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Report: Bedoya could leave Nantes after contract talks break down

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Alejandro Bedoya could be wearing the uniform of a different club as soon as this January.

According to a report in Goal USA, the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder will be assessing his options in the next transfer window after contract talks with his club Nantes broke down. Bedoya is currently playing on a three-year contract signed on Aug. 7, 2013, and would be able to sign a pre-contract agreement with another club as soon as June 2015, the report states.

“We had discussions with Nantes on a new contract but we couldn’t reach an agreement” Bedoya’s agent, Lyle Yorks, told Goal USA. “We will explore options with him in January and he could move then or in the summer.”

Although currently sidelined with a thigh injury, Bedoya has started seven of eight games in Ligue 1 this season, with Nantes currently in fifth place in the standings. Last season, Bedoya scored six times in 32 appearances for the club in all competitions.

Bedoya joined Nantes after a two-year spell with Helsingborg in Sweden. It’s possible that Nantes will wait until the summer to sell Bedoya, as the club are currently under a FIFA transfer ban until summer 2015 and Nantes would not be able to sign a replacement for the second half of the season.

In the last two years, Bedoya has become a regular for the USMNT under head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, starting all four games at the 2014 World Cup for the USA and playing in their last three friendly matches, including scoring against the Czech Republic in Prague.


What do you think of this report? Do you see Bedoya leaving Nantes this winter? Where do you think he should move to? Do you believe MLS would attempt to sign Bedoya?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This would be the perfect way to replace Thierry Henry if he does indeed leave NY after this season. Bedoya would fit perfectly into this team and bring with him the high level of skill it would take to replace Titi. Plus, we have the necessary DP slots and money. I imagine he’d get about $2m-2.5m(based on what Jones got with New England).

  2. I could see every single american abroad, except Howard maybe Guzan, on a different team in the next 12-24 months.. On the flip side all of the USMNT in MLS are on long term deals and have a 0% chance of losing their starting positions or transfering in the foreseeable future.

    Most of our better players are in MLS now but the lack of complacancy outside of MLS makes these players like Bedoya national team regulars.

  3. How could anyone think he would come back to the MLS? MLS is not a league for our USMNT starters to play in. For the love of god stay in Europe and continue to grow.

  4. Probably asking too much money for somebody that was voted to the worst 11 just last season.
    I don’t know where people get the notion he’s tearing up in France.

    • he was a consistent starter last year, and (if the stats above are correct) has started every game but one for the 5th place team this year–seems pretty decent. i think it’s more likely that the voters for ‘worst XI’ are goddamn morons.

      also, i don’t know where you got the notion that ‘people get the notion he’s tearing up in France’.

    • he probably is asking too much, but one publication put him in the worst 11. and it was a ridiculous decision. 6 goals and an assist, playing as a midfielder or wingback, on a team that was supposed to be relegated but still managed to stay up, is pretty solid if you ask me.

      is he tearing it up? no. but he’s been solid. certainly not worst 11 of the entire league.

      • It’s a funny article. If you read the one I read about him being in the worst 11, they said because Bocanegra wasn’t an option, they needed to fill it with the only other american to play in france.

        They’re just being funny it’s nothing to worry about and surely isn’t a reason why he wouldn’t go somewhere better or equal

      • Bedoya is 27.
        His transfer value is listed at 2.5 million Euros.
        He seems settled and comfortable in France. He seems to be doing well enough with Nantes and the USMNT. I don’t know if he gets to Russia with the USMNT but I’ll bet he would really want to be at Copa America.
        He just came off a successful World Cup. His market value is probably as high as it ever will be.
        Unless his hometown team,the closest to that being Orlando, overwhelms him with a Mikey/Deuce type deal then it seems his best bet, personally and professionally, is to try and work out a deal to try and stay in France or somewhere close and equivalent.

  5. He would only come to MLS for DP money but ligamx would definitely get him for a large amount of money.
    I can see, adu, bedoya, jozy, in big ligamx teams.
    not only them but many american players being pull down there for big money and better soccer.
    The push and pull thesis of mls and ligamx 🙂

  6. this is a shock because it seemed all was well there. even if it would be cool to see him in MLS, and it sounds like OCSC is interested, i really would like to see him stay in Europe if he can find a club in a top good league.

