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LegenD: The rise of an American soccer phenom


      • I watch plenty of the global game thanks. And in that context, although one of the best American players, don’t think LD qualifies as either a legend or a phenom.

      • Maybe your definition of Legend is different. You can be a high school football legend and never make the NFL. You can be an American Soccer Legend and never win the Champions League. He is an American Soccer Legend.

      • Yeah, I guess my definition of legend is different than most here, but I expected as much in regard to this touchy topic.
        But you’re absolutely right and supporting my point exactly as I made it. Being a high school football legend is fine for someone who aspires to being a legend at one of the lowest tiers of the sport. Throwing the word legend around in that way just dilutes its real meaning. Why not celebrate the 6th grade geography bee legends of the world as well?

      • oh please. you clearly havent been watching US Soccer for long if you dont understand why, in terms of US Soccer (which is obviously the context in which is being considered here) LD has reached legendary status. No one is trying to compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo (which I’m sure is the point you are driving at).

      • Scored more international goals then most who ever played the friggin game. (Everyone except for 16 other players in the history of the game)

        International goals and assists total to more than most who ever played the game.

        Scored more World Cup goals then Ronaldo, or Messi, equal to Zidane.

        Owns almost all of the goal scoring and assist records in MLS.

        Some of his goals and assists were absolutely clutch. I recall in 2007 he contributed to 75% of all of the goals our team scored.

        Gold Cup record before Donovan: 1 Championship
        During Donovan Playing: 4 Championships (In 2003 we lost he was top scorer, in 2009 he lost he assisted on the semi-final game winner and scored a goal in the final against Mexico).

        He’s won 5 MLS Cups, 2 Supporter shields
        Gold Cup top scorer 3 times, MVP, Best XI 5 times
        World Cup best young player 2002

        Going into 2014 he has scored more World Cup goals that Ronaldo, Messi, and Ibrohimivoic combined.

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