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VIDEO: Klinsmann discusses USMNT roster for Ecuador friendly




  1. Big ups, IG. I realize you don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but it looks to me like US Soccer gave you guys an exclusive video clip of Jurgen. T3 Media is who shoots their videos, and their tag is on this video. So it looks like US Soccer is forming a good relationship with SBI. Nothing to be embarrassed about, I think its a great thing. You’ve never been afraid to criticize US Soccer, so I think this is a pretty fair relationship. Good stuff and keep it coming…this is why I dig this site.

    • Thanks man. It wasn’t an exclusive video. We just presented it with our own graphics and probably got a little carried away with the “SBI Presents” tag.

  2. Yeah, just thought I’d post for the first time my thoughts on Klinnsmann’s decision to omit Donovan from the WC. After reading extensively into the matter and their collective history in Europe, I feel that the decision was subjective and personal. I don’t think it was objective and based that “other players were just a little ahead of him” like Klinnsman made it sound at the time.

    It’s a shame to this country what Jurgen did to Donovan. Thank you Donovan for everything!

      • Agreed. I just checked into my hotel in Manaus and nobody seems to have much insight about USA in these parts… you’d barely know there was a world cup going here at all actually. ‘re Donovan think it’s all a big bunch of hooey anyway. This so called “group of death” is just a distraction to a tournament Spain can’t possibly lose (except perhaps to the hosts)

        Anyway let me know if you all wanna meet up here … my “I believe” chants do not seek to be finding the mark. Also there does not appear to be a stadium here. Just a very large bird sanctuary that might as well be a Monorail. I can see why FIFA is worried about the completion timing.

  3. I’m okay with the sterileness of this interview, and JK had good explanations for his choices. If I had to complain concerning anything about this video, it would be Klinsmann’s mispronunciation of the word hierarchy. Come on, man! Nobody is gonna roll their eyes if you say pecking order instead.


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