  7. I think he is the type of player that would be great to have in MLS and it qwon’t anger JK or MLS bashers. It doesn’t seem like he can get to the level of Liverpool, Roma, Atletico M, etc. If it’s Nantes, Utrecht etc., might as well play here assuming he gets paid enough. With new CBA that should be very doable. I would assume he gets paid roughly what Zusi does.

    • Oh the whiners would be out in full force…don’t kid yourself.

      I would love to see him playing here. There are playoff teams even, who are missing exactly what he brings, that have to be thinking the same thing.

    • Ligue 1 is MUCH better than MLS and Nantes, as a mid-table team, is much better and deeper than virtually all MLS teams. I catch some of their games on Bein Sports. That being said, I don’t know how much he can improve (I think he has hit his technical ceiling), but I still think he maintain his defensive sharpness playing against players who are faster, stronger, technically more skilled and read the game better. Less likely, here.

      Scorers get money in MLS, not midfielders who score 2 times a season (Jones is an exception and much better than Bedoya). This is clearly about money and Bedoya is on low 7 figures. I don’t know why he take a cut to come back. I can see him getting Edu money (600K) or slight more (750K) in MLS. I think that’s a cut. Think about it. Edu made 1.2mill at Rangers (and they pay less than France).

      • Ligue 1 is a retirement league: just look where Beckham went to retire! I’m not actually replying to your comment Anthony (or being serious for that matter), just poking fun at MLS haters generally, lol!

      • Taxes in France are insane for people north of 1 million. I think its something like 58% (and it’s only 58% because the courts struck down the passed 75% tax rate on individuals). In the US you are looking at 40% and you can probably engage in some pretty good tax planning to push your marginal rate even lower. In a USA v France situation if the money is similar or even the US is lower you probably are better off in the USA as your after tax income will be higher. Additionally, you probably also maintain higher purchasing power in most places in the US vs any city in France.

    • Oh, they got a ban, they just managed to have the appeals process make it delayed until the summer or winter I believe…just enough time to make sure they got all the pieces they want to pretty much negate the effects of it.

  8. Does anyone watch him regularly with Nantes? I’m curious to hear how well he plays for his club team. I’ve always liked him, but I feel like he doesn’t do anything special when he plays for the USMNT. Granted, he’s usually out of position on the wings, but in his recent games where he played centrally for the US, he still was underwhelming.

    • My friends in Nantes didn’t know about him before (obviously) but have really liked him. One of the fan favorites since joining. Very much a utility player for them – played fullback, on the wing, and as the #10 last year in periods.

    • Bedoya plays wherever and does whatever is needed for Nantes. He is an unsung hero of sorts for them. Whether it’s a timely tackle, a key pass, a big goal, or simply an intelligent run Bedoya is that guy for Nantes that does the little things helping Nantes stay relevant in Ligue 1. He’s not their best player but it could be argued he’s their most important. His versatility is huge. I would hate to see Bedoya leave Nantes. It’s been a good marriage. However, if greener pastures abound then he should take that opportunity. He’s been very smart and calculated with his moves so I have confidence he will make the best decision for himself.

      • The French dumping on an American? Say it ain’t so!

        Unless he’s a very different bird for Nantes than he is for the USMNT, I seriously doubt he’s managed to stay a permanent starter and still be one of the worst eleven players in the league.

        Then again, Sunderland has managed to reduce Jozy Altidore to a guy who can’t find the net with a map, so I guess it’s possible.

  9. Solid player, works hard and nonstop, but has a common component missing from his game that many American players share….the final ball. He seems to get in dangerous spots but can’t consistently finish it off with the killer pass or shot.

    Out of him and Zusi, I see him as the superior player and would want him to be a solid utility option coming off the bench as this cycle starts to get going. FYI the reason I compared to Zusi is because I don’t think Zusi is good enough outside of concacaf and feel like it may become a choice between the 2 for who makes the squad or not in the future.


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