SBI Question of the Day: Do you agree with Garber or Klinsmann?

SBI Question of the Day: Do you agree with Garber or Klinsmann?


SBI Question of the Day: Do you agree with Garber or Klinsmann?




In what has become a somewhat surprising battle, Don Garber and Jurgen Klinsmann have drawn up battle lines in the debate about where American soccer is going, and should go, and Garber’s emotional response on Wednesday had fans of the sport taking sides.

On one side you have Klinsmann, who recently expressed concerns with some of his top players, namely Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, being able to maintain their highest level of play while playing in MLS. On the other side you have Garber, who took Klinsmann’s comments to mean that no players can develop in MLS and playing in MLS can hurt a player’s national team career.

There are clearly other disagreements between the two men, on subjects ranging from promotion-relegation to the playing of MLS matches during international windows, but the heart of the current squabble centers around Klinsmann’s willingness to speak publicly about MLS not being a top league in the world, and Garber believing Klinsmann should never say anything publicly that can be considered critical of the league.

So here is your question. Who do you agree with? Agree with Klinsmann’s comments? Think Garber is right to react the way he did, and demand Klinsmann stop criticizing MLS?

Cast your vote after the jump:

  • Jurgen Klinsmann
  • Don Garber
  • Neither. Both sides make good points


I gave my take on this Garber-Klinsmann squabble in my latest column, where I question Garber’s comments in light of what are some legitimate concerns Klinsmann has every right to express.

How did you vote? What do you think of the latest war of words? Think Garber was being a bit irrational? Think Klinsmann needs to stop being critical of MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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