 1-1 draw against Ecuador, and welcome in a handful of World Cup veterans, including Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones and Michael Bradley, who will all be making their first national team appearances since the World Cup loss to Belgium.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s match, so please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog USA vs. Honduras: SBI Live Commentary


    • Jackson,

      Why don’t you settle on a name? Less hassle that way.

      By the way isn’t it Satchel? Or is there some reason you leave out the T?

  1. What a boring and predictable game. US scores early, struggles the rest of the game, lest up a late goal, and Klinnsman brings in Ibarra for the wow factor.

  2. Interviewed on the field just a minute before the second half Klinsmann was asked “what will you do for the 2nd half. Answer: “We need to score another goal, ah…ah…and put this game away so we can put players in”.

    What a great coach!

    • Perhaps we should hire the coach who discloses his exact strategy and tactics — in detail — to the TV sideline reporter at halftime. I have not seen this coach, but I presume he exists. If he is unavailable, we could always just get the guy who insists his players give 110%… but he’s probably too expensive.

  3. If they never played Bedoya again it would be OK by me. Zusi was bad too. Bradley running backwards alot, but if he and Mix can interchange, I am good with them as a combo so far. Jozy and Dempsey are good compliments even if they have no chemistry.

  4. Here in Costa Rica, the programming is handled by Mexico, so I’ve got five sports stations, including ESPN and ESPN2, but no USMNT coverage, even though ESPN is supposed to be showing it. Right now I’m getting an earlier match between Mexico and Honduras. Disgusting…

  5. BREAKING. Reports out of London have just said Van Gaal is under fire at Man United, something about things in the locker room. Unnamed sources are saying charges may be filed within a fortnight and also that Man U have already made arrangements with Jurgen Klinsmann to take over the team in these difficult times.

  6. i’m sure klinsmann is just pushing players “out of their comfort zone” again, but i’d love to see mix and bradley switched, since those are their most natural positions. maybe later in the game.

  7. Can we please move on from Bradley playing this advanced role. Its just not his position at all. He could never pull it off at Roma ,when he was asked to step in for Pjanic. It was a failure at the World Cup and he’s not even pulling it off in MLS. He needs to drop deep and pick up the ball in space.

  8. Well looks like those wanting to see JJ at CB got their wish. The most surprising thing to me is that Mix and MB aren’t swapped.

    • No kidding. Mixx and Bradley should be switched. Klinsy setting both up for failure imo. crazy illogical self absorbed mad coach at work again. Oh and captain Boca was from one game to the next all of the sudden over the hill and not good enough but we can now experiment with a 33 yr old Jones in a back four that in three years has never been settled and allowed to gel. Brillliant. Lets ad more confusion

      • The idea is for bradley to create a ton of turnovers. Mix just sweeps up behind and picks out clever passes once we win it. I’m on board with it, experimentally.

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